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1 # 983
The level of agriculture production as affected by the outlays on mechanization and other production means
10 # 1509
Milk outflows from a cow teat at different vacuum level
10 # 1480
The quality of produced haylage as affected by the moisture content of green crop treated with microbioiogical-enzimatic additive and harvested with a rolling baler
100 # 2093
Functionality of TORX and XZN systems in the process of bolted joint tightening
102 # 2136
Control of the limit spin of farm tractor wheels in the aspect of the differential gear life
102 # 2160
Modelling of the relation of liquid mass stream and absolute pressure in a milking apparatus
103 # 2174
Computer methods applied to support milk cow herd management
103 # 2216
The impact of kinematic parameters of the shaking mechanism in the widepitch conveyor on the separation process efficiency
104 # 2250
The concept for assessing biomass energy potential on the example of a selected borough in Opolskie Voivodeship
107 # 2306
Improvement of the method used to assess energy willow crop
107 # 2307
Representation of pulsation trajectory using artificial intelligence methods
108 # 2353
Biomass production compared to raw material and material costs in one-year energy willow plantations
109 # 2390
Analysis of milkers’ work load in milk cow farm
109 # 2381
The effects of employing the information and monitoring technologies in the analysis of milk cow behaviour
114 # 2491
Analysis of material resources for biogas production in the administrative district of Strzelin
114 # 2494
Milking control based on process model
114 # 2488
The issues of cattle breeding in cow sheds without thermal insulation
118 # 2617
Using the Matlab® application to model negative pressure in milking machine
119 # 2671
Method of testing intensity of cows hitting on above-neck railing
119 # 2679
Modelling of storage tank controller in milking installation
120 # 2725
Efficiency of using a milking robot for cows
120 # 2720
Testing a cylinder cleaning separator in process mixture separation conditions during potato tuber sorting process
122 # 2771
Computer modelling and simulation of the frequency of pulsations in the milking apparatus
122 # 2791
Development of visualisation systems in the automation of milking of cows
122 # 2770
Research station for mechanical milking of cows
123 # 2834
Production effi-ciency in individual farms united in fruit-growing manufacturers’ group
123 # 2815
Subatmospheric pressure control in an autonomous milking apparatus
129 # 2942
Plant protection techniqe in EU Directives
130 # 2984
A concept of a fruit picking vehicle with a pneumatic drive
131 # 3073
Application of fuzzy sets in modern milking techniques
131 # 3062
Investigations on lying area for dairy cows with the use of video recording technology
133 # 3050
Physical and chemical properties of plant raw materials used for biofuels production
133 # 3038
The concept of a two-chamber autonomous claw of the milking unit
137 # 3206
Analysis of raw materials and goods flow with regard to production trends on the example of selected farms of Southern Poland
139 # 3288
Equipping farms in tractors in the years 1996-2010
139 # 3259
Methodological aspects of pressure compensation evaluation in emitters of drip irrigation lines
143 # 3360
Analysis of auto-cistern utilization in the field of milk purchase on the example of a small dairy plant
145 # 3394
Analysis of labour inputs in various milking systems
146 # 3433
Assessment indices of barns with a varied maintenance system of dairy cows
146 # 3464
Comparison of energy usefulness of the selected biomass briquettes
146 # 3438
Energy analysis of waste biomass from production of fruit trees on the territory of Podkarpackie Voivoideship
146 # 3434
Modern technological and functional solutions used in dairy cows breeding on the example of the selected farms of Łomżyński province
147 # 3485
Determination of the skidding road deformation caused by multiple crossings of Mht 8002 HV caterpillar harvester
149 # 3529
Analysis of lying area in the barn with the use of video recording technology
149 # 3531
Functional properties of the computer system for temperature diagnosis of cows
151 # 3593
food industry, health and safety, awareness of employee, working conditions
151 # 3581
Orchards biomass for energy purposes: an approach for the assessment of the impact on society
152 # 3609
Analysis of the vetilation air stream size in cattle buildings
