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100 # 2107
Directions of main stresses and shear angle during dynamic soil cutting using a flat plate
103 # 2178
Influence of soil cone index on vertical forces acting on the cultivator tools
104 # 2251
The impact of celery heat treatment parameters on cutting force
107 # 2315
Extra corn grain shredding and particle breaking up as a method used to improve quality of cut green forage
111 # 2479
Changes in the value of cutting fo rce applied to wheat grains versus leaf fertilization technique
115 # 2532
The analysis of the process involving static cutting of Salix viminalis L. willow stem
117 # 2595
Comparative assessment of sugar corn grain acquisition for food purposes using cut off and threshing methods
120 # 2712
Cutting dried parsley root using various methods
125 # 2878
Impact of the knife sharpening angle on the course of cutting selected root vegetables
129 # 2966
Theoretical analysis of mechanical meat cutting process in thermodynamic aspect
133 # 3040
Influence of selected compression parameters of light soil on its resistance against cultivator tines cutting
133 # 3019
Motion parameters of briquette formed by the rolling method and its cutting off
134 # 3123
Instrumental and sensory analysis of hardness and plasticity of dried yellow melon
134 # 3117
Mechanical properties of Polish durum wheat seeds
136 # 3168
Unit effective power required for cutting biogas energy plants
140 # 3320
Selected physical properties of buckwheat in determinate form
141 # 3330
A method of decreasing energy concumption of the cutting process of the selected food products
141 # 3351
Impact of the shape of cutting knives edges on distribution of temperature in the volume of meat stuffing
146 # 3452
Cathegories and number of tree damage at logging works
146 # 3468
Impact of the type of raw material and knives shape on the temperature increase during mechanical meat cutting
149 # 3538
Assessment of variability of the maximum cutting force depending on the structure of the beetroot pulp
150 # 3569
Experimental and theoretical method of determination of loads for cutting units
18 # 1532
Measuring the cutting tooth geometry of power saw chains and assessing the wear of saw chains using the method of image analysis
18 # 1513
The cutting resistance as a measure of potato tubers resistance to mechanic damages - research stand description
31 # 1658
The Caterpillar DATA View hardware and software applied to research ofmachines and tractors
51 # 1633
The influence of storage-time of liofilized garlic on the compression work and cutting work
51 # 1643
The influence of the knife sharpening angle and speed upon potato tuber cutting resistance
53 # 606
Comparative analysis of the kinematics of some selected chainsaws and oils lubricating the cutting system of the chainsaw
53 # 576
Influence of variety, fraction size, and fertilizer form applied to potato bulb-cutting resistance
53 # 596
Technology and techniques of cross-cutting in timber yards
60 # 1548
Mechanization of cutting the carp fish bones
61 # 1179
Estimate energy cut of buckwheat stalks of Hruszowska variety
63 # 1354
Resistance of soil to a simple wedge-shaped tool and a symmetric diagonal-wedge tool
64 # 718
Technology of production and processing of sweet corn cobs
66 # 1294
Quality of energetic willow cuttings in the aspect of mechanical planting
67 # 925
Cuttings production technique and planning planting arrangement of energetic willow
67 # 959
Initial evaluation of mechanical properties of buckwheat stalks of Red corolla variety
69 # 844
Research rate of travel influence on Cutting resistance food products
69 # 863
Testing the effects of blade angles and blade putting on food product cutting resistance
77 # 11
Evaluation of changes of selected mechanical parameters of soil in different technologies of tillage
79 # 91
Impact of heat treatment on the process of mechanical grain cutting off sweet maize cobs
79 # 94
Influence of working depth changeability on soil cutting forces
79 # 117
The influence of microwave vacuum drying of root celery on the selected properties and cutting work
8 # 1040
Methodical aspects of work timekeeping and simulation tests of effective time consumption at logging
81 # 217
Impact of heat treatment on changes of mechanical properties of carrot
81 # 218
Impact of heat treatment on cutting force and compression force of potatoes
81 # 190
The influence of chosen working parameters of cutter on process of cutting sweet corn kernel
82 # 276
Influence of heat treatment on cutting force of brussels sprouts
87 # 361
Assessment of wheat grain strength characteristics based on cutting test
87 # 409
Estimation of cutting energy of buckwheat stalks of Emka variety
88 # 421
Method of determining resistance of cutting power willow shoots
90 # 1781
Computer aid design of rotary tiller parameters. Part I – kinematics
93 # 1830
The influence of humidity on selected mechanical properties of wheat grain
93 # 1857
The influence of thermal treatment on cauliflower cutting force
93 # 1858
The influenceof presowing magnetic biostimulation on cutting and compression forces of grains of new wheat-rye varieties
94 # 1867
Use of image recognition algorithm in scientific research based on „Ziemniak-99” software
97 # 2002
The impact of blade length in grain cutter knives on sugar maize grain cutting energy consumption
99 # 2068
The impact of work technique during timber cutting on vibrations and forces on I.C.E.-powered sawing machine grips
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