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10 # 1508
Modelling of gaseous emission in the livestock buildings
111 # 2462
Acoustic and mechanical properties of potato chips
117 # 2585
The concept of using fuzzy logic to control composting process for biomass of agricultural origin with simultaneous heat reception
120 # 2721
Analysis of limited deleterious substances (pollutants) production by mobile energy sources in agriculture
126 # 2901
The assessment of possibilities to apply the acoustic emission method to detect wheat grain impurities
129 # 2937
Analysis of selected soil properties for various cultivation technologies
130 # 2983
Adaptive control of the system of exhaust gas recirculation in terms of reducing the emissions of deleterious substances in a classic compression ignition engine
137 # 3196
Certification research and operating conditions of the diesel engine work
137 # 3200
Principal components analysis in evaluation of relation between land use and greenhouse gases emission from agriculture
139 # 3282
Evaluation of environmental burdens from the electricity production with the LCA approach
139 # 3280
Verification of emission coefficients of ammonia and greenhouse gases from livestock production
143 # 3368
Comparison of the carbon black and nitric oxide emission in the diesel and rapeseed engine by means of modeling in AFL Fire programme
143 # 3357
Intraengine reduction of noxious substances emission in the engine of the outroad vehicle equipped with an EGR system
146 # 3463
Limiting emission of gas pollution from the fattening house through application of heat recovery installation
151 # 3597
Comparison of greenhouse gas emissions during summer from fattening pigs, kept either on fully slatted floor or on deep litter
156 # 3691
Comparison of pollutant emission indicators during virginia mallow pellets and wood pellets combustion – a case study
41 # 555
Economic and ecological aspects of applying renewable and conventional fuels
51 # 1641
An application of the metchod of acousting emission in differentiaton of stones from potato bulbs
64 # 723
Dependence of the technical conditions of the tpc system defined by diagnostic parameters and exhaust gas emimssion exampled by "Polonez" vehicle
67 # 953
The analysis of economic profitability the construction of a straw burning boiler house and the elimination of greenhouse gases emission by their use
69 # 847
Mechanical and acoustic properties of Dry cereal products
77 # 40
Spray distribution in the trees during spraying apple orchard
78 # 84
Analysis of acoustic emission generated by flat crispy bread
80 # 136
Assessment of energy expenses and gas emission in the production of rapeseed oil esters
87 # 355
Industrial measuring lines for vibroacoustic signals when milling wood materials
90 # 1794
Artificial neural networks for modelling ammonia emission from field applied slurry manure
93 # 1843
Influence of speed fracture and method of deformation of selected cakes on the quality of emitted sound
94 # 1879
Power use and ecological analysis for use of heat pump applied to heat a foil tunnel
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