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1 # 963
Changes of the parameters controlling fuel supply system in a tractor engine and their effect on the concentration of toxic components in exhaust gases at field operation
1 # 974
Course of sheep machine milking as affected by the type of milking unit
1 # 978
Pneumatic separation as a possibility of improving quality of artificially dried, chopped clover
1 # 966
Preliminary design of a device for continuous diagnostics of fuel supplying system in tractor engines
1 # 980
The structures of land utilization and agricultural crops versus technical equipment of the farms
1 # 965
Wear of tractor injection system and its effect on exhaust gases toxicity at selected field operations
10 # 1491
A method of designing machine set for crop production
10 # 1501
Effect of stream pressure on thermal disinfection process of horticultural substrate
10 # 1485
Effectiveness of cleaning buckwheat seeds on a cylindrical slotted sieve
10 # 1484
Laboratory studies on separation of catch weed seeds from the mixture with rape seeds on a belt separator
10 # 1509
Milk outflows from a cow teat at different vacuum level
10 # 1492
Reproductive value of machinery park and costs of mechanization of family farms
100 # 2089
Constructional and operational guidelines for systems using a heat pump to heat horticultural objects
100 # 2105
Income sources and the level of farm mechanization
100 # 2073
Methods applied to determine indoor temperature in buildings for livestock
102 # 2129
Comparative analysis of functionality and usability of selected types of milking apparatuses in the case of simultaneous and alternating milking
102 # 2158
Functional analysis of the new quarter milking cluster
102 # 2166
Process equilibrium conditions of grain mass cleaning on the shutter sieve operating surface
102 # 2140
Study of the pressure parameters in selected modern milking apparatuses
102 # 2141
The effects of the pulsation system and collector capacity on pressure parameters in the under-teat chamber
103 # 2182
Analysis regarding dynamic parameters of pulsators in the conditions of simulated mechanical milking
103 # 2194
Influence of blanching on the freezdrying of parsley slices
103 # 2211
Preliminary analysis of photosynthetic active radiation in the area of the training and research centre in Ostoja
103 # 2219
The effect of connection milk claw with teat liner on the milking parameters
103 # 2208
The impact of convection drying on selected mechanical and rheological properties of parsley root
103 # 2216
The impact of kinematic parameters of the shaking mechanism in the widepitch conveyor on the separation process efficiency
103 # 2223
The impact of working parameters of multifunctional cultivation and maintenance tool on service loads
104 # 2253
The amount of agriculture information sources compared to farm possession of technical means of production
104 # 2256
The use of machine stock production capacity at selected fruit-growing farms
105 # 2286
Computer program for the determination of the traction parameters of the drive wheels
105 # 2288
Microprocessor recording of temperature in the convector steam oven
105 # 2266
Modelling of ecological threats during renovation of agricultural machinery elements
107 # 2328
Arable land resources and agricultural machinery possession in farms versus agricultural production intensity level
107 # 2300
Indexes that characterise farm tractors suitability for operation in mountainous terrains
107 # 2330
The impact of humidity on grain loss and damage during combine harvesting of crops
108 # 2356
Comparison of geometric parameters for two-segment pin sowing units
108 # 2367
Design parameters of a roller-type potato cleaning separator
109 # 2409
Laser interferometer use in measurements of geometrical sizes and constructional agricultural machines
109 # 2391
The impact of potato plantation irrigation on selected physical attributes of tubers which are significant in crop separation and sorting process
110 # 2443
Analysis of winter rape production depending on technology employed to prepare soil for sowing
110 # 2432
Commodity production and trends of changes in technical equipment possessed by developing farms
110 # 2449
Economic life-span of farms versus possession of engineering means of production
111 # 2474
Change in selected geometrical characteristics of barley flakes due to different hydrothermal treatments
111 # 2467
Thawing of strawberries using the vacuum-steam method
111 # 2463
The effect of grinding parameters on particle size of cellulose
111 # 2471
The influence of concentration process parameters on apple juice concentrate quality
114 # 2504
Analysis of pressure conditions in a milking machine using teat rubbers with different cross-sections in stem sections
114 # 2503
Automatic valuation of the spraying quality on the basis of drops traces using the computer image analysis
114 # 2485
Energy parameters and the ecological aspect of engine powering by mineral fuel derived from vegetables
115 # 2561
Operation quality analysis for potato cleaning roller separator
115 # 2540
Separation efficiency for the mixture of corn seeds and buckwheat nuts in a trieur with pocket pits
115 # 2565
The system for controlling factors determining growth of plants in a greenhouse
115 # 2527
