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100 # 2079
Evaluation of winter rape seeds quality regarding their contamination degree
102 # 2156
Maintenance of aromatic compounds in dried leaf celery obtained by microwave- vacuum method
103 # 2197
Barley grain drying in a chamber-roof drier
103 # 2196
Drying of wood chips in a fountain drier with cyclic bed mixing
103 # 2194
Influence of blanching on the freezdrying of parsley slices
103 # 2208
The impact of convection drying on selected mechanical and rheological properties of parsley root
103 # 2193
The impact of fountain drying temperature on dehydration kinetics and yeast vitality
103 # 2217
Using of the MPC type controller for convection rying process control
107 # 2322
Drying dynamics for potato, carrot and apple cubes in fountain bed conditions
107 # 2305
Particle size impact on drying shrinkage during microwave and vacuum drying
109 # 2393
Neural model of changes in water content in willow chips during convection drying
109 # 2394
Neural model of temperature changes during convection drying of energy willow chips
110 # 2438
Drying of mustard seeds in fountain bed
111 # 2465
Changes in internal structure of apple tissue dried using the convection process,induced by osmotic dehydration
111 # 2473
Identification of the impact of grinding degree, pretreatment and drying method on content of betalaine dyes in dried beet material
114 # 2514
The impact of drying method on selected mechanical properties of carrots after rehydration
117 # 2571
Chlorophyll content in rape seeds put to drying process
119 # 2677
Microwave-vacuum drying analysis for wild rose fruits
120 # 2706
Absorptivity assessment for porous carriers useful for drying technology
120 # 2702
Changes in parameters of berry fruit colour caused by drying, storage and rehydration
120 # 2712
Cutting dried parsley root using various methods
120 # 2705
Drying characteristics for elder fruits
120 # 2704
The impact of drying medium temperature on drying kinetics for garden beet juice drops
120 # 2703
The impact of extract content on selected physical properties of garden beet juice and efficiency of its drying
120 # 2713
The impact of selected parameters on the process of garden beet extract drying in a laboratory spray drier
125 # 2882
Comparison of global optimization algorithms in inverse modeling of drying processes of agricultural products
126 # 2925
Analysis of the impact of drying methods on essential oils contents in dried parsley leaves
126 # 2914
Dried fruit quality and its rehydration progress depending on apple drying method
126 # 2909
The retention of carothenoids in dried paprika depending on the pretreatment and drying methods and conditions
129 # 2965
The impact of drying method on dried parsley rehydration ability
130 # 2985
Analysis of common hawthorn fruit drying in the conditions of reduced pressure with microwave heating. Drying kinetics and drying shrinkage
130 # 3001
Characteristic of drying process of potato pulp in the spouted bed
130 # 2986
Drying kinetics, morphological and mechanical properties of vacuum dried strawberries
130 # 3009
Relation of diffusion coefficient of water in carrot dices to the temperature of drying air
133 # 3037
Determination of water diffusion coefficient in wood biomass depending on water and temperature content
134 # 3122
Analysis of microwave-vaccum drying of cauliflower
134 # 3144
Dimensional analysis of factors influencing mass exchange during the spray drying process of malt wort
134 # 3136
Drying characteristic of common sea-buckthorn subjected to initial preparation treatments
134 # 3123
Instrumental and sensory analysis of hardness and plasticity of dried yellow melon
134 # 3145
Research on kinetics of cauliflower drying process in a fountain drier
136 # 3182
Analysis of avocado dried fruit elasticity
136 # 3155
Influence of temperature of quince fruit convective drying (Cydonia oblonga Mill.) on the course of the process and selected properties of dried fruit
146 # 3466
Analysis of mechanical and rheological features and sensory properties of dried avocado
146 # 3440
Analysis of microwave-vaccum drying of red pepper
146 # 3458
Assessment of possibility of using microwaves for heating spouted bed during drying apples
146 # 3467
Impact of spouted-microwave drying on the dried pumpkin quality
147 # 3504