18 # 1512
The use of geostatical methods for processing penetrometer data
21 # 482
Disturbances in milk flow out and the health state of mammary gland in cows
33 # 652
Static and circular method of apple wine maderization
33 # 673
Stress distribution in photoelastic model of wheat grain during crussing proces in rolls mili
33 # 632
The comparative researches of estimate methods of the economic value agricultural machines
33 # 689
The effect of the milking unit on duration time basie phase milking cows
41 # 552
An attempt to estimate the multifunctional development of rural areas within the Cracov region
41 # 565
Spatial differentiation of natural an social & economic conditions utilized to meet the needs of tourism in the Myszków district
45 Tom I # 1115
The technical infrastructure as element of development remedially-touristic function in Sudethian region
53 # 583
Analysis of lying area surfaces for dairy cows using technical systems with film monitoring
64 # 732
Solutions for cattle housing with regard to animal welfare and environment protection in dairy and beef cattle production
64 # 746
Technological and exploitation coefficients of milk production in chosen cowsheds
64 # 733
Wheat kernel elasticity module
66 # 1287
Analysis of milkman work structure while milking cows
66 # 1282
Method of corrected, average price in farm tractor appraisal
66 # 1281
Pair comparison methodology employed for estimating the value of a farm tractor
69 # 854
The conduction of selected fruit products
70 # 1192
Improvement of dairy cows service using video-computer systems with film monitoring
70 # 1198
Influence of chosen habitable agent's on planting tendril willow Salix Viminalis in mountain conditions
70 # 1196
Modeling the outflow milk from cows teat in aspect of milking unit automation
70 # 1225
Soil spatial variability regarding its physical properties
71 # 1454
Application of the instrumental methods to evaluating the structure of half-finshed fruit products used to production of ready-to-eat food
71 # 1442
Application of ultrasounds to ripening of red fruit-wines
71 # 1467
Effect of natural additives creating the structure of fruits’ gels on their stability
74 # 1230
Stability of the working speed of the tractor unit considering friction torque of the differential gear
77 # 23
An analysis of limitations in milking parlor throughput
77 # 38
Barriers of implementation of farms with modern dairy technologies
77 # 2
Computer systems for cow herd management
77 # 39
The influence of milk quantity and velocity from teat end on vacuum hesitation in the teat end chamber
77 # 24
Valuation of amount of thermal energy possible to be won by sunny commutators
78 # 76
Investigation of cows’ stands for coated with wooden pavement
79 # 131
Errors in the calculation of dried mass in the drying plants - using the moisture meters
79 # 130
The influence of type of housing systems on young cows cleaness and hygienic quality of milk
79 # 129
The organizational-technological problems of milking in the freestall cowsheds in the aspect of cows welfare
8 # 1038
Critical evaluation of a method to control the technical condition of brake system in agricultural tractors
8 # 1028
Method to determine the efficiency of hulling legume plant seeds with abrasive hullers at the stage of their designing
81 # 209
Computer design of technical equipment in buildings for cattle
82 # 281
An analysis of chosen factors which influence development of new foods
86 # 345
Energy consumption at the grain wheat crushing process for various glaze on used crusher and roller crushing
86 # 294
Market value versus reconstruction value of farm building structures
86 # 302
Waste management at the fruit product manufacturing plant
88 # 427
Hardness model for wheat caryopsises using Artificial Neural Networks
93 # 1858
The influenceof presowing magnetic biostimulation on cutting and compression forces of grains of new wheat-rye varieties
94 # 1868
Work planning in preparation of cows for milking
95 # 1904
Absolute pressure control in cow milking unit
96 # 1969
Efficiency of using a modernised haulm separation conveyor in potato cropping machines
97 # 1975
Control over limit skid of farm tractor wheels in the aspect of precise agriculture requirements
97 # 1999
Professional qualifications of farmers and the level of agricultural production economic efficiency
99 # 2023
Analysis of dairy cows keeping system including use of material on lying stalls
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