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106 # 2227
Simulation of agriculture machine dynamic behavior including stability criterion for motion safety needs
125 # 2862
Self-regenerating engineering materials – review in terms of applications in agriculture
136 # 3160
A loyality programme as a modern method of the management of distribution logistics of tractors and agricultural machines spare parts
137 # 3197
Hybrid drive for agricultural vehicles
137 # 3224
Modelling method of the maintenance service set of agricultural machines and devices
147 # 3509
Terminology in agricultural engineering in the second decade of the XXI century
21 # 501
Diagnostic evaluation of technical condition of the electronic injection systems in the engines of spark ignition
21 # 476
Study on determining critical points in new and repaired technological objects
52 # 789
Possibilities of processing and using wind energy in polish agriculture
66 # 1310
Chosen aspects of shared utilization of machines
68 # 1372
Information systems for the enterprises of technical farm service
80 # 162
Usefulness of machines for sharing in agriculture
87 # 348
The use of the thermovision in field reliability tests of agricultural machines
90 # 1771
Determining the value of basic technical parameters for modern harvester combines with the use of ANN
91 # 1743
Settings of front-mounted plough bodies and their effect on functional efficiency
99 # 2029
Swing plough body working draft and quality of work
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