Analysis of drying of red peppers the fountain bed with microwave heating
147 # 3480
Drying kohlrabi with microwave method in the lowered pressure conditions
147 # 3503
Fleshpumkin drying in spouted bed using apple’s residues as a porous carrier
147 # 3482
Impact of drying parameters on the loss of dry substance mass during rehydration of dried apples
147 # 3502
The influence of temperature drying medium of the kinetics drying, polyphenols and antioxidant activity fountain dried red peppers
149 # 3536
Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD as an innovative tool for stimulating the smoke drying process and for modeling the construction elements of a smoke-drying chamber
150 # 3576
Impact of drying parameters and methods on the volume increase of dried apples during their rehydration
16 # 783
Experimental studies on infrared radiation drying of apples
19 # 1010
Effect of blanching, drying and rehydration on changes in onion dry matter content
19 # 1008
Effect of linear drying shrinkages and shapes of solid bodies on their drying kinetics
31 # 1677
Model of dry substance decreases in process of onion heat treatment
31 # 1663
Object-oriented modelling in creating computer aided system of analysis of drying and storing processes of grain cereals
33 # 692
Errors in calculation of selected parameters of air treated as a drying agent using humidity meter with a psychometric sensor
51 # 1627
Kinetics of convective and microwave - convective drying of parsley
51 # 1636
Pressure resistance of barley grain dried by microvawe systems at lowered pressure
51 # 1630
The effect of atomization ratio of concentrate solution of malt worth on the spray drying process
51 # 1632
The effect of freeze-drying temperature on the rheological properties of root celery
51 # 1631
The influence of storage-time of freeze-dried champignons on the compression work
51 # 1633
The influence of storage-time of liofilized garlic on the compression work and cutting work
52 # 793
Consumption and cost of electricity and heal related to fruit drying in "Leśniczanka" dryer depending of energy carrier
60 # 1575
Automatic identification of the end of near-ambient drying of rapeseed in a deep-stationary-bed
60 # 1556
Influence of selected parameters of osmotic dehydration on inner structure of dride tissue on example apples
60 # 1568
The influence of temperature changes on kinetics vacuum drying of strawberries
60 # 1569
The selection of drying methods for osmotically dehydrated strawberries
61 # 1177
The implementation of grain drying mathematical model in Symuneuron system
62 # 697
Effect of the apple chips shape on drying time in the condition of forced convection
63 # 1352
Consumption of energy per unit in the process of freeze-drying of root celery
63 # 1340
Effect of spray drying conditions on the hygroscopicity of malt wort
63 # 1357
Effect of the temperature of parsley drying on the drying process, and quality factors of the dried product
64 # 734
Influence of convection drying conditions and way of preparation of paprika on changes of chromatic colour coordinates
64 # 721
Influence of the envelope thickness of yeast slurry on inert spheres on the drying process in a spouted bed drier
64 # 743
Studies on selected mechanical properties of freeze-dried carrot
66 # 1308
Impact of drying temperature on quality of rapeseed
67 # 950
Analysis of microwave drying of root celery in conditions of decreased pressure
69 # 850
Effect of variety of root celery on drying kinetics
69 # 853
Microbiologic evaluation of wheat dried in a metal silo monitored by process controller
69 # 860
Testing the convective-drying process of parsley root
70 # 1214
Analysis of internal structure changes during parsley convection drying
71 # 1444
Convection drying of selected hard renner cheeses
71 # 1430
Diffusivity of osmotic-convection dried plant tissue
71 # 1445
Dynamic of concentration drying process of Parmezan type hard cheese for flavouring purpose
71 # 1422
Effect of convection and freeze drying conditions on the quality of dried carrot roots
71 # 1423
Effect of draing temperature and technique on selected quality factors of the rape seeds
71 # 1432
Flows of the agent in band driers for drying vegetables
71 # 1469
Rehydration and water adsorption of freeze-dried strawberries
71 # 1424
Technological value of wheat grain dried by low-temperature method
