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103 # 2194
Influence of blanching on the freezdrying of parsley slices
118 # 2640
The impact of blanching and water sorption on the change in density of semi-finished products for chips
126 # 2909
The retention of carothenoids in dried paprika depending on the pretreatment and drying methods and conditions
19 # 1010
Effect of blanching, drying and rehydration on changes in onion dry matter content
31 # 1677
Model of dry substance decreases in process of onion heat treatment
69 # 829
Analysis of temperature distribution depending on the thermal treatment phase of cured meat products and the size of a smoking-blanching chamber
79 # 115
Influence of blanching on the rehydration of freeze-dried radicular parsley
93 # 1811
A variance of individual color discriminants during the apple drying process, depending on the used blanching method
96 # 1967
The effect of drying method on celery rehydration
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