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1 # 3056
Analysis of the threshing spelt process in the blade-sieve threshing unit
1 # 982
Influence of family farm specialization on the level of human labour and machinery work inputs
1 # 964
Pollution of natural environment with the fuels and liquid lubricants from agricultural tractors
10 # 1496
Application of factor analysis in studies on technical equipment of the farms
10 # 1501
Effect of stream pressure on thermal disinfection process of horticultural substrate
10 # 1495
Effectivenes of technical work equipment on the family farms
10 # 1477
Impact of soil conditions on wear intensity of construction materials
10 # 1475
Lands of tractor wheels on the ground at travelling on the slope
10 # 1498
Methodical aspects of energetic value determination of different tree species grown on the mountain pastures
10 # 1508
Modelling of gaseous emission in the livestock buildings
10 # 1487
Prognostics of qualitative and energetic indices of potato harvester operation
10 # 1480
The quality of produced haylage as affected by the moisture content of green crop treated with microbioiogical-enzimatic additive and harvested with a rolling baler
10 # 1473
Theses and hypotheses - proving and argumentation
100 # 2108
Computer applications for the evaluation of selected sensory parameters of agricultural and food products
100 # 2083
Decision support system „Rzepinfo” for winter oilseed rape protection
100 # 2107
Directions of main stresses and shear angle during dynamic soil cutting using a flat plate
100 # 2075
Modelling of CCM technology production
100 # 2087
Operating costs for storage buildings and structures in farms characterised by vari-ous farm production types
100 # 2077
Statistical analysis for farm tractors servicing in the aspect of the distance from the company location
100 # 2086
Storage potential and its use in agricul-tural enterprises
100 # 2084
Study of the process of mixing a mulicomponent granular mixture depending on the component feeding method
100 # 2100
The use of the computer application TRACE for the evaluation of mobile object identification
100 # 2078
Warranty and post-warranty service to farm tractors as the post-transaction elements of the logistic customer service
100 # 2110
Waste management in a sewage-treatment plant of the sbr type
102 # 2116
Agroengineering calls for new challenges
102 # 2118
Application of the speckle photography in the carrot roots deformability investigations
102 # 2153
Assessment of the distribution of the spray liquid in an apple tree orchard, done with the use of the water sensitive paper
102 # 2146
Beet pulp ensilage in cylindrical bales
102 # 2159
Effect of wheel track depth and air pressure in tyres on tractor wheel loads on the soil
102 # 2117
Energy and agriculture (energy crisis - effectivity - agriculture)
102 # 2157
Estimation of renewable resources based on a geographic information system (GIS)
102 # 2131
Evaluation of the possibilities of determining the elasticity coefficient for ball-shaped vegetables
102 # 2167
Field investigations of wear of chosen kinds of steel
102 # 2139
Modelling of changes in the properties of the sublimationdried horseradish tissue structure
102 # 2170
Packaging management costs in farms characterised by different types of agricultural production
102 # 2149
Pneumatic aiding of the process of screening granular mixtures using a screening table
102 # 2128
The willow Salix viminalis as a source of renewable energy, exemplified by plantations established in the Kłodzko Valley
103 # 2191
Analysis of grain sievability distribution on a longitudinally inclined shutter screen
103 # 2206
Analysis of the impact of disturbances on selected milking parameters in a pipeline milking machine
103 # 2222
Comparison of work quality for belt drill and cupfeed drill during onion seed sowing
103 # 2209
Displacement distributions in mechanical model of carrot roots crosssection
103 # 2207
Environmental risk related to agricultural sector activity (preliminary research on the example of poultry farm and feed production plant in Klimontów)
103 # 2210
Izochromtic pattern distributions in carrot root’s crosssection model for different cohesion force between core and bark layer
103 # 2190
Labour intensity of forest work in selected habitat types in the mountains
103 # 2226
Research verifying the opinion concerning possibility to heat water in pools for fish by means of heating air in a building
103 # 2216
The impact of kinematic parameters of the shaking mechanism in the widepitch conveyor on the separation process efficiency
103 # 2200
The impact of the technical condition and adjustment of compression-ignition engines on natural environment
103 # 2212
Theoretical description of sprayed liquid distribution in conditions of frontal air stream operation
103 # 2217
Using of the MPC type controller for convection rying process control
104 # 2235
Analysis of tractor driving force trajectory
104 # 2254
Assessment of heterogeneous blend with biomass using computer image acquisition
104 # 2255
Assessment technique and statistic modelling of the degree of potato damage caused by Colorado beetle
104 # 2238
Determining of effective mixing time in a mixer with worm agitator
104 # 2228
Domain and national environment of agricultural engineering
104 # 2240
Geometrical dimensions and type of roofing vs. demand for heat in a greenhouse
104 # 2257
Limitating of bird fodder mixtures segregation during multi-point container filling