Using regression model to predict technical condition of plough swivel mechanism
115 # 2546
Using the RRSB model to predict separation of mixture used for production of pellets and briquettes
116 # 2372
Separation efficiency for mixture of rape and cleavers seeds in a separator with looped belt
117 # 2578
Assessment of energy parameters for John Deere 6820 farm tractor carried out using on-board diagnostics
117 # 2570
Distribution of demand for service surveys of farm tractors in the aspect of agrotechnical dates
117 # 2601
Economic viability level for farms in Poland
117 # 2591
Means of work costs and production process balance level for farms
117 # 2590
Scale effectiveness in farms with mechanised work process
117 # 2603
The impact of tractor engine injection system wear on exhaust gas temperature in field conditions
118 # 2607
Diagnostic process for force hydraulics system in plough rotation mechanism
118 # 2643
Management conditions in selected farms located in Małopolskie Voivodship with favourable agrarian structure
118 # 2634
Using PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) photosynthesis sensor in the system for additional feeding of plants in greenhouses
119 # 2684
Geometric parameters of modern teat rubbers during interaction with teat
119 # 2689
Interpretation of test results for one-axial soil compaction
119 # 2680
Microprocessor control system for the pulsation of machined cow milking
119 # 2685
The impact of teat rubber core part on teat massage intensity
119 # 2682
The structure of tractors in the examined farms according to engine horsepower
120 # 2715
Acquisition of agricultural information and the amount of European Union funds used by farms for technical investments
120 # 2712
Cutting dried parsley root using various methods
120 # 2720
Testing a cylinder cleaning separator in process mixture separation conditions during potato tuber sorting process
120 # 2724
The impact of teat rubber core part cross-section on progress of cow milking process
120 # 2694
Vacuum fluctuations in milking apparatuses possessing teat rubbers with square, triangular or oval core section profiles
121 # 2754
The EU subsidies and machine stock modernisation in the aspect of farm type
121 # 2752
The impact of the size of shredded wheat particles on compac-tion process parameters
122 # 2791
Development of visualisation systems in the automation of milking of cows
122 # 2778
Impact of humidity on physical and geometrical properties of slavic varieties of rye grains
122 # 2777
Impact of the course of mechanical milking of cows on the content of body cells in milk with the variable tension strength of teat rubbers in the teat cup
122 # 2794
Proposals for the modernisation of control systems being used in mushroom-growing cellars
122 # 2785
Provision of technical equipment to orchard producers group
123 # 2800
Selection and hierarchisation of quality parameters for cereal and beet harvesting machines
123 # 2836
Technical equipment vs. the use of technical production services in selected farms of the Miechów county
123 # 2817
Technical infrastructure of farms vs. efficiency of milk production in mountainous areas
125 # 2886
Decision support system for domesticated plants protection
125 # 2868
Replacement value of machinery vs. the amount of subsidy from the european union
125 # 2884
Technical services and production services in selected farms of the Miechów county
126 # 2906
Agricultural equipment possession assessment for selected farms specialised in milk production
126 # 2925
Analysis of the impact of drying methods on essential oils contents in dried parsley leaves
126 # 2902
Comparison of statistical methods employed to examine the impact of nitrogen fertilisation on strength characteristics of rye grain
126 # 2926
The influence of pine and poplar wood chips humidity on briquetting parameters
129 # 2945
Automatic control of the independent milking machine
129 # 2944
Collector of an independent milking machine
129 # 2957
Longitudinal parallelism of wheat seed sowing using a seeder with disk coulters
129 # 2948
The impact of dry matter content on the rheological properties of carrot juice
129 # 2965
The impact of drying method on dried parsley rehydration ability
129 # 2940
The impact of pressure exerted by the grain mass stored in a silo on changes in geometrical parameters of wheat
129 # 2967
The impact of spraying parameters on sprayed objects coverage degree for a selected double stream atomiser
129 # 2970
The impact of threshing units on maize kernel separation rates and losses
130 # 2977
Analysis of distribution of microbiological preparation in bales of moist hay formed in round baler
130 # 2979
Attempt to separate pea seeds of low germination ability from the sowing material
130 # 2980
Evaluation of the process of active regeneration of DPF system of a delivery vehicle
131 # 3088
Analysis of aerodynamic properties of common fir and common beech
131 # 3081
Influence of mixed sowing of yellow lupine with gymnosperm barley on the selected physical properties of seeds
132 # 3098
Dependencies of elasticity changes and geometric parameters on tension force of teat rubbers used for milking
132 # 3107
Quality assessment for briquettes made of biomass from maple [Acer Negundo L.] and black locust [ Robinia Pseudoacacia L.]
