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10 # 1486
Costs of pro-ecological potato cultivation technology
10 # 1479
Technology of winter rape cultivation in aspect of gained yields and financial inputs
102 # 2126
Analysis of traction for ces of a driving tyre done for modified cultivation technologies
102 # 2123
The evaluation of simplified tillage in aspect of yields per acre, energy- and labor-consumption
103 # 2199
The impact of cultivation system, irrigation and mineral fertilization on biometrics of self-terminating and conventional horse bean morphotype
105 # 2283
Software supporting field tests on sugar beet cultivation
110 # 2416
Assessment of plant usability for alternative cultivation using typical technological systems
110 # 2424
Using experimental design to obtain a set of machines for biomass harvest mechanisation on the example of common reed
114 # 2522
Potato as a cultivated plant – fragments of history
114 # 2498
The impact of selected agrotechnical factors on the quantitative characteristics of potato tuber crop
119 # 2655
Technical and operating assessment of cultivation and maintenance tools used in small farms
120 # 2707
Analysis of traction properties for drive tyres in simplified soil cultivation technologies
120 # 2710
Energy and technological analysis for a greenhouse
124 # 2843
Potato production development in the Slovak Republic and the impact of machinery on product quality
125 # 2886
Decision support system for domesticated plants protection
129 # 2937
Analysis of selected soil properties for various cultivation technologies
129 # 2934
The assessment of the process involving driving force transmission by the 7.50-16 tyre for various soil cultivation technologies
134 # 3139
Analysis of traction properties of Fendt 820 tractor in the selected technologies of soil cultivation
137 # 3191
Evaluation of cultivation systems in relation to fuel consumption, plants cropping and soil properties
137 # 3227
Farm models as data source for the optimization of energy crop production in the commune
145 # 3415
Comparative analysis of longitudinal irregularity of wheat seeding with a universal seeder and cultivation-seeding aggregate
145 # 3406
Impact of the amount of fertilization on NPK and humus in soil balance in the selected plant production technologies
145 # 3397
New tools for the mechanical control of weeds in organic crops
146 # 3447
Effects of early potatoes cultivation under cover
146 # 3437
Energy assessment of alternative technologies of preparing land for winter barley sowing
146 # 3459
The size and structure of energy inputs of ploughed and non-ploughed cultivation of hybrid rye
147 # 3483
Analysis of economic efficiency of alternative technology of corn cultivation for seeds with the use of glyphosate
147 # 3492
Comparative analysis of the quality of wheat seeding with a universal seeder and a cultivation-sowing aggregate
147 # 3511
Interpolation procedures for determination of energy willow cultivation technology parameters
150 # 3554
Performance of selected cultivation machines in relation to fuel consumption
151 # 3588
Energy efficiency of hybrid rye cultivation in relation to the manner of soil cultivation
152 # 3618
Characteristic and efficiency of operation of the unit for non-plough soil cultivation and the cultivation and sowing unit in conditions of the eastern european part of Russia
153 # 3644
Impact of the speed of cultivation units and cultivation and sowing units on the working resistance in the aspect of long-term use of different systems of soil cultivation
155 # 3674
Cultivation technology and grass and legume plants yield in various conditions of soil moisture
155 # 3663
Monitoring of typical field work in different soil conditions using remote sensing – a literature review and some concepts for the future
21 # 487
Choice of technical means to maize cultivation for silage
21 # 492
Influence of proecological manuring technique on the quality of potato tuber yield
21 # 472
The costs of winter rape production
45 Tom I # 1100
The optimal and correct length of cultivation field
52 # 811
The analysis and evaluation of the energy consumption and the costs of various technologies of preparing soil for sowing
61 # 1167
New technology of the potatoes production - the bed tillage
69 # 856
Influence of potato growing technology on the crop structure
70 # 1217
Analysis of rotary ripper main constructional and operating parameter impact on unit fuel consumption
70 # 1210
Experience from mechanization of planting and cultivation of power willow
78 # 73
Evaluation of selected technologies of energetic willow growing regarding expenditures
79 # 100
Changes of the physical properties of soil as a result of cultivation without ploughing
80 # 174
Costs and profitability of sugar beet production
80 # 144
Device for opening and turning upper layers of soil
86 # 316
Energy-consuming rate for field production of certain root vegetables
90 # 1799
Database as a research tool used in technologies of crops production
91 # 1745
Agroecolgical strategy for choosing running systems for agricultural machinery
91 # 1743
Settings of front-mounted plough bodies and their effect on functional efficiency
94 # 1876
Economic aspects of field production engineering and cultivation of covered crops for selected vegetables
99 # 2029
Swing plough body working draft and quality of work
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