104 # 2249
Neural analysis of the ultrasonographic images in the intramuscular fat level content identification process – preliminary research
104 # 2239
Packaging management in farms
104 # 2246
Regression analysis of quality changes in granular blend during mixing using the pouring method
104 # 2247
Technical solutions and operation of appliances in free-position barns, and dairy cattle’s well-being
104 # 2248
The impact of the number of variables on the operation quality of neuron model for identifying mechanical damage of corn seeds
104 # 2252
The use of landfill gas for energy production purposes on the example of a selected facility
105 # 2269
A virtual instrument assisting in diagnostics of selected electrical machines used in agriculture
105 # 2289
Application of GIS in visualization of soil parameters spatial distribution in relation with the yield
105 # 2263
Computer systems support for conducting internal audits in food processing enterprises
105 # 2280
Economic analysis of design and operation of internet communications systems in an agricultural enterprise
105 # 2277
Measurement system for seeds humidity distribution analysis
105 # 2288
Microprocessor recording of temperature in the convector steam oven
105 # 2275
Possibility of using radio networks in the MESH topology for wireless communications between farm machinery units
105 # 2285
The carrot classification by using expert system
105 # 2262
The problems involved in the development and publishing of electronic educational materials
105 # 2290
Using genetic and ant algorithms to solve transport problems
105 # 2273
Using neural networks (fbm) for modelling of the process involving mixing of two-component granular systems
107 # 2319
Adaptation of square function to the description of changes in granular mix quality
107 # 2308
Mechanical properties of miscanthus giganteus stalk
107 # 2296
Modification of ventilation system in harvester operator’s cab in the aspect of maintaining standard noise level at the operator’s workplace
107 # 2293
Progress and new concepts in precision agriculture
107 # 2310
Technical and functional characteristics compared to the value of selected technical means of production in agriculture
107 # 2309
The research on vibration characteristics for homogenisation valve
107 # 2302
Using of the “CHMI” technique to determine resistance to bruising for Melrose variety apples
107 # 2333
Using the LAN/WAN network to control sprinkling machines in farms
108 # 2347
Analysis of the work quality of the belt seeder during the onion seeds sowing
108 # 2338
Assessment of insecticidal nematoda concentration in working liquid, performed using computer image analysis
108 # 2359
Biomass versus agriculture
108 # 2356
Comparison of geometric parameters for two-segment pin sowing units
108 # 2361
Dependence between qualitative losses of gymnosperm barley seeds and combine harvester control parameters
108 # 2369
Determination of temperature impact on dynamic viscosity of plant biofuels
108 # 2350
Logistic infrastructure costs in agricultural enterprises
108 # 2364
Measures for evaluation of economic and technical determinants in farms
108 # 2351
Methodological aspects for computing of illumination inside production greenhouse
108 # 2362
Monitoring of the self-heating state occurring during storage of crop seed masses
108 # 2365
Regression modelling of the process involving wheat seed humidity change during storage
108 # 2349
Relation between distribution of potatoes under shrub and the number, structure and mass of tubers
108 # 2343
Searching for dependencies between selected biometric characteristics of potato tubers and microwave radiation
108 # 2339
Selected problems involved in using biofuels to power selfignition engines
108 # 2352
The impact of light sources layout modification on plant light exposure intensity in a greenhouse
108 # 2342
Two-fan spraying machine for orchard protection – laboratory and field tests
108 # 2366
Utilisation of labour resources by selected farms in Małopolskie Voivodship
109 # 2385
Analysis of force destroying walnut cover
109 # 2403
Analysis of resistance heating progress for a spiral using film-making techniques
109 # 2388
Ergonomic assessment of thermal comfort in milking room at a milk cow farm
109 # 2395
Examination of progress in the process of mixing binary granular pattern using the chimney pour out method
109 # 2384
Farmers’ education and age versus scientific-technological progress index
109 # 2396
Implementation of diagnostic concluding for field spraying machine atomiser in real time
109 # 2386
Modelling of hop manufacturers’ information needs
109 # 2383
Software tools for risk management in agriculture
109 # 2381
The effects of employing the information and monitoring technologies in the analysis of milk cow behaviour
109 # 2376
Use of moodle platform for surveying students
109 # 2379
Using neural networks to count insecticidal nematoda
109 # 2375
Using spatial information systems in agriculture
109 # 2397
Using the CCD cameras to control operation of agricultural machinery working units
109 # 2378
Using the labview application to determine the survivability of insecticidal nematoda - biological plant pesticide
110 # 2414
Analysis of dependencies between primary stresses, and secondary stresses and initial condition of soil sample
110 # 2434
Analysis regarding the use of roof shaped inserts for mixing of granular components
110 # 2441
Bioenergy - will fields and forests replace coal and oil?