132 # 3103
The concept of a mechanical device to obtain milk from sows
133 # 3053
"Fuzzy logic" functional block in the PLC control of the autonoumous milking unit
133 # 3043
Analysis of adjustment of modern teat gums to the size of cow teats
133 # 3051
Analysis of the machinery park infrastructure of farms united in a producers' group oriented on milk production
133 # 3046
Comparative assessment of New Holland CS 6070 combine harvester with Bizon Rekord Z-058 combine
133 # 3054
Influence of disturbance in vacuum installation of milking machine on the parameters of selected pulsators
133 # 3048
Influence of selected control quality index on milking parameters in milking units in a milk piepeline
133 # 3024
Influence of soil moisture on its compaction by a tractor wheel
133 # 3027
Optimisation of technical infrastructure of the selected farms with the use of OTR-7 programme
133 # 3042
Oscillation of negative pressure in milking units with the lowered system negative pressure in herringbone milking parlours
133 # 3038
The concept of a two-chamber autonomous claw of the milking unit
134 # 3146
Assessment of degree of coverage of surfaces sprayed with an asymetrical double-stream sprayer
134 # 3138
Methodological and technical aspects of a laboratory research of a sensor for dynamic measurement of soil moisture
135 # 3150
Morphological and agrophysical factors of buckwheat combine harvesting
136 # 3160
A loyality programme as a modern method of the management of distribution logistics of tractors and agricultural machines spare parts
136 # 3173
Analysis of the course of an automatic dosing process of the chosen poultry fodder ingredients in industrial conditions
136 # 3185
Comparative analysis of measuring methods of milk flow in a column of an autonomous milking machine
136 # 3184
Comparison of a coverage degree of facilities sprayed with the selected air induction sprayer – one and two–stream sprayers
136 # 3167
Modelling of milk flow in a column of the collector of an autonomous milking unit for cows
137 # 3216
1-Wire bus as the core of the measuring apparatus studies of heat and mass flow in the bioreactor
137 # 3210
Analysis of the course of a dosing process of the fodder elements
137 # 3222
The communication system of the control-measuring system in an autonomous milking unit
138 # 3238
Computer-aided process design of evaporation station
138 # 3254
Fluid flow simulation in a whirlpool tank of multi-point inflow
138 # 3255
Mechanical properties of thermal treated corn grains
140 # 3304
Assessment of potato tuber parenchyma of seed-potatoes irradiated with microwaves
140 # 3315
Level of equipment with the machinery park and activities related to supporting ecological farms with the EU funds
141 # 3335
A concept of construction of the stand for testing compressed air parameters
141 # 3342
Analysis of demand for spare parts on the example of the selected food enterprise
141 # 3341
Effect of rheological properties of the selected food liquids on the mixing power with the use of various mixers
141 # 3332
Evaluation of contaminations occurring after a mechanical collection of ground cover
141 # 3348
Impact of the fineness degree of high-fibre preparation on rheological properties of wheat dough
141 # 3347
Production of sodium caseinate solution with the use of a stator-rotor stirrer in a laboratory mixer without partitions
141 # 3321
Selected parameters of controlling a multi-degree evaporator for production of fruit juice concentrate
143 # 3366
Operational effectiveness of engine fed with the rape seed oil
145 # 3393
Comparative analysis of the selected processes of the technical service of agricultural machines
145 # 3398
The influence of mechatronic starting knotters actuating mechanism on parameters and quality of work of the wicker harvesting machine
146 # 3453
A method of computer aid for calculating pressure parameters of mechanical milking and pressures that massage a teat
146 # 3470
Fuzzy logic in the regulation of the absolute pressure supplying an autonomous milking unit
146 # 3465
Resistance of the selected milking machines to oscillation of negative pressure in the pipe milking machine installation
147 # 3500
Amplitude of disturbance of the system under pressure in the pipeline milking machine and its impact on the parameters of operation of milking apparatuses of the selected makes
147 # 3508
Analysis and modelling of under pressure oscillations in the milking apparatus in relation to the volume changes of the milk chamber of a collector
147 # 3506
Analysis of wheat straw pelleting process and the legitimacy of adding bran on the example of the selected production establishment
147 # 3491
Stability of negative pressure in IQ i Classic 300 milking apparatuses during simulation of mechanical milking
148 # 3526
Parity family income in family farms of diverse areas
149 # 3540
Determination of the possibility of selecting pea seeds designated for sowing with the use of differences in external friction coefficients
149 # 3532
Interdependence between germination ability and the selected properties of parsnip seeds (Pastinaca sativa L.)
