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114 # 2490
Evaluation of energy consumption for crushing wheat seed with diversified hardness
51 # 1635
Influence of the wheat grain upon the crushing process
69 # 827
Investigations on the influence of the humidity of amaratnthus grains on the effect of their crushing
71 # 1456
Distribution of surface pressure on grains crushed between flat plates
71 # 1459
Effect of oil addition to wheat grain on energy consumption in grinding process
71 # 1457
Effect of single-and two-stage grain crushing process on the quality of bruesed grain
71 # 1447
Grinding of grain in a crushing mill at one– and two stage process
78 # 80
Energy consumption of the seed crushing of various plant species with a disk crusher
78 # 81
Influence of humidity on grain seed crushing energy consumption
79 # 107
Effect of grain moisture content and temperature on energy consumption at crushing
86 # 345
Energy consumption at the grain wheat crushing process for various glaze on used crusher and roller crushing
96 # 1939
Assessment of energy consumption for grinding of wheat grain previously put to crushing
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