110 # 2455
Cogeneration system based on the Capstone C30 gas microturbine
110 # 2432
Commodity production and trends of changes in technical equipment possessed by developing farms
110 # 2442
Examination of unscrewing moment values for screw joints protected with temporary anticorrosive protection agents
110 # 2440
Reduction of animal production impact on environment
110 # 2446
The impact of repeated restoring of shaft-hub type joint using gluing technology on changes in surface roughness of joined elements
110 # 2428
Wear intensity for steel working in plain dust, determined in field conditions
111 # 2462
Acoustic and mechanical properties of potato chips
111 # 2476
Analysis of washing programs in the CIP system in a brewery
111 # 2474
Change in selected geometrical characteristics of barley flakes due to different hydrothermal treatments
111 # 2479
Changes in the value of cutting fo rce applied to wheat grains versus leaf fertilization technique
111 # 2460
Germination analysis for coated radish seeds, carried out using four selected bed types
111 # 2459
Technology employed to prepare pepper seeds for sowing
111 # 2475
The effect of spraying technique in leaf fertilization on wheat grain yield and compression force values
111 # 2457
The effect of the moisture content on mechanical properties of winter wheat grain
113 # 2373
Innovative method for identifying selected qualitative characteristics of seeds using image analysis and artificial neural networks (ANN)
114 # 2493
Ageing processes of rape-seed oil fatty acid methyl esters
114 # 2491
Analysis of material resources for biogas production in the administrative district of Strzelin
114 # 2517
Analysis of potential for production of biogas based on liquid manure and corn ensilage
114 # 2503
Automatic valuation of the spraying quality on the basis of drops traces using the computer image analysis
114 # 2486
Boundary stress of soil samples with an intact structure depending on the deformation conditions
114 # 2518
Control of agricultural processes supported by computer systems
114 # 2520
Determining rheological properties of diesel fuel and biofuels obtained from false flax (Camelina sativa)
114 # 2523
Discrimination of wheat seed varieties on the basis of geometrical characteristics
114 # 2485
Energy parameters and the ecological aspect of engine powering by mineral fuel derived from vegetables
114 # 2522
Potato as a cultivated plant – fragments of history
114 # 2507
Probabilistic models of spatial phenomena in agriculture
114 # 2516
The impact of change in parameters of atomised stream setting on liquid fall under selected fan atomizer
114 # 2498
The impact of selected agrotechnical factors on the quantitative characteristics of potato tuber crop
114 # 2488
The issues of cattle breeding in cow sheds without thermal insulation
114 # 2501
Uncertainty in representing spatial phenomena
115 # 2556
An attempt to determine pressure distribution in an aerated compost bed
115 # 2548
Expert system for selecting animal keeping technology for use by cattle producers
115 # 2566
General concept of the national decision support system in plant production
115 # 2557
Identification of the relaxation spectrum by moment method approach: conceptual idea
115 # 2558
Identification of the relaxation spectrum by moment method approach: theoretical properties and application
115 # 2543
Mechanical model of Miscanthus giganteus grass blades
115 # 2553
Morphological features of stalks belonging to different gymnosperm barley varieties determining their resistance to lodging
115 # 2530
Selected ecological and economic aspects of supplying Diesel engines with vegetable fuels
115 # 2554
Selected physical properties for seeds of gymnosperm barley grown in a mixture with edible lentil
115 # 2563
Servicing in the process of farm machinery and equipment reconditioning and maintenance
115 # 2550
The „Inżynieria Rolnicza” [„Agricultural Engineering”] magazine in numbers and statistics
115 # 2532
The analysis of the process involving static cutting of Salix viminalis L. willow stem
115 # 2534
The impact of selected factors on friction coefficient values for shredded miscanthus giganteus sprouts
115 # 2555
The mechanisation efficiency in farms with ecologically balanced agricultural production
115 # 2535
Using computer graphics for 3D reconstruction of seeds
115 # 2526
Ventilation in cowsheds without thermal insulation
117 # 2569
After-warranty repairs of farm trac-tors as an element of an authorised distribution system
117 # 2577
Analysis of changes in the quality of multicomponent granular mixture in an industrial feed mixer
117 # 2567
Comparison of selected wood acquisition technologies as regards output and costs
117 # 2570
Distribution of demand for service surveys of farm tractors in the aspect of agrotechnical dates
117 # 2593
Investments in machinery in selected farms in lower Silesia region
117 # 2594
Machine services in selected farms in Lower Silesia region
117 # 2591
Means of work costs and production process balance level for farms
