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102 # 2153
Assessment of the distribution of the spray liquid in an apple tree orchard, done with the use of the water sensitive paper
103 # 2191
Analysis of grain sievability distribution on a longitudinally inclined shutter screen
103 # 2212
Theoretical description of sprayed liquid distribution in conditions of frontal air stream operation
105 # 2277
Measurement system for seeds humidity distribution analysis
105 # 2288
Microprocessor recording of temperature in the convector steam oven
108 # 2349
Relation between distribution of potatoes under shrub and the number, structure and mass of tubers
108 # 2342
Two-fan spraying machine for orchard protection – laboratory and field tests
114 # 2516
The impact of change in parameters of atomised stream setting on liquid fall under selected fan atomizer
115 # 2556
An attempt to determine pressure distribution in an aerated compost bed
119 # 2682
The structure of tractors in the examined farms according to engine horsepower
120 # 2701
Ploughshare distribution logistics
121 # 2735
The impact of moisture content on selected physical properties of the pawo variety triticale
121 # 2746
Wear and tear analysis for ploughshares with fixed and replaceable cutting edge in landside part
122 # 2786
Distribution of fall of liquid sprayed by selected double-stream sprayers in conditions of operation of the main air stream
122 # 2799
Reaction classes and agronomic categories of soils and their photoacoustic images
133 # 3033
Laboratory tests on seed stream distribution in the pneumatic seed drill head
136 # 3160
A loyality programme as a modern method of the management of distribution logistics of tractors and agricultural machines spare parts
141 # 3343
Change of the structure of the oil-in-water emulsion in the lengthwise flow
146 # 3454
A prevailing research subject matter concerning a plant protection technology
150 # 3560
Analysis of the size of dust particles which were formed during pellet production
150 # 3562
Model solutions of distribution logistics with regard to organic products
151 # 3601
Analysis of the electric power distribution systems on the rural areas of central Poland
152 # 3610
The influence of nozzle configuration in orchard sprayers on the vertical distribution of spray
153 # 3637
A preliminary assessment of using the operating head with oval nozzles for impingement fluidization of vegetables
18 # 1517
Influence of planting mechanism on distribution uniformity and yield of potatoes
19 # 994
Possibilities of calibrating an electro-kinetic splash metering device
21 # 478
Method of evaluating seed distribution quality after drilling the cereals
21 # 488
Multitude-theory model of feed distribution process in the piggeries
35 # 911
A comparison of the results of modeling the mixing process of homogenous granular components using a stochastic model and the back propagation method in neural networks
45 Tom II # 1148
Application of fuzzy clustering to comparative analysis of a failure frequency of rural distribution networks
51 # 1645
The metchod of recording and transyerse distribution estimating of seeds losser at rape dessication
61 # 1168
Analysis of distributions of basic physical features of buckwheat seedand "świrzepa" radish hulls in aspect of modelling of distributive processes
63 # 1359
Identification of transverse distribution of seed losses during combine harvesting of rape
66 # 1304
Effect of some factors on the amount and structure of electric power consumption in rural households
67 # 927
Effect of shading screens on light conditions in a film tunnel
68 # 1403
Computer analysis of the electric field distribution around the winding of bifilar dust electro-filter
69 # 840
Analyses of measuring the velocity of fluid rotating in whirling-settling vat
69 # 829
Analysis of temperature distribution depending on the thermal treatment phase of cured meat products and the size of a smoking-blanching chamber
79 # 122
Influence of change setting field beam in longitudinal plane of sprayer on profile of schedule of spray
8 # 1027
Analysis of the methods evaluating particle size distribution in ground cereal materials
87 # 376
Testing technical condition of fan atomizers used in field conditions
88 # 444
Scanner for analyzing lateral distribution of stream of flat jet sprayers
91 # 1754
Interaction between selected spraying parameters on the variability coefficient of liquid transverse distribution
93 # 1817
A comparison of air temperature and humidity distributionin fermentation-ripening chambers
96 # 1958
Analysis of the process involving granular mass screening through an inclined shutter sieve
96 # 1968
Theoretical and actual liquid distribution for selected atomiser setting parameters
97 # 1990
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