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1 # 962
Education in agricultural engineering towards the present and the future demands of Polish agriculture
10 # 1492
Reproductive value of machinery park and costs of mechanization of family farms
100 # 2103
Attempt to evaluate the sustainability of agricultural production processes
100 # 2104
Energetic and economic analysis of thermal energy production in wood chip boiler-rooms
100 # 2076
Evaluation of the level of technical infrastructure development
100 # 2072
Straw – mass and energy potentials
100 # 2099
The effects of fertilization and bean density on plant growth
100 # 2098
Using the electrostatic drop size method to evaluate farm spraying machine sprayers quality of work
100 # 2110
Waste management in a sewage-treatment plant of the sbr type
102 # 2127
Effect of the longitudinal inclination of a two-plane sieve on the purity of seeds harvested using a combine harvester
102 # 2132
The effect of a confusor on the power of a wind power plant placed inside a piping enclosure
102 # 2135
Uniformity of mixing biological plant protection agents in a sprayer tank
103 # 2225
Errors in final mass determination in drying plants – using laboratory methods
103 # 2194
Influence of blanching on the freezdrying of parsley slices
103 # 2205
Material and energetic expenses as sustainable agricultural production factor
103 # 2211
Preliminary analysis of photosynthetic active radiation in the area of the training and research centre in Ostoja
103 # 2226
Research verifying the opinion concerning possibility to heat water in pools for fish by means of heating air in a building
103 # 2201
The impact of tubular housing geometrical parameters on power output of wind power plant
103 # 2212
Theoretical description of sprayed liquid distribution in conditions of frontal air stream operation
103 # 2173
Using the EU aid resources for farm modernisation
104 # 2237
Possession and use of selected technical means of production on fruitgrowing farms depending on area of arable land
104 # 2252
The use of landfill gas for energy production purposes on the example of a selected facility
105 # 2278
A concept for computerization of feed production plant with capacity of 30 t·h-1
107 # 2328
Arable land resources and agricultural machinery possession in farms versus agricultural production intensity level
107 # 2323
Energy analysis for selected greenhouse types
107 # 2327
Example of water energy use in the territory of northern Poland
107 # 2333
Using the LAN/WAN network to control sprinkling machines in farms
108 # 2359
Biomass versus agriculture
108 # 2355
Diagnostics of field spraying machine sprayers in real time
108 # 2335
The impact of agrotechnical operations on the functioning of agricultural landscape
108 # 2336
The impact of apple tree orchard area on cumulated energy consumption in fruit production
109 # 2396
Implementation of diagnostic concluding for field spraying machine atomiser in real time
109 # 2379
Using neural networks to count insecticidal nematoda
109 # 2378
Using the labview application to determine the survivability of insecticidal nematoda - biological plant pesticide
110 # 2452
Analysis of cogeneration system as a source of heat and electric energy in a model farm
110 # 2420
Application for agriculture in installed version and on-line (Internet) version on the example of the “Plantene” and “Plantene-2” application
110 # 2416
Assessment of plant usability for alternative cultivation using typical technological systems
110 # 2425
Energy-related and ecological evaluation of heat acquisition process during combustion of leaves picked in urban areas
110 # 2435
Land and labour productivity in selected European Union countries
110 # 2419
Mixing efficiency for biological plant pesticides in spraying machine tank
110 # 2437
Power demand during shredding of plant biomass for briquette production
110 # 2448
Selection of plants for bioenergy mass production in Pomorze Zachodnie region
110 # 2427
The impact of physiographic conditions on the amount of labour and objectified work during hay production
111 # 2458
The research on enzymatic release of seeds from pulp, following osmotic blocking of water absorption
114 # 2484
Agroengineering against a background of transformations in agriculture and industry
114 # 2517
Analysis of potential for production of biogas based on liquid manure and corn ensilage
115 # 2566
General concept of the national decision support system in plant production
115 # 2536
Herd parameters in microclimate design process in buildings for cattle
115 # 2540
Separation efficiency for the mixture of corn seeds and buckwheat nuts in a trieur with pocket pits