117 # 2590
Scale effectiveness in farms with mechanised work process
117 # 2585
The concept of using fuzzy logic to control composting process for biomass of agricultural origin with simultaneous heat reception
117 # 2602
The impact of co-financing from the European Union on technological modernisation of farms in Poland
117 # 2603
The impact of tractor engine injection system wear on exhaust gas temperature in field conditions
117 # 2582
Using the cone in cone type insert during chimney pouring out
118 # 2618
Application of virtual instruments to determine microbiological contamination level of liquid food products
118 # 2633
Computer image analysis in the assessment of mixing uniform granular mixtures
118 # 2632
Conversion of digital images into the form of teaching sets for the purposes of neural modelling
118 # 2639
Free software in engineering practice
118 # 2606
Predicting rolling resistance of farm tractor wheels running on soil
118 # 2641
Protection methods for data transfer via the internet
118 # 2626
Roof type elements in pour mixer and quality of granular mixers
118 # 2648
Selected physical properties of seeds for domestic and foreign edible lentil varieties
118 # 2630
Sludge compost use for topinambour growing
118 # 2616
The concept of computer system for computations and consultancy concerning substitution of conventional energy sources for biomass
118 # 2608
The concept of machinery supervision and control by tractor on board computer in real time, carried out using LIN computer bus
118 # 2623
The impact of amplitude-time parameters of impulse electric field on inactivation of microflora in liquid food products
119 # 2653
Analysis of changes in strength parameters of sod in variable soil conditions
119 # 2676
Demand for mechanisation services in individual farms located in Wysokie Mazowieckie administrative district
119 # 2688
Determination of critical pressure values on the basis of multiple one-axial soil compaction tests
119 # 2689
Interpretation of test results for one-axial soil compaction
119 # 2671
Method of testing intensity of cows hitting on above-neck railing
119 # 2659
The impact of load on deformation progress for ballshaped vegetables
119 # 2670
The reason for using corn and fermented liquid manure ensilage for biogas production
119 # 2682
The structure of tractors in the examined farms according to engine horsepower
119 # 2654
Values of unit pressure at selected depths in ground covered with sod for varying sod use intensities
120 # 2721
Analysis of limited deleterious substances (pollutants) production by mobile energy sources in agriculture
120 # 2690
Domain and place of agricultural engineering in the structure of science
120 # 2711
Methodic aspects of determining durations, disturbance size, and their impact on milking quality in pipeline milking machine
120 # 2701
Ploughshare distribution logistics
120 # 2691
The concept of methodology employed to assess dispersed sowing
120 # 2703
The impact of extract content on selected physical properties of garden beet juice and efficiency of its drying
120 # 2717
The impact of wind direction on falling of atomised utility liquid stream during spraying flat field crops
121 # 2736
Assessment of the selection of transport facilities in farms in the aspect of transport distance
121 # 2748
Colour compression impact on operation of a neural identification model
121 # 2758
Effectiveness of using the EU means by farms on the example of selected programmes
121 # 2738
Modelling the process of mixing multicomponent granular patterns with the use of non-linear regression
121 # 2728
Noise level reduction in the process involving pneumatic transport of sugar using a truck-tractor compressor
121 # 2729
Noise propagation in the process involving pneumatic transport of sugar using a truck-tractor compressor
121 # 2737
Possession of technical means of production and their use in vegetable farms differing in area
121 # 2744
Potato tuber electric potential
121 # 2739
Quality assessment of an eleven-component granular mixture after mixing time reduction
121 # 2753
The impact of bed aeration on the progress of first composting process phase
121 # 2745
The impact of moisture content on selected mechanical properties of oats and barley seeds
121 # 2735
The impact of moisture content on selected physical properties of the pawo variety triticale
121 # 2751
Total and irregular negative pressure fluctuations in selected points of pipeline milker installation
121 # 2746
Wear and tear analysis for ploughshares with fixed and replaceable cutting edge in landside part
122 # 2761
Characteristics of physical properties of selected varieties of spelt
122 # 2791
Development of visualisation systems in the automation of milking of cows
122 # 2786
Distribution of fall of liquid sprayed by selected double-stream sprayers in conditions of operation of the main air stream
122 # 2764
Energy expenditures in the process of grinding of chips of the willow Salix viminalis L.
