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10 # 1494
Cost and effectiveness of mechanization in field cultivation of vegetables
10 # 1483
Energetic and economical analysis of maize grain production technology
100 # 2104
Energetic and economic analysis of thermal energy production in wood chip boiler-rooms
103 # 2204
Comparative studies on methods used to take agricultural machinery out of service
107 # 2313
Efficiency of solar heat storage system in function of ambient temperature
107 # 2314
The impact of solar conditions on the effect of work of vacuum tube and flat plate solar collector
108 # 2358
Evaluation of energy expenditure for selected technologies used to establish pennsylvanian mallow (Sida Hermaphrodita) plantations
109 # 2391
The impact of potato plantation irrigation on selected physical attributes of tubers which are significant in crop separation and sorting process
110 # 2422
Comparison of winter wheat production costs in selected farms in the European Union
110 # 2447
Energy evaluation of conventional and ecological buckwheat growing technologies
110 # 2425
Energy-related and ecological evaluation of heat acquisition process during combustion of leaves picked in urban areas
110 # 2436
Scientific and technological progress and its social and ecological effects
110 # 2423
Sugar beet production profitability on the example of selected farms of Pomorskie Voivodship
114 # 2512
The analysis of energy efficiency of topinambour growing for fuel – preliminary research results
115 # 2529
Economic and energy aspects of soy production in Polish agriculture conditions
115 # 2542
Efficiency of compressor heat pump (air-water) after modernisation of guiding system for lower heat source
115 # 2563
Servicing in the process of farm machinery and equipment reconditioning and maintenance
116 # 2372
Separation efficiency for mixture of rape and cleavers seeds in a separator with looped belt
117 # 2581
Technical and economic analysis for developing farms in the aspect of plant production simplification
119 # 2669
Assessment of economic and energy efficiency for the production of winter wheat and winter rape used to manufacture biofuels
119 # 2686
Biomass production energy efficiency for one-year old willow
119 # 2673
Costs and energy consumption of sugar beet production processes
119 # 2650
Evaluation of energy parameters for cooperation in the drive wheel – forest road arrangement
119 # 2687
The impact of external climatic conditions on work efficiency of vacuum tube solar collector
121 # 2757
Ecological and operating aspects in the process of machinery and equipment use, and renovation. The concept of a model system for regeneration of parts and renovation of replaceable units in farm machines in the aspect of environment protection (part II)
122 # 2782
Analysis of sifting of carrot seeds through sieves of the vibrating screen
123 # 2830
Economic analysis of the cultivation of topinambour to be used for fuel
123 # 2807
Effectiveness of technological progress in animal transport
123 # 2829
Energy efficiency of various technologies of cultivation of topinambour to be used for fuel
123 # 2821
Impact of selected parameters on the efficiency of the pin sowing unit in the case of dosing of rape, rye, wheat and horse bean seeds
123 # 2817
Technical infrastructure of farms vs. efficiency of milk production in mountainous areas
123 # 2818
Work productivity in ecological farms specializing in milk production
125 # 2855
Evaluation of traction efficiency of selected tyres on forest grounds
125 # 2856
The evaluation of traction properties of selected tyres on sodded roads
129 # 2935
Evaluating the impact of using various sod types on their traction and strength characteristics
129 # 2934
The assessment of the process involving driving force transmission by the 7.50-16 tyre for various soil cultivation technologies
130 # 2987
Analysis of the variability of solar energy conversion for a flat solar collector
130 # 2999
The influence of power transmission poles located on the field on operational indicators of machine units
130 # 2981
The influence of the rotational speed of the screw shaft on the parameters of the oil extraction process from camelina sativa seed
131 # 3080
Assessment of energy efficiency of heat pump ground exchanger in two different configurations
131 # 3076
Assessments of briquetting efficiency and briquettes quality produced out of selected plant raw materials
131 # 3086
Production balancing in the selected production farms of the highland areas of the żywiecki powiat
131 # 3072
Selected aspects of cooperation between a heat pump and ground heat exchangers
132 # 3095
The impact of winter wheat production costs and taxes on the price of bioethanol
133 # 3035
Assessment of costs and energy consumption in the production of maize for the grain maize and silage
133 # 3020
Assessment of traction efficiency of a tyre used on various agricultural surfaces
133 # 3025
Efficiency of borrage seeds cleaning (Borago officinalis L.)
