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115 # 2537
Evaluation of productivity and efficiency level in agriculture, based on selected regions in Poland
130 # 2975
Analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of scientific work
134 # 3133
Analysis of factors in the decision process of purchasing farm tractors
143 # 3387
Diversity of additional activity in the selected ecological farms
21 # 512
Identification of the criteria to evaluating the drining-bowls for broiler chickens in aspect of zootechnical ergonomy requirements
28 # 1598
Small sewage treatment plants as an element of rural environment protection
33 # 688
Identification of assesment criteria of removing and storing manure in the aspect of environment protection requirements
36 # 1070
Insulating and drainage geocomposites used for damp proofing of buil-dings and elements of technical infrastructure
45 Tom II # 1121
Concept, domain and role of the agricultural engineering in the structure of science
56 # 526
Present state and development perspectives of the sewerage network on rural areas
67 # 947
Remarks on multi-criterial selection of machinery and equipment intended for agricultural production
74 # 1252
Input assumptions for the program optimizing selection of the number of means of transport for farmsteads
87 # 371
Multicriteria method of functional evaluation and milking units selection
88 # 439
Criteria for selecting farm produce users in farmsteads with multiprofile production
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