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10 # 1477
Impact of soil conditions on wear intensity of construction materials
10 # 1480
The quality of produced haylage as affected by the moisture content of green crop treated with microbioiogical-enzimatic additive and harvested with a rolling baler
100 # 2085
Effects of the method and time of storing on the selected sensory characteristics of apples
100 # 2092
Effects of the storing methods and storing time on selected physical properties of apples
100 # 2109
The use of image processing methods to evaluate the fat content of pork
103 # 2224
Describing of sorption isotherms with selected equations using the Excel spreadsheet
103 # 2217
Using of the MPC type controller for convection rying process control
104 # 2249
Neural analysis of the ultrasonographic images in the intramuscular fat level content identification process – preliminary research
109 # 2393
Neural model of changes in water content in willow chips during convection drying
111 # 2457
The effect of the moisture content on mechanical properties of winter wheat grain
118 # 2622
Mathematical model of rehydration kinetics for dried vegetables
122 # 2789
Education in the protection of intellectual property in engineering fields of study
126 # 2925
Analysis of the impact of drying methods on essential oils contents in dried parsley leaves
130 # 2996
The impact of negative pressure applied during packing on the basic physical properties of acid curd cheese
138 # 3244
Influence of packing pressure of acid curd cheese on the selected parameters of the product
149 # 3546
Investigation of the impact of water content and activity on electric properties of honey with the use of neuron networks
153 # 3633
The influence of moisture content of barley on the flaking process
154 # 3649
Evaluation of the impact of digestate formed during biogas production on the content of heavy metals in soil
16 # 768
Effect of storage duration on physical properties of rye grain
19 # 1004
Evaluating the operation quality of single-row and six-row sugar beet harvesters
21 # 503
Course of damaging seeds at mechanical harvest
21 # 492
Influence of proecological manuring technique on the quality of potato tuber yield
51 # 1623
Impact of temperature on horizontal pressure of rye grain in a model silos
51 # 1625
Significate of pressure force in the Young module measurment for seeds
53 # 587
Assessment of rheologic properties of plant materials with high water content
60 # 1553
Assessment of consumption quality of potato bulbs being in storage
60 # 1560
The effect of the size and position of the rounds orifice on the flow rate of rapeseeds
61 # 1163
Influnce of the microwave and vacuum potato dehydration on the dried vegetables quality
64 # 722
Field studies on optical sensor for dynamic measurments of soil moisture
67 # 921
Effect of fat content on granulation of feeds
69 # 865
Influence of hybrid wheat modification on selected physical properties of ground grain
70 # 1189
Impact of selected extrusion process parameters on ekstrudate colors changes
71 # 1428
Effect of selected factors on seed elasticity index
71 # 1441
Effect of selected geometrical hole parameters on the flow intensity of oats grains
71 # 1440
Effect of the size and position of square hole on flow intensity of the rape seeds
74 # 1246
Electronic system for pH measuring using ISFET type sensor
77 # 34
Some strength properties of rape seeds
79 # 107
Effect of grain moisture content and temperature on energy consumption at crushing
8 # 1030
Model studies on the effects of rye grain moisture content, duration of storage and silo "slenderness" on horizontal and vertical pressures
80 # 178
Impact water content in rapeseed and storage time on vertical pressure in silos
82 # 231
Changes of parameters of the weight of wheat dough depending on the type of flour and on the time of kneading
82 # 228
Temperature changes in bean seeds heated with infrared radiation
87 # 362
Measurement of moisture content in basket willow sprouts and chips
87 # 390
Neural models for wearing of working elements in soil
87 # 367
Utilization of ANN to determine wheat grain hardness
88 # 457
Position for computer analysis of quality of agricultural and food products
88 # 429
Quality of raw product evaluated based on the degree of rape seed damage
90 # 1805
Methodological aspects of creating application maps for a localized fertilization
91 # 1760
Usability test of refractometer to determine the ripeness degree of sweet corn
93 # 1838
A suitability assessment of selected apple varieties for osmotic dehydration
93 # 1837
The influence of calcium chloride on osmotic dehydration of carrot
93 # 1844
The influence of lowered pressure on strength properties of corn seedsafter hydrothermal treatment
94 # 1889
Quality of hay depending on harvest techniques
96 # 1963
Assessment of soil moisture content spatial variability on the basis of electric conductivity maps. Part II
96 # 1936
Investigation of the effect of the shear process on the soil compaction by constant normal stresses and increasing normal stresses
96 # 1960
The effect of magnetic stimulation of seeds on growth and cropping of seed pea grown at varying soil moisture content
96 # 1970
Using impedance spectrometry to measure corn grain moisture content
99 # 2055
Some environmental and production conditions concerning simplified modes of tillage
99 # 2026
The machines and devices to precise fertilization of potato and the productive effects
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