115 # 2552
The agricultural production balancing in the aspect of grassland resources and livestock
115 # 2551
The impact of briquetting machine working parameters on geometrical features and density of briquettes made of corn straw and hay
115 # 2555
The mechanisation efficiency in farms with ecologically balanced agricultural production
115 # 2533
Unit power demand for willow sprout shredding in a flywheel cutter
115 # 2535
Using computer graphics for 3D reconstruction of seeds
115 # 2546
Using the RRSB model to predict separation of mixture used for production of pellets and briquettes
116 # 2372
Separation efficiency for mixture of rape and cleavers seeds in a separator with looped belt
117 # 2576
Assessment of selected physical properties of black locust wood obtained in row midfield plantings as energy carrier
117 # 2588
Effectiveness of bean protection against diseases using standard and ejector type atomizers
117 # 2590
Scale effectiveness in farms with mechanised work process
118 # 2605
Analysis of springtine cultivator surface layer stresses distribution control possibility after shot peening process in fatigue strength aspect
118 # 2640
The impact of blanching and water sorption on the change in density of semi-finished products for chips
118 # 2636
Tractor use monitoring – wirelss data transmision
119 # 2656
Profitability analysis for production of rape-seed oil methyl esters on the example of the W-400 agricultural production plant
120 # 2692
Constructional design of a machine for harvesting energy plants grown without rows
120 # 2700
Quality assessment for plant biomass-based briquettes produced using worm type compacting unit
120 # 2717
The impact of wind direction on falling of atomised utility liquid stream during spraying flat field crops
120 # 2708
Work analysis for a model of a slow-speed wind power plant installed in a confusor converging cone
122 # 2767
Information needs of hop producers regarding the transplantation of plants
122 # 2784
Usability of the process of protection of plants by means of field spraying machines
123 # 2839
Acquisition and use of weather data in the national system of decision support in plant production
123 # 2802
Cultivation of the Common Osier in mountainous conditions
124 # 2842
Modification of biofuel usable properties in the aspect of issues involving operation of farm vehicles
125 # 2860
A comparison of Cg versus HLSL shaders efficiency
125 # 2886
Decision support system for domesticated plants protection
125 # 2885
Farmstead wind power plant - the source of inexpensive electric energy
125 # 2879
The development of an internet decision support system for crop protection
126 # 2923
Evaluation of the dynamics of changes in average sugar content in sweet corn kernels by multivariate growth curves method
126 # 2929
Possession of technical equipment by selected farms benefitting from the European Union funds
126 # 2917
Protection of multiflorous bean against rust (Uromyces appediculatus) using standard and ejector type atomisers
126 # 2907
Selected properties of pellets made of grass obtained from home lawn
126 # 2933
The method applied to determine the required temperature value in a pigsty taking into account the activity of animals
126 # 2909
The retention of carothenoids in dried paprika depending on the pretreatment and drying methods and conditions
127 # 2892
Wear degree and structure for technical fixed assets in different types of farms
129 # 2971
Excess sludge acquisition in a standard sewage treatment plant control system
130 # 3013
Heat of combustion of wheat grains from a gramineae subgroup
130 # 2982
Sugar beet as a substrate for biogas plants
130 # 3004
The expected possibilities of using energy potential of the renewable energy sources for the selected region of warmińsko-mazurskie voivodeship
131 # 3076
Assessments of briquetting efficiency and briquettes quality produced out of selected plant raw materials
131 # 3084
Assessments of bulk density and energy consumption of pellets production in a pellet machine with two-side flat press
131 # 3060
Cup plant Silphium Perfoliatum L. – biomass source for biofuels production
131 # 3068
Influences of multiple static loads on the level of condensation and rheologic properties of the mass of oil plant seeds
131 # 3086
Production balancing in the selected production farms of the highland areas of the żywiecki powiat
132 # 3106
An analysis of biogas production from grass silage as dependent upon feed quality
132 # 3107
Quality assessment for briquettes made of biomass from maple [Acer Negundo L.] and black locust [ Robinia Pseudoacacia L.]
