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100 # 2094
Technical development index and productivity in the aspect of plant production simplification
100 # 2099
The effects of fertilization and bean density on plant growth
103 # 2198
The impact of magnetically treated water on seeds sowing value and growth of selected plant species
107 # 2325
The effect of delayed impact of selected rural area environment elements on multifunctional development level
125 # 2875
Dilemmas of agricultural engineering as a science and fields of study
126 # 2923
Evaluation of the dynamics of changes in average sugar content in sweet corn kernels by multivariate growth curves method
126 # 2905
Using the WAP methods to assess the level of spatial diversification in agriculture development in Poland
134 # 3116
Influence of some factors on age of tractors and farm machines in the selected farms of the middle-Eastern Poland
136 # 3175
A farmer\'s education in comparison to an index of educational and technical development and an efficiency index of development
141 # 3323
The effect of the surface development of extrudate on the dynamics of water sorption in various storage conditions
19 # 986
Functions of the Central Commission in development of scientific staff
28 # 1592
Differences in the level of infrastructural development between the communes of the Rzeszów region
28 # 1587
Effect of technical infrastructure on the rural areas
36 # 1078
Agrotourism in tasks of common agricultural politics in EU
36 # 1056
Examples of ecological stream training works with special attention to Brenna municipality
36 # 1082
Infrastructure and balanced management of rural areas
41 # 566
Land development in villages situated in Soła river basin of the Beskidy mountains on the duration of one century
41 # 565
Spatial differentiation of natural an social & economic conditions utilized to meet the needs of tourism in the Myszków district
45 Tom I # 1116
Attempt at an assessment of assistant policy for rural infrastructure development in the eve of integration with the European Union
45 Tom I # 1103
Coefficients and criteria of sustainable development in aspect of spatial management
45 Tom I # 1119
Indicators of infrastructural organization and multifunctional development of rural mountain areas. Metodical approach
45 Tom I # 1099
Preferences in multifunctional rural development
45 Tom I # 1083
The civilian progress of the Małopolska village - the preferences and expectations of their young inhabitants
45 Tom I # 1084
Transformation in agriculture and agricultural engineering as well as in manegement of rural areas
45 Tom II # 1147
Analysis of economic rural development considering the level of technical infrastructure development
45 Tom II # 1155
Determination standards and delays for selected elements of technical rural infrastructure
45 Tom II # 1153
Higher education in the field of planning and development of rural infrastructure
45 Tom II # 1156
Models of infrastructure development in the contex of economic structure of rural areas
45 Tom II # 1133
Optimization of rural areas ecological infrastructure in Ukrainian-Poland frontier region in theoretical aspects
45 Tom II # 1154
Technical infrastructure and socio-economic development of rural areas
45 Tom II # 1127
The multipartite-notch drop structures used for river training in mountains municipalities
52 # 796
Barriers in commencing group machine utilization by fanners
56 # 522
Developing of agricultural machines to meet the requirements of sustainable agriculture
56 # 518
Threats to natural environment on rural areas in aspect of technical infrastructure development rate
63 # 1323
Development scenario of Polish economic policy in the context of Lisbon Strategy
64 # 724
The effect of seeds stimulation by magnetic field on growth, development and dynamics of biomass accumulation in pea ( Pisum sativum L.)
74 # 1256
Implementation of distance teaching
80 # 133
35th Anniversary of Agricultural Technology Faculty Lublin
80 # 134
Contribution of the Lublin Centre in the development of agricultural engineering academic staff
81 # 206
Development of land threatened by erosion in terms of sustainable development
81 # 199
The effect of magnetic stimulation of seeds on development and dynamics of matter accumulation by white lupine (Lupinus albus L.)
86 # 334
Factors of multifunctional development of rural areas on the example of świętokrzyskie province
86 # 287
Position of agricultural engineering in the structure of Polish science
86 # 292
Status and development of scientific staff in agricultural engineering centers in Poland in the years 2000 to 2005
86 # 286
Why agriculture should be considered a leading subject - tasks for science
88 # 459
Optimization of logistics costs as an aiding tool for well-balanced development of farm companies
88 # 451
Suitability of point sowing in cultivation of selected species of leguminous plants
90 # 1771
Determining the value of basic technical parameters for modern harvester combines with the use of ANN
90 # 1791
The modern technology of the wireless networks WiMAX - IEEE 802.16 in the development of agricultural areas in the local and regional dimension
91 # 1738
Barriers and benefits at to apply for The European Union Funds from SPO WKP for business on pro-environmental investment
91 # 1756
Means of mechanization in polish agriculture on the background of selected European Union countries
94 # 1870
Effect of microwave stimulation of seed potatoes on growth and development of descendant plants
95 # 1898
Scientific committees of PAN in development of agricultural engineering scientific research personnel
97 # 1991
Production costs at developmental farms in Małopolska
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