122 # 2760
Evaluation of changes of strength parameters for sod used with varying intensity
122 # 2797
History of agricultural technology in the library of the Faculty of Production and Power Engineering of the Agricultural University of Cracow
122 # 2773
Impact of humidity on rheological properties of the shredded energy grass Miscanthus giganteous
122 # 2772
Impact of pollution of working elements of the chisel on operating parameters of the unit
122 # 2796
Impact of the configuration of the plastification system on selected features of extruded full-grain noodles
122 # 2781
Impact of the kind of surface layer on the course of wear of plough share chisels
122 # 2774
Mechanical strength of the grass blade of Miscanthus giganteus
122 # 2765
Method of evaluation of susceptibility of spelt grains to mechanical damages during the threshing process
122 # 2780
Optimisation of the lettuce production technology
122 # 2795
Preliminary evaluation of development of semisubsistence farms in years 2005-2008
122 # 2775
Pressure of soil on the rake face of the plough share and loss of material from that face
122 # 2794
Proposals for the modernisation of control systems being used in mushroom-growing cellars
122 # 2799
Reaction classes and agronomic categories of soils and their photoacoustic images
122 # 2770
Research station for mechanical milking of cows
122 # 2798
Selected physical properties of the spelt grain
122 # 2783
Some mechanical properties of stalks and ears of spelt
123 # 2839
Acquisition and use of weather data in the national system of decision support in plant production
123 # 2831
Analysis of mechanisation services in ecological farms
123 # 2825
Construction of a station for testing of energy aspects of composting of biomass of agricultural origin
123 # 2808
Resistances of air flow through a conical drier filled with bean seeds
123 # 2832
The analysis of mechanisation services on organic farms
123 # 2826
Use of production resources vs. expenditures of labour in farms
124 # 2849
Analysis of the impact of roof shaped elements on the process of multicomponent granular pattern mixing in a flow mixer
124 # 2850
Criteria for suppliers’ selection in farms
124 # 2844
The influence of selected factors on the number of contacts between seeds
124 # 2853
Two-stage motion of particles in the discharge spout of forage harvester
125 # 2861
Analysis of the use of decision support systems by farmers
125 # 2865
Application of support vector machines and digital image analysis in carrot roots classification
125 # 2886
Decision support system for domesticated plants protection
125 # 2857
Innovative NetApp storage solutions for modern information technology
125 # 2889
Methodical and practical aspects of mapping the spatial and temporal trends of yields
125 # 2879
The development of an internet decision support system for crop protection
125 # 2880
The impact of cultivator tine finishing on its fatigue wear
125 # 2891
The use of stochastic programming models for optimizing the structure of production in farms of various size
125 # 2864
Use of open system for controlling microclimate in utility rooms
125 # 2890
Validation of the ZeaSoft decision support system – yield models
126 # 2906
Agricultural equipment possession assessment for selected farms specialised in milk production
126 # 2897
Applying sequential procedure in the analysis of geometrical characteristics for seeds of selected cereal plants
126 # 2902
Comparison of statistical methods employed to examine the impact of nitrogen fertilisation on strength characteristics of rye grain
126 # 2895
Computer control system for ventilation and dust extraction system in a grain mill
126 # 2903
Crop losses and profitability threshold for cereals protection
126 # 2908
Influence of the S071 Kruk seeder operating parameters on the distribution of cucumber seeds in a row
126 # 2929
Possession of technical equipment by selected farms benefitting from the European Union funds
126 # 2917
Protection of multiflorous bean against rust (Uromyces appediculatus) using standard and ejector type atomisers
126 # 2904
Research methodology and preparation of learning datasets for neural networks identifying compost quality
126 # 2901
The assessment of possibilities to apply the acoustic emission method to detect wheat grain impurities
126 # 2921
Vibration type sieve batcher P. 1. Volumetric pour of seeds
128 # 2893
An integrated energy expenditure evaluation method for basic cultiva
129 # 2961
Agricultural produce transport optimisation in the conditions of market non-balance
129 # 2963
Analysis of changes in the grain mass volume for the selected crop species, occurring under load
129 # 2937
Analysis of selected soil properties for various cultivation technologies
129 # 2946
Change in carrot root surface pressure values in function of time for constant initial displacement value
129 # 2969
Evaluating the quality features of frozen foods on the the basis of image canvassing
129 # 2957
Longitudinal parallelism of wheat seed sowing using a seeder with disk coulters
129 # 2960
Modelling a protective action synthesis for the agricultural producution process
129 # 2953
The air flow resistance during ground wheat grain aeration
129 # 2948
The impact of dry matter content on the rheological properties of carrot juice
129 # 2947
The impact of humidity and vertical pressure on unit flow resistance values for air flowing through the barley grain layer
129 # 2940
The impact of pressure exerted by the grain mass stored in a silo on changes in geometrical parameters of wheat