133 # 3037
Determination of water diffusion coefficient in wood biomass depending on water and temperature content
133 # 3029
Influence of winter wheat production costs and taxes on the price of the produced bioethanol
134 # 3115
Ecocomic analysis of the use of cob rachis as alternative fuel
134 # 3134
Energy assessment of the compressing process of the selected plant materials in a srew briquetting machine
136 # 3159
Assessment of the selected parameters of biomass obtained from a plantation of fast-growing trees
136 # 3171
Energy value of different potato varieties
136 # 3187
Heat of combustion of grains caryopses of lowered quality properties
136 # 3188
The application of SSL LED technology in programmable plant lighting systems
136 # 3168
Unit effective power required for cutting biogas energy plants
136 # 3176
Willow-leaved sunflower Helianthus Salicifolius A. Dietr. for energy purposes
137 # 3214
Evaluation of pellets quality made of the selected plant materials
137 # 3208
Influence of LED light on growth of Garden Cress Lepidium Sativum
137 # 3192
Operation analysis of various blades profiles of a wind power plant propeller
137 # 3199
Using Drupal CMS for implementation of knowledge management system in plant production
139 # 3291
Assessment of the usefulness of biogas calculators when planning the construction of agricultural biogas plants
139 # 3300
Downy mildew development model (Pseudoperonospora humuli) – internet application
139 # 3256
Energy assessment of cooperation of tractor tyres with agricultural beds of varied density degrees
139 # 3268
Technical means of work in the selected family farms of varied degree of balancing
140 # 3302
Analysis of slagging and fouling propensities of biofuels in terms of their combustion and cocombustion in the boilers
140 # 3306
Quantitative and qualitative analysis of new energy maize cultivars for anaerobic fermentation
141 # 3334
Construction of a mixing-densifying-dosing system of a palletizer for plant materials
143 # 3360
Analysis of auto-cistern utilization in the field of milk purchase on the example of a small dairy plant
143 # 3377
Analysis of physical properties of plant biomass briquettes
143 # 3368
Comparison of the carbon black and nitric oxide emission in the diesel and rapeseed engine by means of modeling in AFL Fire programme
143 # 3365
Modeling of fuel injection into the combustion chamber in a compression ignition engine with AVL Fire
143 # 3366
Operational effectiveness of engine fed with the rape seed oil
143 # 3363
Potential possibilities for the deveopment of biogas plants on the example of zachodniopomorskie voivodeship
145 # 3408
An attempt to determine the influence of mixing time on the amount of impurities in compound feeds
145 # 3407
Analysis of the amount of impurities received in the feed production process with recirculation of ingredients
145 # 3395
Analysis of the impact of the selected profiles of rotor blades on the power generated by mini power wind plant
145 # 3413
Degree of sustainability of milk farms in the aspect of ecological assessment
145 # 3430
Heat of combustion of barley straw cultivated in conditions of a variable level of potassium fertilization
145 # 3427
Heat of combustion of straw and wastes from wheat spelt fertilized with varied doses of potassium
145 # 3422
Impact of temperature on density and endurance of briquettes produced in a screw briquetting machine
145 # 3406
Impact of the amount of fertilization on NPK and humus in soil balance in the selected plant production technologies
145 # 3412
Possibilities of use of the pellets made of wheat and barley straw on the heat energy market
146 # 3432
Assessment of impact of soil properties change and vertical wheel load on traction properties of the selected radial tyre
146 # 3438
Energy analysis of waste biomass from production of fruit trees on the territory of Podkarpackie Voivoideship
146 # 3446
Level and forms of financing technical investments in the selected agricultural farms
146 # 3450
Plant production and labour efficiency in the selected agricultural farms
147 # 3477
Assessment of energy losses of a drive wheel equipped with grass type tyres
147 # 3507
Power installed and balance of nutrients in the selected ecological farms
148 # 3514
Structure and composition of waste in the landfill in Wola Suchożebrska
149 # 3552
Spray application quality as affected by spray volume, nozzles and phenological growth stage of apples
150 # 3559
Analysis of data of organic farms with the use of non-standard reports in Gekko software
150 # 3556
Application of plano RS software in a farm
150 # 3568
Assessmentof energy consumption of pellets and briquettes production in compressing devices
150 # 3575
Dependance of energy inputs on area and economic size of family farms
150 # 3561
Variability and mutual correlation of the selected physical properties of pumpkin seed (Cucurbita pepo L.)
