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102 # 2145
Effectiveness of soybean production under the conditions of Poland
107 # 2323
Energy analysis for selected greenhouse types
108 # 2360
Energy expenditures and economic outlays for floriculture in foil tunnels
115 # 2533
Unit power demand for willow sprout shredding in a flywheel cutter
122 # 2764
Energy expenditures in the process of grinding of chips of the willow Salix viminalis L.
128 # 2893
An integrated energy expenditure evaluation method for basic cultiva
33 # 677
Inergy consumption and profitability in the use of the green manuers of potato fertiiization
78 # 65
Energy expenditure and production specialization and the farm size
87 # 359
Economic and power efficiency of soybean production technology in Polish conditions
96 # 1965
The impact of material and energy expenditure on the ecological effect of management in agriculture
99 # 2038
Energy consumption analysis for selected bakery products
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