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100 # 2093
Functionality of TORX and XZN systems in the process of bolted joint tightening
102 # 2159
Effect of wheel track depth and air pressure in tyres on tractor wheel loads on the soil
124 # 2844
The influence of selected factors on the number of contacts between seeds
141 # 3327
Comparative analysis of colour components of beef striploin depending on various methods of thermal treatment
18 # 1537
Application of computer image analysis in measurements of agricultural wheels deformation parameters
18 # 1518
The measurement of effective contact surface of friction materials
51 # 1624
Influence of seed shape upon the contact area value
64 # 730
Effect of tractor tyre technical parameters and ground rigidity on the wheel ground contact area
70 # 1204
Video-computer method used to extract three dimension contact area between tyre and elastic ground in laboratory
88 # 423
Attempt to use Bernal–Mason's method to determine a number of contact points in plant beds of granular materials
93 # 1825
A Method of measurement of number of contact points between seeds
96 # 1940
Method used to measure contact area between seeds
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