151 # 3599
Flax seed separation with vibrating screens
151 # 3585
Impact of laser beams treatment on the biomass yield and energy value of multiflora rose
151 # 3600
Relational database supporting experiments connected with plant protection
154 # 3651
Impact of UV-C radiation on the infestation degree of the stored potato tubers with Rhizoctonia Solani Kühn
155 # 3671
Increase of seed cleaning efficiency by better use of air stream properties
156 # 3689
Analysis of changes in the area and number of farms in Wielkopolskie and Malopolskie voivodeship
156 # 3691
Comparison of pollutant emission indicators during virginia mallow pellets and wood pellets combustion – a case study
156 # 3687
Modernization of the wastewater control system in the food industry
156 # 3693
Options of use of waste biomass from herbal production for energy purposes
16 # 772
Effect of the temperature on water absorption ability of legume seeds totally immersed in water
16 # 762
Effect of ultrasounds on the kinetics of water absorption by leguminous seeds
18 # 1533
Film methods for operational and technical tests of machinery in nursery
18 # 1517
Influence of planting mechanism on distribution uniformity and yield of potatoes
18 # 1535
Optical system aiding planimetrical measurements of seeds by using image analyses
19 # 1015
Computational ambient temperatures and their impact on heat balance of a livestock building
19 # 1010
Effect of blanching, drying and rehydration on changes in onion dry matter content
19 # 1016
Effect of multi-layer partition structure on the phenomenon of water vapour condensation in external wall of a livestock building
19 # 1001
Evaluation of energetic equipment and labour efficiency on famity farms in the southem Poland
19 # 994
Possibilities of calibrating an electro-kinetic splash metering device
19 # 1018
Utilization of the straw for energetic purposes on an example of a boiler-plant in zielonki
2 # 542
Designing of rural road network at land integration
2 # 540
Impact of water reservoirs on infrastructure of protected areas in Czorsztyn commune
2 # 538
Quality of supplying rural consumers- with electric energy in Raciechowice community
21 # 500
Combine harvesters in Poland and the EU countries
21 # 501
Diagnostic evaluation of technical condition of the electronic injection systems in the engines of spark ignition
21 # 479
Effect of the thickness of heat insulating layer on formation of water vapour condensation plane in external wall a livestock building
21 # 513
Influence of french bean plant characteristics on selected indices of pod harvesting quality
21 # 480
Occurence of water vapour condensation plane in external wall of a livestock building
21 # 473
Preliminary evaluation of the Horsch CO 6.25 drill for direct sowing
21 # 516
Quantities of heat balance surplus and deficiency in aspect of annual energy inputs on ventilation in a piggery building
28 # 1593
Conditions necessary to secure efficient functioning of land reclamation systems
28 # 1601
Investigation of multi stage, on-site wetland type wastewater treatment plant located in mountain farm at Muszynka
28 # 1582
Renewable energy in forming of technical and communal infrastructure of the countryside
28 # 1598
Small sewage treatment plants as an element of rural environment protection
28 # 1600
The preliminary evocation of wastewater disposal in agriculture and tourist areas of the upper part of the Dunajec catchments
28 # 1599
Water supply and effluent Disposal at brewery
3 # 1709
Physiological aspects of calculating heat used for water evaporation in the rooms for broiler chickens
31 # 1687
Application of virtual instruments to visualization of measurement data
31 # 1677
Model of dry substance decreases in process of onion heat treatment
33 # 665
Efficacy of laser biostimulation of faba bean according to seed lot moisture
35 # 886
Object oriented modelling of a computer system for supporting planning of didactic classes
36 # 1057
An influence of calcareous tufas on water intake conditions at the Mszana Górna village area
36 # 1061
Assessment of the funcioning of mini treatment plant installed a village school at Rajbrot
36 # 1047
Long-term forecasting of elektroenergetic needs in rural communies
36 # 1062
Measurements of sewage flow rate in selected treatments plants of the Małopolska province
36 # 1055
Sewage sludges-stabilization and agricultural-use
36 # 1064
Utilisation of renevable energy resources in agricultural communes
41 # 564
Aerial photos application for antropogenous landscape imaginations in Grybów
