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107 # 2304
Selected physical, chemical and functional properties of fatty acid methyl esters of rape-seed oil as the engine fuel
114 # 2493
Ageing processes of rape-seed oil fatty acid methyl esters
114 # 2485
Energy parameters and the ecological aspect of engine powering by mineral fuel derived from vegetables
117 # 2575
Analysis of selected chemical properties of black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia L.) wood and bark
124 # 2842
Modification of biofuel usable properties in the aspect of issues involving operation of farm vehicles
129 # 2943
Modification of physical, chemical and functional properties of rapeseed fuel
133 # 3050
Physical and chemical properties of plant raw materials used for biofuels production
134 # 3117
Mechanical properties of Polish durum wheat seeds
138 # 3239
Influence of saccharin additive on physical properties of sponge-fat dough
146 # 3443
Evaluation of yield, chemical composition and quality of tubers of medium early, medium late and late starch potato cultivars
151 # 3585
Impact of laser beams treatment on the biomass yield and energy value of multiflora rose
16 # 766
Effect of pre-sowing laser biostimulation Of glasshouse tomato seeds on physicochemical properties of the fruits
36 # 1061
Assessment of the funcioning of mini treatment plant installed a village school at Rajbrot
36 # 1058
Ground filters as an element of morę thorough sewage treatment
36 # 1059
Mineral water intakes on the Grajcarek stream basin
45 Tom I # 1090
Determination of chemical constitution formed in the upper Skawa river basin
45 Tom II # 1131
Water quality in mountain streams and its possible utilisation for rural community needs
51 # 1628
Properties of internal potato bulbs resulting from agrotechnical properties
60 # 1554
Quality of dried potatoes using different blanching techniques
64 # 719
Changes of chemical composition of soil of a potato field induced by sprinkling and mineral fertilisation
64 # 748
The influence of soil use on properties of rusty soils: arable and fallow in Ginawa village (Western Pomerania)
69 # 830
Application of buckwheat seeds to manufacturing the low-fat fine minced meat products
69 # 831
Physicochemical properties of muscular tissue after sonification
71 # 1453
The effect of partial fat substitution for nutritive cellulose on the texture and sensory features of minced sausages
82 # 269
Packing process for chosen diary products as a critical control point
91 # 1751
Technology of fertilization by leaves and protection of container cultivated decorative bushes with mycorrhiza
94 # 1866
Computer aided chemical crop protection „Herbicyd-2” software program
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