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102 # 2115
Integration of the Wrocław Centre with the national agricultural engineering circle
109 # 2387
Selected aspects related to conducting classes in the e-learning system
122 # 2789
Education in the protection of intellectual property in engineering fields of study
123 # 2801
Quality of education at the field of agricultural and forest engineering, Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences, according to its graduates
125 # 2875
Dilemmas of agricultural engineering as a science and fields of study
125 # 2872
Evaluation of the information technologies use in the process of educating students
129 # 2958
Third grade studies of agricultural engineering in europe
134 # 3116
Influence of some factors on age of tractors and farm machines in the selected farms of the middle-Eastern Poland
136 # 3175
A farmer\'s education in comparison to an index of educational and technical development and an efficiency index of development
136 # 3174
Characteristic of the selected agricultural producer's properties in examining scientific and technological development
139 # 3289
Presenting educational materials using images based on examples from multimedia atlas of beef cattle
151 # 3583
Analysis of student motivation and predisposition to use CES EduPack software for teaching materials science
31 # 1659
Introducing open education elements cheap Internet technology
45 Tom II # 1153
Higher education in the field of planning and development of rural infrastructure
51 # 1644
Potato agricultural technology leyer eyelauation in Ksiaz Wielki commune
68 # 1360
Comparison of algorithms to education of unidirectional neural network, with time-lag, used to predicting values of atmospherical air temperature
68 # 1393
Interactive educational system introducing into issue of artificial neural networks
74 # 1259
Design of the didactic server module for the subject of ergonomics
77 # 1
Environment integration is the condition of agricultural engineering development
80 # 133
35th Anniversary of Agricultural Technology Faculty Lublin
80 # 157
The expert system for identification of polymers used in agriculture
86 # 289
Going back to the university
87 # 357
Comparison of selected aspects regarding population of graduates from full-time and extramural studies at the faculty of engineering and energetics in agriculture
88 # 420
System of estimation of professional preparation of the students’ of the department Agricultural and Forest Technics
95 # 1897
Agricultural engineering – present status and chances for development
97 # 1999
Professional qualifications of farmers and the level of agricultural production economic efficiency
97 # 1992
The use of structural funds versus education level of farmers
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