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138 # 3232
Selection of parameters of restructured bovine steaks breaking
139 # 3289
Presenting educational materials using images based on examples from multimedia atlas of beef cattle
141 # 3353
Analysis of possibilities of using spectometry in near infrared NIR) as a method of determination of the basic composition of beef
141 # 3327
Comparative analysis of colour components of beef striploin depending on various methods of thermal treatment
141 # 3339
The use of computer image analysis in the evaluation of selected beef quality features
148 # 3528
Analysis of the components of colour of beef inside after thermal treatment conducted using various methods
16 # 782
Energetic characteristics of beef steak thermal processing
16 # 758
Kinetics of sodium chloride diffusion in the process of pickling beef depending on its ph value
16 # 775
Using of calcium ions to improve culinary tenderness of beef
33 # 631
The attempt of accuracy estimate of thawing time prediction for lean beef
45 Tom II # 1141
Energetistic outlays in initial operations of transformation of meat
60 # 1541
The influence of animal sex changes of impedance and ph of beef stimulated at the time of cold storage
69 # 831
Physicochemical properties of muscular tissue after sonification
82 # 277
Influence of meat sonification on the dynamics of water loss in the liofilization process
82 # 263
Water retention in gels of sonified beef homogenates
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