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102 # 2159
Effect of wheel track depth and air pressure in tyres on tractor wheel loads on the soil
103 # 2173
Using the EU aid resources for farm modernisation
104 # 2237
Possession and use of selected technical means of production on fruitgrowing farms depending on area of arable land
107 # 2328
Arable land resources and agricultural machinery possession in farms versus agricultural production intensity level
107 # 2325
The effect of delayed impact of selected rural area environment elements on multifunctional development level
120 # 2721
Analysis of limited deleterious substances (pollutants) production by mobile energy sources in agriculture
122 # 2795
Preliminary evaluation of development of semisubsistence farms in years 2005-2008
123 # 2810
Growth of additional business activity in farms in the EU
126 # 2929
Possession of technical equipment by selected farms benefitting from the European Union funds
134 # 3116
Influence of some factors on age of tractors and farm machines in the selected farms of the middle-Eastern Poland
139 # 3271
Condition and use of a machinery park in ecological farms of a varied area and structure of arable lands
139 # 3279
Progress and effectiveness in relation to the size of farms and production orientation in agricultural farms of Małopolskie Region
140 # 3315
Level of equipment with the machinery park and activities related to supporting ecological farms with the EU funds
146 # 3446
Level and forms of financing technical investments in the selected agricultural farms
148 # 3519
Determination of rut parameters at various levels of slip of a pneumatic drive wheel – laboratory research
148 # 3526
Parity family income in family farms of diverse areas
150 # 3575
Dependance of energy inputs on area and economic size of family farms
152 # 3626
Efficiency in the use of agricultural technique
18 # 1537
Application of computer image analysis in measurements of agricultural wheels deformation parameters
18 # 1534
Damaging process of wheat grain under mechanical multiple impact
18 # 1536
Measurement of geometrical parameters of spruce seedlings needles by using video-computer technique
28 # 1613
he influence of technical infrastructure on the possibility of appoint new building areas
28 # 1603
Planning, programming and designing of sewage systems in rural areas
28 # 1584
Space typology of rural areas in the Małopolska province considering the infrastructure diversification
28 # 1588
Tourist facilities as element formalizing the environment of protected areas
36 # 1078
Agrotourism in tasks of common agricultural politics in EU
36 # 1080
Conditionings of initiative on areas covered by legal forms of protection (on example of the Bieszczady district)
36 # 1043
Current state of technical infrastructure in counties of the Małopolska and Podkarpacie provinces regarding the unemploymnet level
36 # 1067
Experimential analysis of stresses in the subgrade on the country-area
36 # 1053
Statistical evaluation of the changes of the rural areas inner structure in Małopolska province in voivodpoint of technical infrastructure in 1995-2000
36 # 1064
Utilisation of renevable energy resources in agricultural communes
41 # 552
An attempt to estimate the multifunctional development of rural areas within the Cracov region
41 # 548
Environmental hazard and rural areas management
41 # 565
Spatial differentiation of natural an social & economic conditions utilized to meet the needs of tourism in the Myszków district
41 # 573
The community funds of environment protection as a source of financing ecological village terrain areas infrastructure
41 # 551
The condition of technical infrastructure and management of grounds in the area of motorway influence
41 # 570
The insurance of financial sources of investments in ecological infrastructure
41 # 553
The main problems of agrotourism development on rural areas in the Kielce region
45 Tom I # 1106
Ecological, legal and planning problems of afforestation in the rural areas
45 Tom I # 1083
The civilian progress of the Małopolska village - the preferences and expectations of their young inhabitants
45 Tom I # 1112
The connection between technical infrastructure and development of spatial planning in rural areas
45 Tom I # 1084
Transformation in agriculture and agricultural engineering as well as in manegement of rural areas
45 Tom II # 1147
Analysis of economic rural development considering the level of technical infrastructure development
45 Tom II # 1134
Multifunctional rural development in market offer
45 Tom II # 1133
Optimization of rural areas ecological infrastructure in Ukrainian-Poland frontier region in theoretical aspects
45 Tom II # 1154
Technical infrastructure and socio-economic development of rural areas
45 Tom II # 1142
The influence of the preliminary sprinkling bed on the mountain house-hold wastewater treatment plant efficiency
45 Tom II # 1127
The multipartite-notch drop structures used for river training in mountains municipalities
51 # 1624
Influence of seed shape upon the contact area value
56 # 525
Actual situation and perspectives of electric energy management in the country
56 # 530
Equipment of polish agriculture with technical means of production - actual state and prognosis of development until 2020
56 # 529
Farm sewage treatment procedure designed by IBMER for rural regions of scattered farm localization
56 # 531
Formation of the future model of agricultural engineering
56 # 526
Present state and development perspectives of the sewerage network on rural areas
56 # 518
Threats to natural environment on rural areas in aspect of technical infrastructure development rate
56 # 517
Transformation direction Of technical infrastructure on rural areas in relation to the EU standards and regulations
64 # 730
Effect of tractor tyre technical parameters and ground rigidity on the wheel ground contact area
66 # 1303
Dependences between geometrical features of cereal grains
66 # 1296
Various aspects of planting basket willow in mountain conditions
67 # 916
Arable area of farms vs. operational and economic indices of the stock of machines
68 # 1397
Analytical method dealing with underground water protection on rural areas as required by the Spatial Information System
70 # 1214
Analysis of internal structure changes during parsley convection drying
78 # 65
Energy expenditure and production specialization and the farm size
86 # 334
Factors of multifunctional development of rural areas on the example of świętokrzyskie province
87 # 384
Engineering equipment and work efficiency in selected farms
88 # 436
Effect of owner's age on power installed in the farmsteads
90 # 1791
The modern technology of the wireless networks WiMAX - IEEE 802.16 in the development of agricultural areas in the local and regional dimension
91 # 1738
Barriers and benefits at to apply for The European Union Funds from SPO WKP for business on pro-environmental investment
91 # 1742
Effectiveness of herbicides selectivity applied in maize monoculture with of leaf area index (LAI) and mean tip angle (MTA)
93 # 1844
The influence of lowered pressure on strength properties of corn seedsafter hydrothermal treatment
94 # 1882
Analysis of structural fund uses in selected agricultural farms
95 # 1922
Biofuels – EU requirements, needs andreal possibilities of production
96 # 1964
Functional classification of rural areas of the swiętokrzyskie province
96 # 1940
Method used to measure contact area between seeds
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