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134 # 3134
Energy assessment of the compressing process of the selected plant materials in a srew briquetting machine
146 # 3437
Energy assessment of alternative technologies of preparing land for winter barley sowing
146 # 3459
The size and structure of energy inputs of ploughed and non-ploughed cultivation of hybrid rye
150 # 3575
Dependance of energy inputs on area and economic size of family farms
153 # 3642
Economic analysis of non-litter cattle barns
19 # 998
Proportions in the inputs of human labour and mechanized work in the processes of cereal crop harvesting and production.
21 # 496
Analysis of production costs, labour and energy inputs at maize grain production
21 # 516
Quantities of heat balance surplus and deficiency in aspect of annual energy inputs on ventilation in a piggery building
63 # 1334
Economical assessment and energy requirement of various technologies of winter rape production
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