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105 # 2271
Application of self-organizing maps of characteristics in the diagnostics of self-ignition engines
108 # 2369
Determination of temperature impact on dynamic viscosity of plant biofuels
143 # 3368
Comparison of the carbon black and nitric oxide emission in the diesel and rapeseed engine by means of modeling in AFL Fire programme
143 # 3362
Modification of the outside characteristics of a diesel engine by means of change of fuel injection parameters
21 # 483
Influence of biofuel application in tractor diesel engines on selected working properties of engine oil
52 # 788
Possibilities of feeding diesel engines rape oil in the agricultural vehicles
68 # 1377
Application of the neural networks to diagnostics of fuel injection system in diesel engines
74 # 1249
Application of rough sets in diagnostics of diesel fuel injection systems
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