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125 # 2870
Modelling of food-processing with the use of artificial neural networks
138 # 3229
Application of 3D scanner for monitoring the food shape on the example of a bread roll
60 # 1572
The comparison in qualitative features selected products which put into the thermal traditional processing and from used convection-steam furnance
60 # 1571
The compassion assessment baker’s worth wheat and rye flour
69 # 847
Mechanical and acoustic properties of Dry cereal products
69 # 848
The control and operation of structure creating process by using helix mixer
70 # 1207
Energetic expenditures in bread production in chosen bakery
71 # 1443
Antiplasticizing effect of water in cereal products
78 # 84
Analysis of acoustic emission generated by flat crispy bread
82 # 231
Changes of parameters of the weight of wheat dough depending on the type of flour and on the time of kneading
82 # 232
The dynamics of coulour changes during thermal working of wheat breadstuff depending on the time of dough kneading
93 # 1829
A sensory assessment of crisp bread texture with varied water activity
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