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103 # 2178
Influence of soil cone index on vertical forces acting on the cultivator tools
111 # 2464
Fluid motion in Whirlpoll whirl tank
117 # 2582
Using the cone in cone type insert during chimney pouring out
118 # 2626
Roof type elements in pour mixer and quality of granular mixers
119 # 2653
Analysis of changes in strength parameters of sod in variable soil conditions
119 # 2654
Values of unit pressure at selected depths in ground covered with sod for varying sod use intensities
120 # 2708
Work analysis for a model of a slow-speed wind power plant installed in a confusor converging cone
122 # 2760
Evaluation of changes of strength parameters for sod used with varying intensity
129 # 2956
Theoretical analysis of energy yield for silicon photovoltaic cells in solar conditions in Małopolska Region
141 # 3328
Formation phases of a sediment cone inside a test tank of a whirlpool vat
148 # 3527
Influence of a whirlpool tilt angles on the placement of a substitute sediment cone
16 # 778
Effect of pre-sowing treatment with magnetic field on chemical and technological properties of wheat grain
18 # 1512
The use of geostatical methods for processing penetrometer data
21 # 510
Changes in construction and usage of the facilities of poultry keeping with reference to the EU regulations
36 # 1059
Mineral water intakes on the Grajcarek stream basin
79 # 93
Cone index increments of the clay soils compacted by tractor wheels
82 # 272
Wear of chosen material combinations in food fats (in the combination: three rolls – cone)
99 # 2010
The impact of selected morphological features of Scotch Pine cones on the progress of hulling process
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