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102 # 2135
Uniformity of mixing biological plant protection agents in a sprayer tank
108 # 2338
Assessment of insecticidal nematoda concentration in working liquid, performed using computer image analysis
108 # 2337
Uniformity of insecticidal nematoda deposition under slotted sprayer
109 # 2379
Using neural networks to count insecticidal nematoda
109 # 2378
Using the labview application to determine the survivability of insecticidal nematoda - biological plant pesticide
110 # 2419
Mixing efficiency for biological plant pesticides in spraying machine tank
118 # 2618
Application of virtual instruments to determine microbiological contamination level of liquid food products
121 # 2753
The impact of bed aeration on the progress of first composting process phase
123 # 2833
Impact of additives and aeration on the dynamics of the composting process
16 # 777
Effect of pre-sowing seed treatment with magnetic field on the yields of sugar beets, Kalwia and Polko cultivars
36 # 1076
Biotechnical consolidation of the Dobka stream as an element of technical rural infrastructure
45 Tom II # 1139
Operation of biotechnical consolidation of the Porębianka stream
8 # 1023
Mathematical model of seed germination process
81 # 208
Assessment of sugar beet varieties cultivated in the Czech Republic
82 # 269
Packing process for chosen diary products as a critical control point
88 # 416
Assessment of survivalness of plant protective biological agents: nematodes - Steinernema feltiae sprayed by means of hydraulic nozzle
91 # 1741
Mortality of nematodes in hydraulic cyrculation of sprayer
95 # 1931
Damages of seeds of the coarse and fine grained lentil caused by the forage harvester
96 # 1937
Thermal effects in spraying machine in the aspect of application of biological plant pesticides
99 # 2020
Concentration of biological plant protection agents in wheelbarrow sprayers
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