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105 # 2264
Using artificial neural networks to assess apples ripeness degree
109 # 2408
Adaptive control for selected class of agricultural engineering processes
111 # 2465
Changes in internal structure of apple tissue dried using the convection process,induced by osmotic dehydration
111 # 2470
The effect of storage time and conditions on selected mechanical properties of apples
117 # 2600
Computer model of microclimate control system in apple storehouse
130 # 2995
The influence of storehouse microclimate on the qualitative and quantitative indicators as well as on certain features of apples
134 # 3149
Spectroscopy method of evaluation of the influence of permanent and low-frequency magnetic fields applied during the increase and ripening on the balance of glucose and fructose of selected apple varieties
138 # 3245
Dynamics of changes of the selected textural properties of apples during secondary storing
138 # 3246
Impact of time and storing conditions of the selected varieties of apples on the efficiency of pressing
138 # 3235
Thermal quarantine of stored apples and its influence on changes in mechanical properties of fruit flesh
146 # 3445
An attempt to determine surface pressures of apples in the single box in the aspect of its usefulness for transport and storage
146 # 3458
Assessment of possibility of using microwaves for heating spouted bed during drying apples
147 # 3503
Fleshpumkin drying in spouted bed using apple’s residues as a porous carrier
16 # 773
Effect of storage duration under increased temperature on strength features of the apples
16 # 783
Experimental studies on infrared radiation drying of apples
51 # 1626
Modelling processed in apple storage facility
60 # 1556
Influence of selected parameters of osmotic dehydration on inner structure of dride tissue on example apples
62 # 697
Effect of the apple chips shape on drying time in the condition of forced convection
71 # 1427
Determination of starch index in the apples by using of computer image analysis
71 # 1430
Diffusivity of osmotic-convection dried plant tissue
71 # 1439
Impregnation of the apples in order to getting food enriched with vitamin C
71 # 1414
Sample size in experiment determinming elasticity modulus of the apple flesh
77 # 35
Vacuum-microwave drying of apples in the low preassure conditions
82 # 250
A computer analysis of pictures in assessment of starch disintegration during apple ripening
82 # 252
Mechanical properties of intermediate moisture dried apples
93 # 1811
A variance of individual color discriminants during the apple drying process, depending on the used blanching method
93 # 1818
An application of selected methods of image analysis during the observation of starch decomposition in apples
93 # 1862
Changes in apple color during the convection drying process
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