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131 # 3084
Assessments of bulk density and energy consumption of pellets production in a pellet machine with two-side flat press
136 # 3178
Assessmnet of quality properties of plant biomass pellets
137 # 3214
Evaluation of pellets quality made of the selected plant materials
143 # 3377
Analysis of physical properties of plant biomass briquettes
69 # 865
Influence of hybrid wheat modification on selected physical properties of ground grain
71 # 1409
Effect of the moisture content particle size on the density of loose raw materials of plant origin
77 # 17
Studies of subsoil compaction of loamy soil
77 # 31
The influence of agglomeration conditions in fluid bed on density and porosity granulates
77 # 30
The influence of agglomeration in mechanically generated fluid bed on density and porosity of modeled food powders
99 # 2055
Some environmental and production conditions concerning simplified modes of tillage
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