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102 # 2130
Effects of soil den sity and composition on the assessment of its compactness
102 # 2152
New solutions concerning the construction of teat gums
104 # 2250
The concept for assessing biomass energy potential on the example of a selected borough in Opolskie Voivodeship
104 # 2251
The impact of celery heat treatment parameters on cutting force
108 # 2369
Determination of temperature impact on dynamic viscosity of plant biofuels
110 # 2453
Assessment of cow dung removal and storage in the aspect of employed solutions and equipment on the example of cowsheds in Pomorze Zachodnie region
111 # 2467
Thawing of strawberries using the vacuum-steam method
111 # 2468
The impact of raw material composition on textural haracteristics of milk chocolates
113 # 2373
Innovative method for identifying selected qualitative characteristics of seeds using image analysis and artificial neural networks (ANN)
114 # 2520
Determining rheological properties of diesel fuel and biofuels obtained from false flax (Camelina sativa)
117 # 2598
Neural analysis of acoustic signal spectrum during determination of seed physical properties
118 # 2646
Determination of fractional composition for agricultural biofuels containing the CSME biocomponent
118 # 2647
Using gas chromatography to evaluate the RME and CSME agricultural biofuels as regards content of fatty acid esters
120 # 2710
Energy and technological analysis for a greenhouse
121 # 2732
Method allowing to assess technical and constructional modernity of farm tractors with the use of Artificial Neural Networks. Part III: Method application examples
121 # 2755
Using classification trees in the analysis of italian broccoli sensory characteristics after heat treatment
125 # 2858
Critical evaluation of the possibility of adapting the LCA method for the raw materials production in agriculture
126 # 2931
Energy consumption of commercial production technology for french bean pods
130 # 2975
Analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of scientific work
133 # 3046
Comparative assessment of New Holland CS 6070 combine harvester with Bizon Rekord Z-058 combine
134 # 3131
Assessment of the selected lawnmowers and garden strimmers
134 # 3123
Instrumental and sensory analysis of hardness and plasticity of dried yellow melon
136 # 3154
Selection of criteria of the quality assessment of agricultural machines with the method of features correlation
138 # 3239
Influence of saccharin additive on physical properties of sponge-fat dough
146 # 3433
Assessment indices of barns with a varied maintenance system of dairy cows
148 # 3520
Assessment of operation efficiency of the selected transport means in the farms of Southern Poland
151 # 3579
Determination of the environmental impact of a new biomass logistics chain
151 # 3581
Orchards biomass for energy purposes: an approach for the assessment of the impact on society
154 # 3662
Lean Manufacturing tools implementation and its impact on the company’s operation improvement
33 # 688
Identification of assesment criteria of removing and storing manure in the aspect of environment protection requirements
36 # 1065
Initial assessment of new technologies in flood embankment modernisation
60 # 1553
Assessment of consumption quality of potato bulbs being in storage
60 # 1554
Quality of dried potatoes using different blanching techniques
70 # 1219
The analysis of greenhouse facility production usability
70 # 1218
Theoretical grounds for usability assessment for greenhouse facilities used in production
71 # 1413
Assessment of the working stands of computer operators
71 # 1463
Effect of thermal treatment in a combi-cooker on sensory properties of the parsley and parsnip
71 # 1470
Sensory assessment of the bars produced of processed cereal grains
74 # 1243
Computer aided test of environmental burden of agricultural machinery by LCA method
78 # 87
Comparison testing of the cob_pickers BOURGOIN JDL 410D and BOUR-GOIN GX406A
80 # 173
Utilization of computer image analysis method in the assessment of the state of leaf on the example of norway maple (Acer platanoide.)
82 # 265
Influence of heat treatment on chosen physical properties of garbanzo beans
82 # 237
Normal wear of convection-cum-vapour furnaces
82 # 261
Texture parametrs of non-glutene sponge cake with addition of chosen raising agents
88 # 439
Criteria for selecting farm produce users in farmsteads with multiprofile production
93 # 1839
The influence of raising agent on selected texture properties of semi-flaky pastry
96 # 1964
Functional classification of rural areas of the swiętokrzyskie province
99 # 2050
The future of agricultural engineering as a science and educational direction
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