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102 # 2138
A method for determining the porosity coefficient of cellular materials
108 # 2368
Modelling of air flow in ventilation ducts of shroom-growing cellar
111 # 2465
Changes in internal structure of apple tissue dried using the convection process,induced by osmotic dehydration
111 # 2463
The effect of grinding parameters on particle size of cellulose
121 # 2749
Fuel cell as an energy source in a farm
122 # 2777
Impact of the course of mechanical milking of cows on the content of body cells in milk with the variable tension strength of teat rubbers in the teat cup
122 # 2794
Proposals for the modernisation of control systems being used in mushroom-growing cellars
123 # 2837
Modelling of technological processes occurring in mushroom-growing cellars: heat and mass exchange model
129 # 2956
Theoretical analysis of energy yield for silicon photovoltaic cells in solar conditions in Małopolska Region
131 # 3091
Optimisation of microclimate control in a mushroom growing cellar
21 # 494
Functioning of photovoltaic cell battery under winter conditions in the central-eastern region of Poland
28 # 1615
Sub grade with the cell - mattress strengthening
68 # 1380
Fuel cell as a power supply source for computer appliances in agriculture
69 # 836
Evolution of vegetable cell size in bioreactor
70 # 1214
Analysis of internal structure changes during parsley convection drying
71 # 1411
Analysis of water binding conditions in fine minced curred mest stuffings supplemented with lupine cellulose
71 # 1455
Role of hydrocolloidal-fatty phase in shaping rheoligical properties of fine minced cured meat stuffings with reduced fat content
71 # 1453
The effect of partial fat substitution for nutritive cellulose on the texture and sensory features of minced sausages
78 # 69
Economical and energy aspects of exploitation of energy roof
86 # 299
Impact of kinematic characteristics of grip movement on positions, speeds and accelerations of agrorobot cells
95 # 1911
Peltier module on-line diagnostic system during its operation
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