149 # 3535
Optimization of the shape of the claw of milking machine cluster using software for flow simulation
149 # 3552
Spray application quality as affected by spray volume, nozzles and phenological growth stage of apples
150 # 3563
Operating costs and the use of manufacturing capacities of the machinery park in organic farms
150 # 3561
Variability and mutual correlation of the selected physical properties of pumpkin seed (Cucurbita pepo L.)
151 # 3599
Flax seed separation with vibrating screens
151 # 3580
Internet market of spare parts for agricultural machines
152 # 3610
The influence of nozzle configuration in orchard sprayers on the vertical distribution of spray
154 # 3654
Purification and sorting of dry cornflower petals mixture in a horizontal air stream
154 # 3660
Stabilization of suction pressure in the conceptual milking unit
155 # 3670
Effect of the peppermint (Mentha piperita L.) compaction process on the content of essential oils
155 # 3671
Increase of seed cleaning efficiency by better use of air stream properties
16 # 763
Determination of differences in angles of seed falling out form the gap between round bars
16 # 769
Effect of material temperature on densification parameters of leguminous seeds
16 # 756
Effect of Moisture content on Adhesive properties of Galium apararine L. seeds
16 # 754
Methods to determine basic rheological properties of thixotropic fluids
18 # 1534
Damaging process of wheat grain under mechanical multiple impact
19 # 1009
Changes of some parameters of the heated air flowing out from perforated duct
19 # 1011
Costs and eftectiveness of mechanization on the farms of vegetabie produetion of various intensity
19 # 1016
Effect of multi-layer partition structure on the phenomenon of water vapour condensation in external wall of a livestock building
19 # 994
Possibilities of calibrating an electro-kinetic splash metering device
19 # 1012
Selection of concentrate feed mixers for feeding pigs
21 # 469
Costs of mechanization on selected family farms
21 # 479
Effect of the thickness of heat insulating layer on formation of water vapour condensation plane in external wall a livestock building
21 # 511
Fuel consumption by tractor-machine sets depending on the level of precison pair wear in fuel supply system
21 # 508
Improving the method to determine the load of potato harvesting machines
21 # 513
Influence of french bean plant characteristics on selected indices of pod harvesting quality
21 # 493
Milk flow rate in the goat milking machines as affected by the parameters of milking machine operation
21 # 480
Occurence of water vapour condensation plane in external wall of a livestock building
21 # 486
Parameters of machine milking as affected by the quantity of air sucked in around the teat
21 # 491
Process of soil separation on the chain web
21 # 514
Stability of vacuum pressure in a milking machine as affected by liquid filling of the milking piping
28 # 1591
Technical infrastructure and the recreational function of rural areas
3 # 1700
Comparative evaluation of the processes of agro-biological materials compaction
3 # 1713
New solutions in technique and technology of harvesting cereal grains
3 # 1709
Physiological aspects of calculating heat used for water evaporation in the rooms for broiler chickens
31 # 1665
Aid of management of quality of exploitation of technical objects working in agriculture
31 # 1674
Application of computer technology to measuring and calculating vacuum and flow milking parameters - AKW system and GrafAKW program
33 # 628
Analysis of chosen construction parameters of earth moving machines - the front bulldozers case
33 # 645
Analysis of milking parameters for difference tension force of iiners
33 # 692
Errors in calculation of selected parameters of air treated as a drying agent using humidity meter with a psychometric sensor
33 # 627
Qualitative analysis of bacteria in hay collected by a rolling press with addition of microbiologic preparation Inoculant 1155
33 # 689
The effect of the milking unit on duration time basie phase milking cows
35 # 896
Classification of rapid measuring impulses
36 # 1053
Statistical evaluation of the changes of the rural areas inner structure in Małopolska province in voivodpoint of technical infrastructure in 1995-2000
45 Tom I # 1116
