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10 # 1500
Analysis of farm machine market on an example of Miechów commune
10 # 1490
Investigation of mechanization services in Dobczyce
100 # 2103
Attempt to evaluate the sustainability of agricultural production processes
104 # 2232
Destruction process of elastomer leak stoppers used in engines in contact with RME biofuel
104 # 2234
Effectiveness of searching out the information relating to agriculture engineering in the internet
107 # 2298
Comparison of methods applied to acquire information concerning agricultural machinery in farms in Małopolskie Voivodship
107 # 2304
Selected physical, chemical and functional properties of fatty acid methyl esters of rape-seed oil as the engine fuel
107 # 2297
The demand for computer applications in agriculture on the example of farms in Małopolskie Voivodship
108 # 2369
Determination of temperature impact on dynamic viscosity of plant biofuels
108 # 2357
Work and soil productivity in selected boroughs of Małopolskie Voivodship
114 # 2493
Ageing processes of rape-seed oil fatty acid methyl esters
114 # 2485
Energy parameters and the ecological aspect of engine powering by mineral fuel derived from vegetables
115 # 2544
Assessment of the technology involving biogas production from municipal wastes on the example of “Hajdów” sewage treatment plant
118 # 2647
Using gas chromatography to evaluate the RME and CSME agricultural biofuels as regards content of fatty acid esters
119 # 2661
Information affecting the decision concerning the purchase of engineering equipment in farms in Małopolskie Voivodship
121 # 2730
Information and machine stock management in selected farms in Małopolska Region
122 # 2795
Preliminary evaluation of development of semisubsistence farms in years 2005-2008
122 # 2763
Use of information sources in farms of the Małopolska region with various sorts of production
132 # 3106
An analysis of biogas production from grass silage as dependent upon feed quality
132 # 3105
Effect of inhibitors used in livestock production on fermentate quality and biogas production
134 # 3116
Influence of some factors on age of tractors and farm machines in the selected farms of the middle-Eastern Poland
134 # 3132
Modelling the course of anaerobic digestion process based on basic factors, which control the process
136 # 3175
A farmer\'s education in comparison to an index of educational and technical development and an efficiency index of development
136 # 3174
Characteristic of the selected agricultural producer's properties in examining scientific and technological development
140 # 3313
Biogas yield from sorghum bicolor of Biomass 140 variety
140 # 3308
Potential of using renewable energy sources and plans for future in ecological farms in farmers'opinions
140 # 3306
Quantitative and qualitative analysis of new energy maize cultivars for anaerobic fermentation
145 # 3420
State of knowledge concerning modelling of anaerobic fermentation processes
147 # 3499
Potential of biogas yield from sorghum bicolor (Sorghum bicolor) of ród J1052 cultivar
151 # 3594
Impact of organic additives on biogas efficiency of sewage sludge
154 # 3649
Evaluation of the impact of digestate formed during biogas production on the content of heavy metals in soil
154 # 3657
Optimization of structural and technological parameters of a fermentor for feed heating
51 # 1644
Potato agricultural technology leyer eyelauation in Ksiaz Wielki commune
52 # 797
The number of members in a collective group in a case of collective utilization of agricultural machines in the opinion of farmers
70 # 1227
Mechanization of production in a ground nurseries of mycorrhizae seedlings for afforestation of former farmlands
71 # 1445
Dynamic of concentration drying process of Parmezan type hard cheese for flavouring purpose
81 # 220
Comparative assessment of fuel consumption by tractor engine fed with rapeseed biofuel and diesel fuel
84 # 45
Decision Support System for farm enterprises
87 # 381
Farmers’ cooperation in agricultural work mechanization
87 # 353
Kinematic viscosity of bio-fuel and glycerine phase
88 # 436
Effect of owner's age on power installed in the farmsteads
88 # 437
Function relations between farmers age and life of tractors used in the farmstead
93 # 1853
A comparative assessment of baking value of wheat flour and german wheat flour
93 # 1817
A comparison of air temperature and humidity distributionin fermentation-ripening chambers
93 # 1851
The stability of structural qualities of milky fermented beverages
99 # 2062
Work safety tests of sliding assosiations of type steel – aluminium lubricated with diesel oil with added RME
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