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102 # 2156
Maintenance of aromatic compounds in dried leaf celery obtained by microwave- vacuum method
104 # 2251
The impact of celery heat treatment parameters on cutting force
107 # 2305
Particle size impact on drying shrinkage during microwave and vacuum drying
18 # 1523
The changes in density and internal structure of celery in the course of dehydration
51 # 1632
The effect of freeze-drying temperature on the rheological properties of root celery
63 # 1352
Consumption of energy per unit in the process of freeze-drying of root celery
67 # 950
Analysis of microwave drying of root celery in conditions of decreased pressure
69 # 850
Effect of variety of root celery on drying kinetics
79 # 117
The influence of microwave vacuum drying of root celery on the selected properties and cutting work
88 # 461
Analysis of celery hardness during drying process
96 # 1967
The effect of drying method on celery rehydration
99 # 2044
The impact of dryling methods and parameters on changes in dried fruit and vegetables colour
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