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102 # 2118
Application of the speckle photography in the carrot roots deformability investigations
103 # 2209
Displacement distributions in mechanical model of carrot roots crosssection
103 # 2210
Izochromtic pattern distributions in carrot root’s crosssection model for different cohesion force between core and bark layer
129 # 2946
Change in carrot root surface pressure values in function of time for constant initial displacement value
130 # 3007
Determination of the Poisson ratio for carrot roots by means of video extensometer
134 # 3142
Changes of surface thrusts of carrot roots in the time function at a constant mean value of an initial load
136 # 3183
Influence of multiple loading of carrot root on the value of surface compression
64 # 744
Carrot root cross section displacements under axial compression
69 # 822
Influence of heat treatment on carrot colour parameters
71 # 1422
Effect of convection and freeze drying conditions on the quality of dried carrot roots
71 # 1433
Effect of preliminary ultrasonic treatment on carrot juice extraction process
79 # 114
Isochroma pattern picturs of two layer model of carrot root’s cross section depending on core’s shape
79 # 113
Surface pressure for carrot roots under radial compression
82 # 275
Influence of the shape of load element on picture of isochroms in two-layer model of carrot root cross-section
93 # 1856
Tests of elastooptic models of carrot root cross-section with different strength properties of bark and core layer
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