133 # 3044
Influence of the milking cows herd size and technical infrastructure on the production efficiency on ecological farms
134 # 3119
Analysis of horticultural farm transformation including some technical aspects
134 # 3120
Selected aspects of energy use in agriculture
136 # 3175
A farmer\'s education in comparison to an index of educational and technical development and an efficiency index of development
136 # 3153
Assessment of traction and endurance parameters of meadow and pasture sod
136 # 3152
Assessment of traction properties of a tractor equipped with different types of tyres
136 # 3161
Influence of air pressure in a vibrator on selected technological parameters of a chute dispenser during supply of beetroot seeds
136 # 3151
Traction assessment of universal farm tractor tyres
137 # 3215
Participation of photoelectric energy used to supply control – measurement apparatus of a plastic tunnel
137 # 3209
Technical equipment of the selected ecological farms oriented to milk production
138 # 3236
Efficiency of energy inputs in agriculture of the selected countries in 2005 and 2007
139 # 3257
Assessment of the impact of pressure inside tyres on their traction properties on the selected forest bed
139 # 3256
Energy assessment of cooperation of tractor tyres with agricultural beds of varied density degrees
139 # 3279
Progress and effectiveness in relation to the size of farms and production orientation in agricultural farms of Małopolskie Region
143 # 3355
Mobile and energy efficient machine for biomass harvesting and compaction with the curling method
145 # 3394
Analysis of labour inputs in various milking systems
146 # 3432
Assessment of impact of soil properties change and vertical wheel load on traction properties of the selected radial tyre
146 # 3436
Assessment of possibility of improving traction properties through change of tyre pumping pressure
146 # 3447
Effects of early potatoes cultivation under cover
146 # 3437
Energy assessment of alternative technologies of preparing land for winter barley sowing
146 # 3450
Plant production and labour efficiency in the selected agricultural farms
147 # 3483
Analysis of economic efficiency of alternative technology of corn cultivation for seeds with the use of glyphosate
147 # 3475
Analysis of traction properties of tyres on the forest subgrade of varied moisture
147 # 3477
Assessment of energy losses of a drive wheel equipped with grass type tyres
147 # 3499
Potential of biogas yield from sorghum bicolor (Sorghum bicolor) of ród J1052 cultivar
147 # 3496
Research on efficiency of passing seeds through a sieve in the vibrating calibrator
148 # 3520
Assessment of operation efficiency of the selected transport means in the farms of Southern Poland
149 # 3544
Usefulness of the selected apple cultivars for pressing in farm conditions
150 # 3573
Preconditions for modelling plant production technology in vegetable organic farms
151 # 3588
Energy efficiency of hybrid rye cultivation in relation to the manner of soil cultivation
151 # 3594
Impact of organic additives on biogas efficiency of sewage sludge
152 # 3626
Efficiency in the use of agricultural technique
153 # 3640
Comparison of economic efficiency of maize cultivation for grain in farms, which use various field cultivation technologies
153 # 3635
Specific mechanical energy consumption of extrusion-cooking of wheat foamed packaging materials
156 # 3680
Analysis of the power flux in the tractor wheel-farming ground system
156 # 3681
Evaluation of changes in traction properties of a drive wheel on the sod utilized by various means
18 # 1533
Film methods for operational and technical tests of machinery in nursery
19 # 1001
Evaluation of energetic equipment and labour efficiency on famity farms in the southem Poland
28 # 1593
Conditions necessary to secure efficient functioning of land reclamation systems
28 # 1598
Small sewage treatment plants as an element of rural environment protection
33 # 677
Inergy consumption and profitability in the use of the green manuers of potato fertiiization
36 # 1061
Assessment of the funcioning of mini treatment plant installed a village school at Rajbrot
36 # 1058
Ground filters as an element of morę thorough sewage treatment
36 # 1065
Initial assessment of new technologies in flood embankment modernisation
45 Tom I # 1097
Water use efficiency in drip irrigation of chosen fruit-growing crops
51 # 1650
An energetic analisys of storage of head excess ouring heating of a foil tunnel
51 # 1640