129 # 2968
The impact of spraying parameters and positioning of a selected double stream atomiser on distribution of sprayed liquid drop
129 # 2967
The impact of spraying parameters on sprayed objects coverage degree for a selected double stream atomiser
129 # 2941
The potential and use of computer analysis and image processing in the agricultural and food industry
129 # 2966
Theoretical analysis of mechanical meat cutting process in thermodynamic aspect
130 # 2983
Adaptive control of the system of exhaust gas recirculation in terms of reducing the emissions of deleterious substances in a classic compression ignition engine
130 # 2975
Analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of scientific work
130 # 2977
Analysis of distribution of microbiological preparation in bales of moist hay formed in round baler
130 # 2989
Analysis of quality changes of multi-component granular mixture during mixing process in industrial feed manufacturing plant
130 # 2991
Determination of the effective mixing duration with recirculation of components for an eleven-component feed mixture
130 # 3007
Determination of the Poisson ratio for carrot roots by means of video extensometer
130 # 2990
Estimation of effective mixing time with components recirculation for 10-component feed mixture
130 # 2980
Evaluation of the process of active regeneration of DPF system of a delivery vehicle
130 # 2998
Evaluation of the wear of modern construction materials used to produce soil treatment tools
130 # 3003
Identification of attributes as a stage of modelling ergonomic evaluation of workstations
130 # 2993
Mechanical properties of the texture of biscuit on fat dough
130 # 2992
Multi-objective optimization of the burnishing process on the basis of regression equations for particular agricultural machinery parts
130 # 3010
Numerical simulation of physical phenomena during the burnishing rolling in regeneration of parts of agricultural machinery
130 # 2999
The influence of power transmission poles located on the field on operational indicators of machine units
131 # 3092
3D reconstruction method of seeds in CAD application
131 # 3059
Analysis of the threshing spelt process in the blade-sieve threshing unit
131 # 3090
Application of fuzzy sets in microclimate control in agricultural buildings
131 # 3064
Decision process modelling in the integrated agricultural production system
131 # 3075
Energy properties of the selected biomass types
131 # 3081
Influence of mixed sowing of yellow lupine with gymnosperm barley on the selected physical properties of seeds
131 # 3068
Influences of multiple static loads on the level of condensation and rheologic properties of the mass of oil plant seeds
131 # 3062
Investigations on lying area for dairy cows with the use of video recording technology
131 # 3091
Optimisation of microclimate control in a mushroom growing cellar
131 # 3066
Self-organizing fuzzy modelling with data clustering methods
131 # 3083
Ultraviolet radiation in limiting parasitic gangrene of pine seedlings (Pinus sylvestris L.)
132 # 3106
An analysis of biogas production from grass silage as dependent upon feed quality
132 # 3094
Analysis of technologies employed in farms specialised in sugar beet production
132 # 3108
Analysis of volume changes of selected cereal ground grain in result of loading
132 # 3096
Influence of moisture and vertical pressure on airflow resistance through oat grain
132 # 3103
The concept of a mechanical device to obtain milk from sows
132 # 3097
Using neural networks in the process of mixing heterogeneous granular materials
132 # 3112
Verifying the properties of grass haylage from anaerobic processing
133 # 3041
A survey of stabilisation systems of field spraying machine toolbars
133 # 3054
Influence of disturbance in vacuum installation of milking machine on the parameters of selected pulsators
133 # 3040
Influence of selected compression parameters of light soil on its resistance against cultivator tines cutting
133 # 3032
Influence of stubble intercrop growing on spring barley production profitability
133 # 3033
Laboratory tests on seed stream distribution in the pneumatic seed drill head
133 # 3027
Optimisation of technical infrastructure of the selected farms with the use of OTR-7 programme
133 # 3050
Physical and chemical properties of plant raw materials used for biofuels production
133 # 3031
Results of the research on the after-sales service quality of the agricultural machines
133 # 3023
Rheological properties of vegatables cultivated under covers
134 # 3133
Analysis of factors in the decision process of purchasing farm tractors
134 # 3142
Changes of surface thrusts of carrot roots in the time function at a constant mean value of an initial load
134 # 3118
Comparison of biogas yield from three types of silage: maize, lucerne and grass silage
134 # 3144
Dimensional analysis of factors influencing mass exchange during the spray drying process of malt wort
134 # 3115
Ecocomic analysis of the use of cob rachis as alternative fuel
134 # 3117
Mechanical properties of Polish durum wheat seeds
134 # 3138
Methodological and technical aspects of a laboratory research of a sensor for dynamic measurement of soil moisture
134 # 3143
Modelling displacements distributions of a cylinder sample of a potato tuber at an axial load using a fine elements method
134 # 3132
Modelling the course of anaerobic digestion process based on basic factors, which control the process
134 # 3140
