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102 # 2118
Application of the speckle photography in the carrot roots deformability investigations
103 # 2209
Displacement distributions in mechanical model of carrot roots crosssection
103 # 2210
Izochromtic pattern distributions in carrot root’s crosssection model for different cohesion force between core and bark layer
105 # 2285
The carrot classification by using expert system
107 # 2322
Drying dynamics for potato, carrot and apple cubes in fountain bed conditions
107 # 2294
Efficiency of carrot (Daucus carota L.) seeds cleaning
114 # 2514
The impact of drying method on selected mechanical properties of carrots after rehydration
117 # 2574
Neural classification of images showing dried vegetables
122 # 2782
Analysis of sifting of carrot seeds through sieves of the vibrating screen
125 # 2865
Application of support vector machines and digital image analysis in carrot roots classification
125 # 2878
Impact of the knife sharpening angle on the course of cutting selected root vegetables
129 # 2946
Change in carrot root surface pressure values in function of time for constant initial displacement value
129 # 2948
The impact of dry matter content on the rheological properties of carrot juice
130 # 3007
Determination of the Poisson ratio for carrot roots by means of video extensometer
130 # 3009
Relation of diffusion coefficient of water in carrot dices to the temperature of drying air
134 # 3142
Changes of surface thrusts of carrot roots in the time function at a constant mean value of an initial load
136 # 3183
Influence of multiple loading of carrot root on the value of surface compression
137 # 3212
Minimization of work inputs in the carrot production technology
137 # 3226
Quality changes of carrot which occur during storing
141 # 3330
A method of decreasing energy concumption of the cutting process of the selected food products
148 # 3517
Effect of the ultrasound on the carrot juices freezing process
150 # 3567
Variants of carrot production technology and costs of manual and mechanical works
155 # 3664
Computer image analysis and artificial neuron networks in the qualitative assessment of agricultural products
21 # 484
Analysis of the losses and damages of carrot roots harvested with a Simon single-row harvester
31 # 1683
Use of visional system of view analysis in research process of radicular vegetables cut
33 # 671
Influence of sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation on the yield of carrot (Daucus carota L.) grown in the very light soil
33 # 641
The influence of a Simon harvester's operational parameters on the quality of carrot roots harvesting
60 # 1547
Granulation of carrot seeds
64 # 744
Carrot root cross section displacements under axial compression
64 # 743
Studies on selected mechanical properties of freeze-dried carrot
69 # 845
Changes of structure in plant tissue followed dewatering
69 # 822
Influence of heat treatment on carrot colour parameters
69 # 869
Influence of thermal treatment type on changes in carrot texture
69 # 857
Influence of thermostatic processing on changes in texture of carrot subjected to thermal treatment by different methods
69 # 870
The influence of convective drying technique on chosen dried plant tissue quality determinants
71 # 1422
Effect of convection and freeze drying conditions on the quality of dried carrot roots
71 # 1433
Effect of preliminary ultrasonic treatment on carrot juice extraction process
78 # 62
Comparing the quality of carrot seeds sowing by means of SO11 Alex seeder in laboratory and field conditions
79 # 114
Isochroma pattern picturs of two layer model of carrot root’s cross section depending on core’s shape
79 # 113
Surface pressure for carrot roots under radial compression
80 # 170
Cost analysis of carrot roots production in selected farms
81 # 217
Impact of heat treatment on changes of mechanical properties of carrot
82 # 274
Influence of the method of heat input in carrot drying on the kinetics of the process
82 # 275
Influence of the shape of load element on picture of isochroms in two-layer model of carrot root cross-section
82 # 256
Influence of ultrasound treatment on the proces of moisturisation of dried carrot
82 # 257
Temperature changes of carrot pulp during sonification
93 # 1856
Tests of elastooptic models of carrot root cross-section with different strength properties of bark and core layer
93 # 1834
The energy aspectsof sonification of carrot dried material
99 # 2049
Influence of dried method of the mechanical and acoustic properties of dried carrot
99 # 2063
The impact of harvester technical and operating parameters on selected energy indicators during carrot root harvesting
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