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10 # 1477
Impact of soil conditions on wear intensity of construction materials
100 # 2101
Yield losses during harvest of various sugar beet cultivars
102 # 2130
Effects of soil den sity and composition on the assessment of its compactness
103 # 2192
Compactness increments for light soil packed several times and in multiple tracks
115 # 2541
Analysis of soil compactness in potato planting and harvest periods
119 # 2653
Analysis of changes in strength parameters of sod in variable soil conditions
119 # 2654
Values of unit pressure at selected depths in ground covered with sod for varying sod use intensities
122 # 2760
Evaluation of changes of strength parameters for sod used with varying intensity
123 # 2814
The impact of compacting energy on changes in soil compactness
129 # 2937
Analysis of selected soil properties for various cultivation technologies
136 # 3153
Assessment of traction and endurance parameters of meadow and pasture sod
143 # 3358
The use of the sport facility and changes of its endurance parameters and changes of the condition and quality of the lawn
21 # 490
Cone penetration method to determine density distribution in soil profile
63 # 1324
Analysis of traction properties of a microtractor wheel in various technologies of selected plants cultivation
63 # 1355
Influence of tractor speed on changes of soil cone index
64 # 747
The comparison of two methods of the pre-compaction stress determination in subsoil layer of the Pyrzyce black earth soil
77 # 11
Evaluation of changes of selected mechanical parameters of soil in different technologies of tillage
86 # 303
The effect of agrotechnical factors on potato cropping conditions
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