Quality assessment of technical service of agricultural machines
134 # 3120
Selected aspects of energy use in agriculture
136 # 3169
A concept of the questionnaire measurement of work safety culture
136 # 3175
A farmer\'s education in comparison to an index of educational and technical development and an efficiency index of development
136 # 3160
A loyality programme as a modern method of the management of distribution logistics of tractors and agricultural machines spare parts
136 # 3164
Determination of the sample size in assessing the quality of multicomponent heterogeneous granular systems
136 # 3161
Influence of air pressure in a vibrator on selected technological parameters of a chute dispenser during supply of beetroot seeds
136 # 3186
Influence of moisture on the value of some properties of a buckwheat seed of Panda variety
136 # 3183
Influence of multiple loading of carrot root on the value of surface compression
136 # 3157
Innovativeness in ecological animal production
136 # 3165
Level and structure of stocks costs depending on the distance of agricultural farms from supply markets
136 # 3188
The application of SSL LED technology in programmable plant lighting systems
136 # 3181
The prioritizing process of the quality assessment criteria for agricultural machinery-service by comparisons method
136 # 3176
Willow-leaved sunflower Helianthus Salicifolius A. Dietr. for energy purposes
137 # 3206
Analysis of raw materials and goods flow with regard to production trends on the example of selected farms of Southern Poland
137 # 3196
Certification research and operating conditions of the diesel engine work
137 # 3190
Evaluation of using IT technology in milk production farms on the territory of Kolneński poviat in Podlaskie Voivodeship
137 # 3197
Hybrid drive for agricultural vehicles
137 # 3213
Influence of caryopses moisture and vertical load on their energy and germination ability
137 # 3218
Lodging resistance of the selected varieties of spelt Triticum Aestivum ssp. Spelta l.
137 # 3200
Principal components analysis in evaluation of relation between land use and greenhouse gases emission from agriculture
137 # 3228
Validation of the decision support system ZeaSoft – fertilization module
138 # 3237
Bean seeds processing in the non-water and osmotic environment
138 # 3245
Dynamics of changes of the selected textural properties of apples during secondary storing
138 # 3249
Ergonomic evaluation of working conditions of milk packing positions
138 # 3247
Experimental characteristic of textural properties of the selected varieties of pears
138 # 3239
Influence of saccharin additive on physical properties of sponge-fat dough
138 # 3248
The investigation of pressure exerted by the material on the wall of the densification chamber
139 # 3293
Algorithm of relaxation modulus identification using stress measurements from the real test of relaxation
139 # 3260
Comparison of the selected errors of an agricultural aggregate crossings driven manually and automatically
139 # 3269
Criteria evaluation of optimal selection of agricultural machines
139 # 3300
Downy mildew development model (Pseudoperonospora humuli) – internet application
139 # 3256
Energy assessment of cooperation of tractor tyres with agricultural beds of varied density degrees
139 # 3282
Evaluation of environmental burdens from the electricity production with the LCA approach
139 # 3277
Influence of density and velocity of sowing on distribution of corn seeds sown with a pneumatic precision sieve
139 # 3262
Morphometric features of rye caryopses stored in a silo
139 # 3297
Possibilities for application of aerial photographs of low altitude as photo interpretation data for assessment of grasslands
139 # 3279
Progress and effectiveness in relation to the size of farms and production orientation in agricultural farms of Małopolskie Region
139 # 3265
Selection of agricultural equipment for the preparation of dairy cattle fodder
139 # 3290
Suitability of Magitop corn as a substrate for biogas production based on initial research
139 # 3295
The issue of fatigue evaluation of agricultural machines shown in a multirole unit
139 # 3280
Verification of emission coefficients of ammonia and greenhouse gases from livestock production
140 # 3307
Materials and commodity flows in farms from the aspect of production simplification
140 # 3305
Mechanisation costs in family farms of varied production
140 # 3306
Quantitative and qualitative analysis of new energy maize cultivars for anaerobic fermentation
141 # 3343
Change of the structure of the oil-in-water emulsion in the lengthwise flow
141 # 3352
Effect of the pores distribution in transverse section on textural property of cereal extrudate
141 # 3340
Energy characteristics of displacement pumps transporting food liquids
141 # 3347
Production of sodium caseinate solution with the use of a stator-rotor stirrer in a laboratory mixer without partitions
141 # 3323
The effect of the surface development of extrudate on the dynamics of water sorption in various storage conditions
141 # 3339
The use of computer image analysis in the evaluation of selected beef quality features
143 # 3360
Analysis of auto-cistern utilization in the field of milk purchase on the example of a small dairy plant
143 # 3381
Analysis of potential selection decisions of tractors made by the farm owners
143 # 3368
Comparison of the carbon black and nitric oxide emission in the diesel and rapeseed engine by means of modeling in AFL Fire programme
143 # 3387