Discrimination analisys as an evaluation tool for the influence selected factors upon the technical progress efficiency in agriculture
52 # 812
Evaluating the technology of tree pulling out with a forwarder Timberjack 1010
52 # 794
Mechanisation efficiency in selected systems of agricultural production
52 # 810
Mineral fertilization efficiency in precision agriculture
52 # 804
Scientific and technical progress and the grain harvest efficiency
52 # 811
The analysis and evaluation of the energy consumption and the costs of various technologies of preparing soil for sowing
61 # 1175
Influence of selected factors upon the efficiencyof polycarbonate solar collector
61 # 1178
The influence of local atmospheric conditions on the efficiency of liquid plate sollar collectors
63 # 1320
Consequences of scientific progress in agriculture
63 # 1358
Performance of an on-site cogeneration plant for a farm taking into account varying demand for electric power and heat
63 # 1356
Thermal efficiency of membrane and non-membrane hop-drier air-heaters
63 # 1325
Traction parameters of tyres working on forest roads
66 # 1319
Cost level and mechanization efficiency in selected Polish and German farms
66 # 1312
Efficiency of heat pump with spiral compressor
66 # 1289
Energetic evaluation of mulch-sown sugar beet
66 # 1315
Mechanization of loading vs. expenditure on agricultural transport Part II statistical analysis
67 # 935
Analysis of milkman work time while milking goats
67 # 936
Comparison of various variants of determining – efficiency of scientific and technical progress
67 # 929
Ecological and economic reasons for use of dispersed cereals swing
67 # 953
The analysis of economic profitability the construction of a straw burning boiler house and the elimination of greenhouse gases emission by their use
68 # 1402
Analysis of the effect of hydraulic cylinder rotational couplings unalignment on its mechanical efficiency
69 # 862
Efficiency of mass penetration for self-sucking mixers
78 # 86
Pull force change assessment of an agricultural tractor with radial and diagonal traction tyres
78 # 59
Research Methodology of Tractor Aggregate Functioning Process in aspect of improving its work effectiveness
8 # 1026
Analysis of the parameters of seed coat separation from the mixture originated at rape seed hulling
8 # 1028
Method to determine the efficiency of hulling legume plant seeds with abrasive hullers at the stage of their designing
81 # 198
Experimental verification of agricultural aircraft productivity assessment
83 # 44
An analysis of buckweat seed separation process using trieur bar-type working surfaces
85 # 46
The technical progress parallel to the efficiency of the substitution of the human work by the objectivized work in the agriculture
86 # 308
Economic aspects of production mechanization in selected fruit-growing farmsteads
86 # 306
Technological progress versus a structure of work time, costs and efficiency of outlays in vegetable transport
86 # 322
The use of total productive management (tpm) system to increase performance of beer bottling line at the brewery
87 # 359
Economic and power efficiency of soybean production technology in Polish conditions
87 # 384
Engineering equipment and work efficiency in selected farms
87 # 387
Methodical aspects for determining scientific and technical progress in agriculture
88 # 442
Chainsaw harvest of power willow
91 # 1759
Costs of the different fertilization techniques in cultivation winter wheat
91 # 1758
Production and ecological evaluation at different methods of fertilizers application in winter wheat cultivation
95 # 1915
Effectivity evaluation of beer bottling line upon introduction of total productive management (tpm) system
96 # 1958
Analysis of the process involving granular mass screening through an inclined shutter sieve
96 # 1969
Efficiency of using a modernised haulm separation conveyor in potato cropping machines
97 # 1993
Comparison of technological progress and management efficiency indexes for farms in different borough types
97 # 1980
Evaluation of the efficiency of key cold cured meat production processes in food quality and health safety system (HACCP)
97 # 1996
The effect of soil humidity on heat accumulation in a plastic tunnel
99 # 2054
Dependence between duration of working shift and forest machines efficiency
99 # 2069
Production organisation at dispatch-handling timber yard, which additionally manufactures simple wood products
99 # 2025
Time structure and efficiency of timber acquisition and skidding in pine-stands using the Buffalo Dual Harwarde
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