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10 # 1505
An attempt to formalize the description of microclimate formation system in buildings for cattle
104 # 2247
Technical solutions and operation of appliances in free-position barns, and dairy cattle’s well-being
107 # 2301
Structural system of a building and the risk of thermal stress occurrence for milk cows
114 # 2488
The issues of cattle breeding in cow sheds without thermal insulation
115 # 2548
Expert system for selecting animal keeping technology for use by cattle producers
115 # 2536
Herd parameters in microclimate design process in buildings for cattle
115 # 2549
The impact of farm conditions on the selection of agricultural machinery for cattle production
115 # 2526
Ventilation in cowsheds without thermal insulation
121 # 2743
Selection of technical means used to give feeds in livestock facilities for cattle
123 # 2818
Work productivity in ecological farms specializing in milk production
139 # 3289
Presenting educational materials using images based on examples from multimedia atlas of beef cattle
139 # 3265
Selection of agricultural equipment for the preparation of dairy cattle fodder
146 # 3434
Modern technological and functional solutions used in dairy cows breeding on the example of the selected farms of Łomżyński province
95 # 1927
Noise at work stations of the cattle butchery
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