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10 # 1485
Effectiveness of cleaning buckwheat seeds on a cylindrical slotted sieve
10 # 1484
Laboratory studies on separation of catch weed seeds from the mixture with rape seeds on a belt separator
107 # 2294
Efficiency of carrot (Daucus carota L.) seeds cleaning
119 # 2682
The structure of tractors in the examined farms according to engine horsepower
130 # 2978
Characteristics of selected physical properties of borage seeds in the aspect of their use for the improvement of cleaning process
133 # 3052
Biobed for bioremediation of liquid remnants after spray application treatments – Biobed stand for bioremediation of liquid remnants after spray application treatments
133 # 3025
Efficiency of borrage seeds cleaning (Borago officinalis L.)
134 # 3125
Analysis of the mustard seeds cleaning process part 2. Algorithms of the cleaning process
138 # 3231
Energy as a function of the effectiveness of CIP
138 # 3251
Influence of time and the cleaning liquid flow velocity on the effectiveness of cleaning the plate heat exchanger
138 # 3250
Measurement of the cleaning liquid parameters during the process of cleaning the plate heat exchangers
141 # 3337
Numerical analysis of fluid flow between the plates of the plate heat exchanger
149 # 3542
Evaluation of the efficiency of removing protein deposits from various surfaces by foam cleaning
149 # 3547
Simulation tests of liquid flow in the pipeline elements
149 # 3543
Ultrasound application for removal of protein impurities from piping elements
16 # 763
Determination of differences in angles of seed falling out form the gap between round bars
16 # 776
Technological factors and physical properties of buckwheat grain in its processing into groats
69 # 867
Investigations on the process of enzymatic cleaning the cucumber seeds
69 # 873
Technological guidelines for production of new-generation food fancy goods
77 # 33
The dicriterial optimization of the grain cleaning on a canopy sieve
81 # 222
Work conditions of two-step combine harvester cleaning system and crop quality of string bean pods
82 # 270
Optimisation of operating parameters of a pneumatic cascade separator
93 # 1812
An increasing effectiveness of cleaning dill seeds (Anethum graveolens L.)
96 # 1934
The effect of selected air stream parameters on the distribution of sieved grain mass
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