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103 # 2214
Testing of susceptibility to compacting for the layer of clayey black earth under arable soil
110 # 2417
Assessment of action exerted on soil by tractor unit wheels in farms
110 # 2418
The impact of tyre tread type and its wear on sandy soil compaction
112 # 2374
Analysis of reasons for changes in cropping of selected grass species caused by repeated tractor wheel runs
119 # 2649
The impact of cereal straw humidity on the compaction degree of obtained briquettes
119 # 2658
The impact of loading silty soil with sugar beet harvester wheels on its physical properties
121 # 2752
The impact of the size of shredded wheat particles on compac-tion process parameters
137 # 3225
Influence of the soil compaction method on the course of experimental curves and on the determined value of its ultimate bearing capacity
140 # 3303
Innovative solutions in potato harvesting techniques
143 # 3355
Mobile and energy efficient machine for biomass harvesting and compaction with the curling method
150 # 3577
Soil compaction with wheels of aggregates for fertilization with liquid manure
156 # 3679
Assessment of the change in the rolling resistance of a wheel in varied field conditions
53 # 604
Effects of the machines running gears on soil
53 # 585
The influence of tractor wheel passes on morphometrical properties of soil under grassland
63 # 1346
A device to investigate soil firmness, precompaction stress and for sampling soil of undisturbed structure
64 # 720
Influence of soil surface load conditions and of the stress concentration coefficient on the range of admissible stress
64 # 747
The comparison of two methods of the pre-compaction stress determination in subsoil layer of the Pyrzyce black earth soil
77 # 20
Investigation on estimating energetistic parameters of earthworms
77 # 17
Studies of subsoil compaction of loamy soil
80 # 151
The influence of multiple passes on morphometrical properties of soil under grassland
91 # 1740
Analysis of tractor – machine sets in farms of podlaskie province with respect to soil compaction
96 # 1936
Investigation of the effect of the shear process on the soil compaction by constant normal stresses and increasing normal stresses
99 # 2016
Affect of type of agricultural tractor-machine outfit on soil compaction in the arable layer
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