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1 # 3056
Analysis of the threshing spelt process in the blade-sieve threshing unit
10 # 1478
Durability of cultivator coulters
10 # 1481
Method to grain losses optimization in the process of combine harvesting of the cereals
100 # 2100
The use of the computer application TRACE for the evaluation of mobile object identification
104 # 2255
Assessment technique and statistic modelling of the degree of potato damage caused by Colorado beetle
107 # 2330
The impact of humidity on grain loss and damage during combine harvesting of crops
108 # 2361
Dependence between qualitative losses of gymnosperm barley seeds and combine harvester control parameters
115 # 2561
Operation quality analysis for potato cleaning roller separator
120 # 2720
Testing a cylinder cleaning separator in process mixture separation conditions during potato tuber sorting process
122 # 2765
Method of evaluation of susceptibility of spelt grains to mechanical damages during the threshing process
123 # 2831
Analysis of mechanisation services in ecological farms
124 # 2843
Potato production development in the Slovak Republic and the impact of machinery on product quality
129 # 2972
Evaluation of the strategy for maintaining agricultural technical means depending on a farm size, based on the example of Małopolskie
131 # 3059
Analysis of the threshing spelt process in the blade-sieve threshing unit
137 # 3223
Characteristic of the observed processes and types of exploitation wear of agricultural machinery
139 # 3284
Exploitation evaluation of GRIMME 170-60SE combine harvester
140 # 3303
Innovative solutions in potato harvesting techniques
143 # 3367
The Assessment of Damageability of Tractor Power Unit fed with Rapeseed Oil by Method of Event Tree Analysis – ETA
146 # 3452
Cathegories and number of tree damage at logging works
146 # 3448
Impact of the crop technology on the index value of mechanical damage to potato tuber
152 # 3607
Quality assessment of the operation process of the HEID technological line threshing unit for corn cobs
153 # 3639
Relation between the content of simple sugars in a potato tuber and its resistance to mechanical load
18 # 1534
Damaging process of wheat grain under mechanical multiple impact
18 # 1513
The cutting resistance as a measure of potato tubers resistance to mechanic damages - research stand description
19 # 1003
Effect of potato tuber load in bulk on their mechanical resistance
19 # 1004
Evaluating the operation quality of single-row and six-row sugar beet harvesters
21 # 484
Analysis of the losses and damages of carrot roots harvested with a Simon single-row harvester
21 # 503
Course of damaging seeds at mechanical harvest
21 # 506
Impact of ear conveyor in Bizon combine harvester on harvesting process and losses of the rape seeds
21 # 492
Influence of proecological manuring technique on the quality of potato tuber yield
33 # 641
The influence of a Simon harvester's operational parameters on the quality of carrot roots harvesting
36 # 1071
Analysis of damage causes of reinforced conerete road pipe culves
41 # 568
Mining damages an arable lands – forecasting
53 # 594
Assessment of microwave stimulation of potato bulbs
61 # 1164
Monitoring handling of potatoes by pressure measuring sphare (PMS-60)
64 # 713
Connection between the content of nitrogen compound in potato tubers and their susceptibility to mechanical damage
67 # 918
Dependence between the dry mass and starch content and the potato bulb mechanical damage indices
81 # 214
Changes in impact strength of rape seeds as a result of being affected by microorganisms
81 # 223
Losses and pod damage caused by double row harvester for string bean harvesting
88 # 454
Damages to naked and covered barley during harvester cropping
88 # 460
Modeling the threshing process when using artificial neural networks
88 # 429
Quality of raw product evaluated based on the degree of rape seed damage
91 # 1761
Effect of some factors on quality indices of loading digger
95 # 1931
Damages of seeds of the coarse and fine grained lentil caused by the forage harvester
96 # 1944
Potato tuber cropping and susceptibility to mechanical damage related to hydrothermal coefficient
99 # 2058
Characteristics of topsoil layers damage during wood skidding with farm tractors in thinning pine-stands
99 # 2048
Determination of relation between potato tuber resistance to mechanical damage and size of microwave radiation dose
99 # 2031
Neural model allowing to locate defects in injection pumps
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