41 # 558
Automating a simplified valuation of land configuration for agricultural holdings
41 # 555
Economic and ecological aspects of applying renewable and conventional fuels
41 # 566
Land development in villages situated in Soła river basin of the Beskidy mountains on the duration of one century
41 # 572
Local council’s capabilities in executing and financing infrastructural investments
41 # 571
Long-term investment plan in the Kocmyrzów-Luborzyca commune
41 # 567
Methodology of projecting of land information system
41 # 561
Natural, technical and legal aspects of forest stand management
41 # 562
Possibilities of a village's spatial structure improvement on territories of a large land disaggregation (presented in the Lapsze Wyżne village as an example)
41 # 550
Regional aspects of agrotourism development in the Małopolska province
41 # 559
Staniątki as an example of diversity of the outline of land configuration agriculturni plots
41 # 549
Water reservoir in Nielisz as an example of pro-ecological investment
45 Tom I # 1109
Changes in lands as an index of modernization in the Polish country
45 Tom I # 1106
Ecological, legal and planning problems of afforestation in the rural areas
45 Tom I # 1114
Efficiency of constructed wetlands in wastewater treatment from small slaughterhouses
45 Tom I # 1089
Elimination of biogenic compounds from sewage in the plant-ground bed of the VSB type
45 Tom I # 1105
Problems of dispersed spatial information systems in Poland from the viewpoint of spatial planning
45 Tom I # 1094
Rationalization of use agricultural lands in micro-basin of Opatówka river
45 Tom I # 1120
Renewable energy in communal energy planning
45 Tom I # 1107
Staniątki as en example of variability of the outline of land configuration plots in the places of highly disintegrateg land
45 Tom I # 1092
The changes in the efficiency of pollution removal in soil-plant wastewater treatment in 1995-2002
45 Tom I # 1112
The connection between technical infrastructure and development of spatial planning in rural areas
45 Tom I # 1118
The ecological production in the agriculture in the Kieleccczyzna region
45 Tom I # 1093
The evaluation of two BATEX household wastewater treatment plants with filter drain
45 Tom II # 1126
Optimization mode of uderground water treatment from selection deep intake
45 Tom II # 1137
Reciprocal connections of features of plots' and farms' land configuration as an element of ground system estimation (the Łapsze Wyżne village as an example)
51 # 1652
Claculative temperatures in the classical method of balancing heat in frm building
51 # 1653
Pigsty heat balancing by steaming water sprayed in the air
51 # 1637
Preparing an agricultural ecosystem balance condition model with the application of walter equations
51 # 1643
The influence of the knife sharpening angle and speed upon potato tuber cutting resistance
52 # 800
Analysis of agricultural real estate in the commune of Gdów in the light of the agriculture technical restructuring
52 # 815
Crop of corn straw and its energetic potential in mountainous areas following the example of Beskid Żywiecki
52 # 787
Energetic resources of wind in Lublin region for agricultural purposes
52 # 812
Evaluating the technology of tree pulling out with a forwarder Timberjack 1010
52 # 814
Evaluation of output quality of disc and share cultivators
53 # 587
Assessment of rheologic properties of plant materials with high water content
53 # 579
Assessment of semi-automatic purple willow planting
53 # 584
Basket willow - as energetic plant
53 # 607
Development of measuring capabilities in farming technique based on the use of optical-electronic equipment
53 # 585
The influence of tractor wheel passes on morphometrical properties of soil under grassland
56 # 523
Ecological aspects of precision farming
56 # 529
Farm sewage treatment procedure designed by IBMER for rural regions of scattered farm localization
60 # 1564
Heat of combustions and calorific values of the deciduous and coniferous trees’ bark
60 # 1542
Operational problem with refrigerating and air-conditioning heat exchangers
61 # 1166
Heat balance of an apple storage facility
61 # 1173
Inputs of energy carriers in polish agriculture
63 # 1347
Teconomical risk analysis of rape cultivation
64 # 752
Analysis of fuel oil, biofuel and lpg combustion in a heating furnace at various mixture of fuel and air
64 # 724
The effect of seeds stimulation by magnetic field on growth, development and dynamics of biomass accumulation in pea ( Pisum sativum L.)
