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103 # 2208
The impact of convection drying on selected mechanical and rheological properties of parsley root
109 # 2393
Neural model of changes in water content in willow chips during convection drying
109 # 2394
Neural model of temperature changes during convection drying of energy willow chips
111 # 2465
Changes in internal structure of apple tissue dried using the convection process,induced by osmotic dehydration
111 # 2473
Identification of the impact of grinding degree, pretreatment and drying method on content of betalaine dyes in dried beet material
120 # 2705
Drying characteristics for elder fruits
120 # 2704
The impact of drying medium temperature on drying kinetics for garden beet juice drops
134 # 3136
Drying characteristic of common sea-buckthorn subjected to initial preparation treatments
138 # 3255
Mechanical properties of thermal treated corn grains
19 # 1008
Effect of linear drying shrinkages and shapes of solid bodies on their drying kinetics
60 # 1556
Influence of selected parameters of osmotic dehydration on inner structure of dride tissue on example apples
60 # 1572
The comparison in qualitative features selected products which put into the thermal traditional processing and from used convection-steam furnance
64 # 734
Influence of convection drying conditions and way of preparation of paprika on changes of chromatic colour coordinates
69 # 860
Testing the convective-drying process of parsley root
70 # 1214
Analysis of internal structure changes during parsley convection drying
71 # 1444
Convection drying of selected hard renner cheeses
71 # 1430
Diffusivity of osmotic-convection dried plant tissue
71 # 1445
Dynamic of concentration drying process of Parmezan type hard cheese for flavouring purpose
71 # 1422
Effect of convection and freeze drying conditions on the quality of dried carrot roots
8 # 1033
Modelling of the kinetics of pumpkin dehydration
81 # 217
Impact of heat treatment on changes of mechanical properties of carrot
81 # 218
Impact of heat treatment on cutting force and compression force of potatoes
81 # 203
Mathematical modelling of thermal degradation of l-ascorbic acid during convection drying of leek
82 # 276
Influence of heat treatment on cutting force of brussels sprouts
82 # 282
Influence of the method of drying and process temperature on hygroscopic properties of dried apples
82 # 274
Influence of the method of heat input in carrot drying on the kinetics of the process
82 # 237
Normal wear of convection-cum-vapour furnaces
93 # 1845
The influence of raw product and method of conducting the process on the physical properties of the obtained dried material
99 # 2044
The impact of dryling methods and parameters on changes in dried fruit and vegetables colour
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