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10 # 1478
Durability of cultivator coulters
10 # 1481
Method to grain losses optimization in the process of combine harvesting of the cereals
122 # 2765
Method of evaluation of susceptibility of spelt grains to mechanical damages during the threshing process
139 # 3284
Exploitation evaluation of GRIMME 170-60SE combine harvester
152 # 3607
Quality assessment of the operation process of the HEID technological line threshing unit for corn cobs
18 # 1534
Damaging process of wheat grain under mechanical multiple impact
18 # 1513
The cutting resistance as a measure of potato tubers resistance to mechanic damages - research stand description
19 # 1003
Effect of potato tuber load in bulk on their mechanical resistance
19 # 1004
Evaluating the operation quality of single-row and six-row sugar beet harvesters
21 # 484
Analysis of the losses and damages of carrot roots harvested with a Simon single-row harvester
21 # 503
Course of damaging seeds at mechanical harvest
21 # 506
Impact of ear conveyor in Bizon combine harvester on harvesting process and losses of the rape seeds
21 # 492
Influence of proecological manuring technique on the quality of potato tuber yield
33 # 641
The influence of a Simon harvester's operational parameters on the quality of carrot roots harvesting
41 # 568
Mining damages an arable lands – forecasting
53 # 594
Assessment of microwave stimulation of potato bulbs
88 # 460
Modeling the threshing process when using artificial neural networks
95 # 1931
Damages of seeds of the coarse and fine grained lentil caused by the forage harvester
99 # 2058
Characteristics of topsoil layers damage during wood skidding with farm tractors in thinning pine-stands
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