66 # 1288
Applications of Virginia fanpetals (sida hermaphrodita) in power industry
66 # 1295
Assaying porosity of seed beds using computer-aided analysis of image
66 # 1305
Comparison of planting of energetic willow (salix viminalis) in the spring and autumn time
66 # 1291
Elements of precision agriculture in plant protection
67 # 958
An example of the use of a neural network to model a mixing process of granular systems
67 # 941
Costs assesment of renewal of mountainous green lands
67 # 925
Cuttings production technique and planning planting arrangement of energetic willow
67 # 953
The analysis of economic profitability the construction of a straw burning boiler house and the elimination of greenhouse gases emission by their use
68 # 1407
An internet module for cost analysis at protection of winter wheat
68 # 1404
Computer test verifying the students’ knowledge
68 # 1391
The wireless internet links as a method to activation of village areas - theory and practice
69 # 829
Analysis of temperature distribution depending on the thermal treatment phase of cured meat products and the size of a smoking-blanching chamber
69 # 845
Changes of structure in plant tissue followed dewatering
69 # 836
Evolution of vegetable cell size in bioreactor
70 # 1210
Experience from mechanization of planting and cultivation of power willow
70 # 1227
Mechanization of production in a ground nurseries of mycorrhizae seedlings for afforestation of former farmlands
70 # 1195
Selected physical properties of apples important in sorting and selection processes
71 # 1429
Characteristics of instrumental methods for testing mechanical properties of selected fruits and vegetables
74 # 1245
Application of the "Experiment planner" computer program to the process identification for discrimination of components in bulbs and stones mixture
74 # 1271
Computer analysses of lead’s geometry influences on biffilar filter efficiency
74 # 1248
Measurement of the leaf surface for the selected plants using video-computer method
74 # 1228
Model of a system generating and utilizing renewable energetic carriers of agricultural origin. Part 1. Model of a relational system
74 # 1264
Simulation of the motion of the fertilizer particles on disc spreader
77 # 14
A distribution of indexes’ capacity and purity of screen mass on multiplane sieve
79 # 132
Comparison of combustion of oil, biofuel and lpg in a heat furnace - at different pressure of fuel
79 # 131
Errors in the calculation of dried mass in the drying plants - using the moisture meters
79 # 115
Influence of blanching on the rehydration of freeze-dried radicular parsley
79 # 122
Influence of change setting field beam in longitudinal plane of sprayer on profile of schedule of spray
8 # 1036
Metabolic and climatic factors affecting heat balance in piggery buildings
8 # 1029
Test of stress relaxation in plant material under conditions of dynamic load - technical implementation
80 # 159
Manufacturing of briquettes from plant waste in a worm tool-in-use system
80 # 146
Plant production as the source of energy raw material
80 # 151
The influence of multiple passes on morphometrical properties of soil under grassland
81 # 215
Analysis of possible utilization of virginia mallow for energy purposes
81 # 208
Assessment of sugar beet varieties cultivated in the Czech Republic
81 # 202
Capital intensity of preservation of fodder from pastures in the beskid niski area
81 # 206
Development of land threatened by erosion in terms of sustainable development
81 # 200
Mathematical model of manure pellet movement after leasing the scattering disk
81 # 226
Method of determination of required temperature in the pigsty part II. Method of determination of temperature depending on breeding technology
81 # 187
The influence of microwave radiation on the preservation constancy of potato tubers
82 # 267
Research of combustion processes of diesel oil and rape biofuels
83 # 44
An analysis of buckweat seed separation process using trieur bar-type working surfaces
86 # 329
Effect of feed preservation technology for feeds from grasslands for nutrient losses
