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10 # 1485
Effectiveness of cleaning buckwheat seeds on a cylindrical slotted sieve
103 # 2221
Assessment of mechanical properties for buckwheat stems - the Kora, Luba and Panda varieties
110 # 2447
Energy evaluation of conventional and ecological buckwheat growing technologies
115 # 2540
Separation efficiency for the mixture of corn seeds and buckwheat nuts in a trieur with pocket pits
126 # 2932
Assessment of the influence of humidity on the basic physical properties of the Luba variety buckwheat seeds
129 # 2973
Assessment of the influence of humidity on basic physical properties of the Luba variety buckwheat seeds
135 # 3150
Morphological and agrophysical factors of buckwheat combine harvesting
136 # 3186
Influence of moisture on the value of some properties of a buckwheat seed of Panda variety
139 # 3299
Selected physical properties of full seeds and seeds without seed cover of kora variety buckwheat and red corolla form
140 # 3320
Selected physical properties of buckwheat in determinate form
16 # 763
Determination of differences in angles of seed falling out form the gap between round bars
16 # 780
Study on physical properties of the flours from various plant materials
16 # 776
Technological factors and physical properties of buckwheat grain in its processing into groats
16 # 761
Testing the composition of loose two-ingredient mixture by using computer image analysis
18 # 1525
Film as the research instrument in evaluation of durability of buckwheat seed
61 # 1168
Analysis of distributions of basic physical features of buckwheat seedand "świrzepa" radish hulls in aspect of modelling of distributive processes
61 # 1179
Estimate energy cut of buckwheat stalks of Hruszowska variety
66 # 1309
Analysis of relationships betwen mass and basic dimensions buckwheat and wild radish segments
67 # 959
Initial evaluation of mechanical properties of buckwheat stalks of Red corolla variety
69 # 830
Application of buckwheat seeds to manufacturing the low-fat fine minced meat products
71 # 1450
Flaking process of buckwheat groats subjected to hydro-thermal steam treatment
71 # 1448
Method to determine the optimum moisture content of buckwheat grain provided to flaking
82 # 239
Physical and functional properties of chosen buckwheat seed preparations as an addition for meat products
82 # 245
The influence of buckwheat supplement on the properties of maize extrudate
83 # 44
An analysis of buckweat seed separation process using trieur bar-type working surfaces
87 # 409
Estimation of cutting energy of buckwheat stalks of Emka variety
95 # 1928
Assessment of mechanical properties of buckwheat stalks of Hruszowska, Luba and Panda varieties
99 # 2022
Mix composition impact on the density and solubility of a maize-buckwheat extrudate
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