Attempt at an assessment of assistant policy for rural infrastructure development in the eve of integration with the European Union
51 # 1650
An energetic analisys of storage of head excess ouring heating of a foil tunnel
53 # 593
Computer image analysis in drying shrinkage determination
53 # 603
Film as instrument in seeds elasticity research
53 # 602
Shape as a separation properties of seeds
53 # 590
System of monitoring environmental parameters in a plastic tunnel
53 # 577
The influence of a soil type on certain parameters of Irg and Baszt potato varieties
53 # 588
Use of the computer measuring card in the study in traction parameters of deformable grounds
60 # 1579
Influence of the solution initial concentration on the overall heat-transfer coefficient in an evaporator with a rising fluid film
60 # 1567
Strength properities of new products obtained on the basis of prepared grains of cereals and seeds
60 # 1572
The comparison in qualitative features selected products which put into the thermal traditional processing and from used convection-steam furnance
60 # 1561
The effects of material bulk and chamber diameter of parameters of wheat-grain thickening
60 # 1543
The organic pollination influence on the dynamics of kinematics wapour motional-reversal oscillations
61 # 1170
Health and toxicological danger regarding microorganisms found in farm buildings
61 # 1165
Research of heat consumption variability in hothouses with energy-saving covers
62 # 695
Manufacture of heterogeneous surfaces by electro spark deposition and laser beam
63 # 1340
Effect of spray drying conditions on the hygroscopicity of malt wort
63 # 1357
Effect of the temperature of parsley drying on the drying process, and quality factors of the dried product
63 # 1326
Evaluation of traction parameters of forest roads with various surface
63 # 1358
Performance of an on-site cogeneration plant for a farm taking into account varying demand for electric power and heat
63 # 1348
Results of preliminary studies on intensification of grain sorting process on a vibration sieve by means of air flow
64 # 723
Dependence of the technical conditions of the tpc system defined by diagnostic parameters and exhaust gas emimssion exampled by "Polonez" vehicle
66 # 1316
Analysis of the impact of asymmetric loads of rural subscribers on the quality of electric power in lv lines
66 # 1281
Pair comparison methodology employed for estimating the value of a farm tractor
66 # 1318
Production intensity vs. Agricultural technology level in fruit farms
66 # 1307
Simulation of negative pressure control in milking machine using fussy logic
66 # 1292
Tendencies of changes in parameters of farm tractors
66 # 1277
The effect of sieve shoe inclination on throughput of canopy sieve and grain cleanness
67 # 916
Arable area of farms vs. operational and economic indices of the stock of machines
67 # 926
Effect of chamber parameters and material weight on densification of lupine seeds
67 # 927
Effect of shading screens on light conditions in a film tunnel
67 # 917
Relationships between farm arable area and operational and economic indices of stock of machines
68 # 1377
Application of the neural networks to diagnostics of fuel injection system in diesel engines
68 # 1383
EXCEL calculation sheet in teaching of statistical quality control in production process
68 # 1408
The effect of image resolution and compression on measurement error of cereal grain geometry and colour
69 # 829
Analysis of temperature distribution depending on the thermal treatment phase of cured meat products and the size of a smoking-blanching chamber
69 # 871
Measuring equipment supervision in daires in the quality management process
69 # 860
Testing the convective-drying process of parsley root
69 # 824
Texture and colours of selected meat products with the addition of transglutaminase
70 # 1214
Analysis of internal structure changes during parsley convection drying
70 # 1208
Comparison of methods used to reconstruct continuous process time runs
70 # 1185
Determination of optimum conditions for drying up partially withered green forage
70 # 1205
Determination of seeds sizes measurement error by using computer image analysis
70 # 1201
Electronic measurement of potato harvester separator operating parameters
70 # 1187
Predicting of combine harvester transmission unit mechanical state using the regression model