86 # 326
Labour inputs and costs of topinambour growing
86 # 294
Market value versus reconstruction value of farm building structures
86 # 333
Methodology of selecting equipment for providing additional light for greenhouse plants
86 # 301
The role of horticultural engineering in development of Polish hortculture production
87 # 358
Cost of elimination of power plant plantation
87 # 352
Utilisation of bio-fuel technology by-products for power production purposes
88 # 423
Attempt to use Bernal–Mason's method to determine a number of contact points in plant beds of granular materials
88 # 436
Effect of owner's age on power installed in the farmsteads
88 # 459
Optimization of logistics costs as an aiding tool for well-balanced development of farm companies
88 # 414
Plantation card as a management tool in agrotechnics on the example of sugar beet production
88 # 455
Power and material outlays in the aspect of well-balanced farm production
88 # 451
Suitability of point sowing in cultivation of selected species of leguminous plants
88 # 432
Technical means of work in farmsteads with different level of adaptation to farm and environmental requirements
90 # 1807
IT tools in plant production
90 # 1767
System for automatic grass and weeds recognition
91 # 1737
Chemical methods for reusing of devasted permanent grassland
91 # 1752
Effect of different mycorrhiza mycelium types on growth of pinus sylvestris L.
91 # 1736
Efficacy and residues of herbicides applied on perennial grassland
91 # 1756
Means of mechanization in polish agriculture on the background of selected European Union countries
91 # 1743
Settings of front-mounted plough bodies and their effect on functional efficiency
91 # 1755
Some physical properties of soil and yielding of crops grown with different forms of mulching and tillage
91 # 1751
Technology of fertilization by leaves and protection of container cultivated decorative bushes with mycorrhiza
91 # 1746
Thermodynamic conditions of potato treatment in covered containers
93 # 1825
A Method of measurement of number of contact points between seeds
93 # 1811
A variance of individual color discriminants during the apple drying process, depending on the used blanching method
93 # 1846
The influence of equipment-process parameters on values of compacting pressures in the feed granulating process
94 # 1895
Area structure of agricultural farms vs. effect of the Union fund use for machine equipment
94 # 1868
Work planning in preparation of cows for milking
95 # 1899
Concept for substitution of primary energy by renewable energy obtained from waste biomass in a selected agricultural farm
95 # 1918
Effect of combustion gas recirculation on biomass burning process
96 # 1941
Impact of temperature in auxiliary rooms on thermal balance in buildings for cattle
96 # 1935
Methodology of an eco-energy programme for selected administrative area, taking into account renewable energy from agricultural sources
96 # 1967
The effect of drying method on celery rehydration
96 # 1960
The effect of magnetic stimulation of seeds on growth and cropping of seed pea grown at varying soil moisture content
96 # 1965
The impact of material and energy expenditure on the ecological effect of management in agriculture
96 # 1937
Thermal effects in spraying machine in the aspect of application of biological plant pesticides
97 # 1977
Straw briquettes / pellets in power industry
97 # 1976
The C-385 farm tractor constructional adaptation to CNG combustion
97 # 1996
The effect of soil humidity on heat accumulation in a plastic tunnel
97 # 1979
The use of biomass for production of electric energy and heat in the Czech Republic
99 # 2059
Balance roughness as the criterion for assessment of technical condition of engine crankshafts in farm tractors
99 # 2012
Biofuels in agriculture
99 # 2029
Swing plough body working draft and quality of work
99 # 2062
Work safety tests of sliding assosiations of type steel – aluminium lubricated with diesel oil with added RME
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