77 # 36
Rehydration and compressive strength of vacuum microwave dehydrated red beet flesh in the low preassure conditions
77 # 35
Vacuum-microwave drying of apples in the low preassure conditions
78 # 55
Influence of parameters of parsley root vacuum drying on kinetics of dried product rehydration
78 # 56
Influence of parameters of parsley root vacuum drying on rehydration properties of dried product and organoleptic properties of rehydrated product
78 # 51
The influence of begining parts shape on drying shrinkage during microwave drying under pressure
79 # 96
Activity of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae liophilized with chosen protectants
79 # 111
Compression strength changes for parsley dried using different methods
79 # 95
Generalisation of sorption isoterms and isobars for the types of wood used as biofuel
79 # 115
Influence of blanching on the rehydration of freeze-dried radicular parsley
79 # 118
Influence of microwave vacuum parameters fruits chokeberry drying on the course of this process and drying shrinkage
79 # 112
Mechanical properties changes of dried parsley occurring during storage
79 # 117
The influence of microwave vacuum drying of root celery on the selected properties and cutting work
79 # 116
The influence of microwave-vacuum drying parameters on shrinkage of strawberries during drying and on running of process
8 # 1034
Drying of apple cubes in an inert bed cyclically blown with the drying agent
8 # 1033
Modelling of the kinetics of pumpkin dehydration
81 # 203
Mathematical modelling of thermal degradation of l-ascorbic acid during convection drying of leek
81 # 216
System of automatic measurement of convection drying process parameters
82 # 246
Corelation between chosen parameters of air and maize grain dried with low-temperature method
82 # 247
Corelations between chosen parameters of air and barley grain, dried in a thick, motionless layer using low-temperature method
82 # 241
Dependance of the equilibrium moisture of seeds on temperature
82 # 283
Effect of osmotic dehydration on water adsorption of osmotically freeze-dried strawberries
82 # 282
Influence of the method of drying and process temperature on hygroscopic properties of dried apples
82 # 274
Influence of the method of heat input in carrot drying on the kinetics of the process
82 # 252
Mechanical properties of intermediate moisture dried apples
82 # 242
Research of the process of vegetable seeds drying
86 # 340
Influence of the temperature on the quality of the grain in the process of drying with using natural sorbents
87 # 393
Implementation of spouted bed drier to dehydration of yeasts immobilized in alginate matrix
87 # 402
Mathematical modelling of drying process in a fixed bed. Part 1. Mathematical model
87 # 403
Mathematical modelling of drying process in a fixed bed. Part 2. Model verification
87 # 370
The influence of convection and microwave underpressure drying on essential oils conservation in haulm parsley
88 # 429
Quality of raw product evaluated based on the degree of rape seed damage
92 # 1763
Metoda oceny efektywności energetycznej suszarek rolniczych
93 # 1811
A variance of individual color discriminants during the apple drying process, depending on the used blanching method
93 # 1862
Changes in apple color during the convection drying process
93 # 1828
Testing the influence of rate of drying medium on correlation between selected parameters of air and barley grain dried using low-temperature method
93 # 1827
The influence of drying and storage method on selected qualitative discriminants of rape seeds
93 # 1845
The influence of raw product and method of conducting the process on the physical properties of the obtained dried material
93 # 1826
The influence of used drying and storage method on composition of fatty acids in rape seeds
96 # 1967
The effect of drying method on celery rehydration
97 # 1995
Analysis of potential to use flat solar energy collector for drying of wheat grain in wrocław area climatic conditions
98 # 1932
The microwave-vacuum drying model for fruit and vegetables
99 # 2061
Storage of fuel woods chips
99 # 2027
The impact of drying on quality of winter rape seeds
99 # 2044
The impact of dryling methods and parameters on changes in dried fruit and vegetables colour
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