71 # 1460
Comparison of electric energy generation within 1995-2002 in selected provinces
71 # 1445
Dynamic of concentration drying process of Parmezan type hard cheese for flavouring purpose
71 # 1457
Effect of single-and two-stage grain crushing process on the quality of bruesed grain
71 # 1463
Effect of thermal treatment in a combi-cooker on sensory properties of the parsley and parsnip
71 # 1431
Indicators of water, steam and electric energy specific consumption in selected processes of vegetable processing
71 # 1437
Kinetics of mass and temperature changes during sublimation-steaming-vacuum thawing of meat
71 # 1449
Mathematical representation of millet seeds’ thermal processing in convection – type oven
71 # 1448
Method to determine the optimum moisture content of buckwheat grain provided to flaking
71 # 1469
Rehydration and water adsorption of freeze-dried strawberries
71 # 1470
Sensory assessment of the bars produced of processed cereal grains
74 # 1249
Application of rough sets in diagnostics of diesel fuel injection systems
74 # 1234
Parametric model of solar collector battery
77 # 14
A distribution of indexes’ capacity and purity of screen mass on multiplane sieve
77 # 26
Application potential of non-parametric statistical tests in aspect of rating of the differentiation of separated particles
77 # 2
Computer systems for cow herd management
77 # 7
Separating and losses of grain on longitudinally inclined working plane of shutter’s sieve
77 # 25
Statistical models of the separation process of the particles conditioned of change of the angle of inclination of the sieve
77 # 13
The comparative analysis of aerodynamic stream in cereal combines harve-ster in light of investigative conception
77 # 18
The possibility of application of shear (tore) vane to assessment of soil cohesion
78 # 87
Comparison testing of the cob_pickers BOURGOIN JDL 410D and BOUR-GOIN GX406A
78 # 74
Impact of chamber size and mass of material on field bean (vicia faba ssp. minor) grains densification
78 # 55
Influence of parameters of parsley root vacuum drying on kinetics of dried product rehydration
78 # 56
Influence of parameters of parsley root vacuum drying on rehydration properties of dried product and organoleptic properties of rehydrated product
78 # 53
Multicriteria method of evaluation of functioning parameters of selected milking units
78 # 88
Study on apparent elastic modulus corn cob pith for selecting hybrids
78 # 61
The effect of the vacuum system stress on stabilization of the working vacuum milking machine
78 # 52
The influence of agglomeration in fluidized bed on particles shape of choosen food powders
78 # 51
The influence of begining parts shape on drying shrinkage during microwave drying under pressure
79 # 111
Compression strength changes for parsley dried using different methods
79 # 115
Influence of blanching on the rehydration of freeze-dried radicular parsley
79 # 112
Mechanical properties changes of dried parsley occurring during storage
79 # 119
Soybean cultivation and harvesting
79 # 97
The comparison of the most important parameters of milking during simultaneous and alternate pulsation
79 # 128
The effect of vacuum tank on basic vacuum parameters of a milking unit
8 # 1027
Analysis of the methods evaluating particle size distribution in ground cereal materials
8 # 1026
Analysis of the parameters of seed coat separation from the mixture originated at rape seed hulling
80 # 171
Assessment of work quality of a conveyer system of the seed drill S011 Alex while sowing parsley seeds
80 # 135
Conception and research work on an effectiveness improvement of a sieve and aerodynamic separator in a hilly area
80 # 175
Impact of fibre content on the process of granulation of feed materials
80 # 176
Impact of matrix parameters on granulation effectiveness of wheat and rapeseed mixtures
80 # 138
Mechanical proprieties of round vegetables
80 # 141
Wheat seeds self-sorting during an emptying process of a silos with funnel-shaped outlet
81 # 182
Impact of chamber diameter and sample weight on densification of extracted rape meal
81 # 217
Impact of heat treatment on changes of mechanical properties of carrot
81 # 218
Impact of heat treatment on cutting force and compression force of potatoes
81 # 190
The influence of chosen working parameters of cutter on process of cutting sweet corn kernel
