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102 # 2131
Evaluation of the possibilities of determining the elasticity coefficient for ball-shaped vegetables
107 # 2308
Mechanical properties of miscanthus giganteus stalk
115 # 2557
Identification of the relaxation spectrum by moment method approach: conceptual idea
115 # 2558
Identification of the relaxation spectrum by moment method approach: theoretical properties and application
115 # 2543
Mechanical model of Miscanthus giganteus grass blades
119 # 2664
Elasticity of fibreboards made of wood and of rye straw
122 # 2783
Some mechanical properties of stalks and ears of spelt
131 # 3068
Influences of multiple static loads on the level of condensation and rheologic properties of the mass of oil plant seeds
136 # 3182
Analysis of avocado dried fruit elasticity
137 # 3218
Lodging resistance of the selected varieties of spelt Triticum Aestivum ssp. Spelta l.
147 # 3489
Impact of the cultivators prongs elasticity on the quality and efficiency of clay soils scarification
53 # 603
Film as instrument in seeds elasticity research
60 # 1544
Emulsifier influence on rheological properties of model food emulsions
63 # 1331
Possibility of stochastic instability of agricultural implements’ vibration in soil
64 # 733
Wheat kernel elasticity module
66 # 1317
Reologic properties of varied structure apple flesh
71 # 1428
Effect of selected factors on seed elasticity index
71 # 1414
Sample size in experiment determinming elasticity modulus of the apple flesh
74 # 1268
A scheme for identification of time-dependent Poisson’s ratio of viscoelastic plant materials with the Kelvin model
74 # 1269
Identification of time-dependent Poisson’s ratio of plant viscoelastic materials based on uniaxial creep experiment
77 # 19
Effects of morphological diversification on the mechanical proprieties of brussels sprouts
80 # 139
Heterogeneity of mechanical properties of onion
80 # 138
Mechanical proprieties of round vegetables
81 # 213
Applying the acoustic method to determine the modulus of elasticity of rape seeds with different humidity
82 # 231
Changes of parameters of the weight of wheat dough depending on the type of flour and on the time of kneading
82 # 273
Method of determination of longitudinal elasticity module wheat grain with different moistness
82 # 240
The number of replications in estimation of contrasts in an experiment with the module of apple flesh elasticity
93 # 1819
Sample size with division of population into three disjoint homogeneous groups in the experiment with modulus of elasticity of apple flesh
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