81 # 187
The influence of microwave radiation on the preservation constancy of potato tubers
82 # 236
A comparison of meat defrosting using vacuum-cum-steam and sublimation-cum-vacuum-cum-steam methods
82 # 235
Changes in the texture of the processed meat products stored in modified atmosphere
82 # 249
Changes of chosen physical properties of parsley in result of frying
82 # 283
Effect of osmotic dehydration on water adsorption of osmotically freeze-dried strawberries
82 # 254
Influence of agglomeration and raw material composition on projection property of particulars of mixes of food powders
82 # 276
Influence of heat treatment on cutting force of brussels sprouts
82 # 237
Normal wear of convection-cum-vapour furnaces
82 # 270
Optimisation of operating parameters of a pneumatic cascade separator
82 # 261
Texture parametrs of non-glutene sponge cake with addition of chosen raising agents
83 # 44
An analysis of buckweat seed separation process using trieur bar-type working surfaces
86 # 300
Determining multicriterion objective function when selecting mineral fertilizer distributors
86 # 297
ethod of Forecasting technical parameter values of state--of-the-art farm machines. Part No I. Forecasting technique for farm tractor parameters
86 # 311
Impact of the region and farmstead size on machinery outfit
86 # 298
Method of Forecasting technical parameter values of state-of-the-art farm machines. Part II. Neural models for setting out farm tractor parameters
86 # 310
Production and agricultural character of the region versus level of technical infrastructure in farmsteads
87 # 349
Analysis of temperature changes in hay bales with microbiological preparation (Inoculant 1155) added
87 # 384
Engineering equipment and work efficiency in selected farms
87 # 371
Multicriteria method of functional evaluation and milking units selection
87 # 404
Technological mixture separation process on pin hump in potato harvester
87 # 356
The effect of using rape-seed oil as fuel on life of injection system in the ZS engines
87 # 370
The influence of convection and microwave underpressure drying on essential oils conservation in haulm parsley
88 # 441
Demand for water by greenhouse tomatoes considering controllable parameters of the ambient climate
88 # 435
Farmstead owner's age versus reconstruction value of the machine park
88 # 444
Scanner for analyzing lateral distribution of stream of flat jet sprayers
90 # 1771
Determining the value of basic technical parameters for modern harvester combines with the use of ANN
90 # 1773
Functional qualities of the intelligent cluster
90 # 1766
Temperature measurement of damp hay with the help of microprocessor gauges 1-Wire
90 # 1772
The comparison of methods of determining the objective function while selecting mineral fertilizer spreaders
90 # 1803
The measurement methods of the wheel motion parameters with support information technics
91 # 1744
Analysis of energy parameters of tractor Ursus 1134
91 # 1746
Thermodynamic conditions of potato treatment in covered containers
93 # 1813
Selected properties of meat products stored in modified atmosphere of the different concentration of carbon dioxide and nitrogen
93 # 1836
Setting out the degree of sublimation dehydration during sublimation-vacuum-steam meat defrosting process
93 # 1846
The influence of equipment-process parameters on values of compacting pressures in the feed granulating process
93 # 1845
The influence of raw product and method of conducting the process on the physical properties of the obtained dried material
93 # 1833
Water vapour adsorption by multi-layer biscuits
94 # 1895
Area structure of agricultural farms vs. effect of the Union fund use for machine equipment
94 # 1868
Work planning in preparation of cows for milking
95 # 1904
Absolute pressure control in cow milking unit
95 # 1913
Production trend vs. technical effectiveness of agricultural farm modernization
96 # 1969
Efficiency of using a modernised haulm separation conveyor in potato cropping machines
97 # 2003
The use of potential production capacities of machine stock in ecological farms
99 # 2040
Technical aspects of preparing mycorrhizal vaccine for application
99 # 2050
The future of agricultural engineering as a science and educational direction
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