Diversity of additional activity in the selected ecological farms
143 # 3371
Evaluation of the homogeneity of the eleven-component feed mixture
143 # 3357
Intraengine reduction of noxious substances emission in the engine of the outroad vehicle equipped with an EGR system
143 # 3386
Modelling of temperature field in the ground with the use of spreadsheet
143 # 3362
Modification of the outside characteristics of a diesel engine by means of change of fuel injection parameters
143 # 3363
Potential possibilities for the deveopment of biogas plants on the example of zachodniopomorskie voivodeship
143 # 3361
The situation of agricultural distilleries and bioethanol industry in Poland
143 # 3372
The use of multivariate analysis of variance to assess the size of a sample of multicomponent fodder
143 # 3356
Theoretical assessment of power transmission in a tractor exploited on various grounds
145 # 3417
Assessment methods of granular and loose mixtures homogeneity
145 # 3393
Comparative analysis of the selected processes of the technical service of agricultural machines
145 # 3418
Computer visualization of the contact area of a tyre and the soggy soil
145 # 3428
Distribution of surface pressure of apples at impact loading
145 # 3427
Heat of combustion of straw and wastes from wheat spelt fertilized with varied doses of potassium
145 # 3411
Impact of investments in agricultural farms on the improvement of farmers' safety
145 # 3405
Impact of stress relaxation on surface pressure changes of apples
145 # 3398
The influence of mechatronic starting knotters actuating mechanism on parameters and quality of work of the wicker harvesting machine
145 # 3419
The structure of geometry data in AutoCAD and its development possibilities
145 # 3426
The use of thermovision in the study of thermal distribution within the plastic tunnels equipped with heat accumulators
146 # 3454
A prevailing research subject matter concerning a plant protection technology
146 # 3445
An attempt to determine surface pressures of apples in the single box in the aspect of its usefulness for transport and storage
146 # 3435
Analysis of realization of planned technical service of farm tractors
146 # 3432
Assessment of impact of soil properties change and vertical wheel load on traction properties of the selected radial tyre
146 # 3436
Assessment of possibility of improving traction properties through change of tyre pumping pressure
146 # 3458
Assessment of possibility of using microwaves for heating spouted bed during drying apples
146 # 3464
Comparison of energy usefulness of the selected biomass briquettes
146 # 3444
Investigation of apples sensitivity to bruising at impact loading
146 # 3463
Limiting emission of gas pollution from the fattening house through application of heat recovery installation
146 # 3457
Logistics of supply of agricultural farms in the selected production means
146 # 3465
Resistance of the selected milking machines to oscillation of negative pressure in the pipe milking machine installation
147 # 3500
Amplitude of disturbance of the system under pressure in the pipeline milking machine and its impact on the parameters of operation of milking apparatuses of the selected makes
147 # 3475
Analysis of traction properties of tyres on the forest subgrade of varied moisture
147 # 3477
Assessment of energy losses of a drive wheel equipped with grass type tyres
147 # 3471
Assessment of reaction of tyres with different external dimensions on the change of vertical load
147 # 3501
Change of surface pressures of apples in the creep test
147 # 3487
Changes of the chemical composition of potato tubers during storage and their impact on the selected properties of crisps
147 # 3497
Logical diagnostics in the assessment of technical condition of modern agricultural tractors
147 # 3476
Methodological aspects of measuring hardness of maize caryopsis
147 # 3473
The selected methodical aspects of using the Proctor apparatus in tests of soils concentration ability
147 # 3498
The use of fuzzy inference in the decision-making process of purchase of an agricultural tractor
148 # 3513
Anisotropy of mechanical properties of mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus (J.E. Lange) Imbach)
148 # 3512
Comparison of moisture properties of soils in the context of their susceptibility to compaction with wheels of farm vehicles
148 # 3518
Ergonomic evaluation of acoustic environment in the livestock building converted for industrial purposes
148 # 3524
Quality and nutritional value of silage made of meadow grass mowed with and without conditioners
148 # 3514
Structure and composition of waste in the landfill in Wola Suchożebrska
149 # 3529
Analysis of lying area in the barn with the use of video recording technology
149 # 3534
Analysis of possibilities of obtaining essential oils from herbaceous plants waste
149 # 3550
Distribution of surface thrusts on avocado fruit at the constant load value
149 # 3531
Functional properties of the computer system for temperature diagnosis of cows
149 # 3533
Influence of ultrasound treatment on the process of obtaining essence from caraway seeds
150 # 3555
Analysis of municipal waste collected by the selected waste management establishments
150 # 3571
Analysis of photovoltaic cells usage in a household
150 # 3560
Analysis of the size of dust particles which were formed during pellet production
150 # 3556
Application of plano RS software in a farm
150 # 3570
Distribution of surface pressure of avocado fruit at impact loads
150 # 3569
Experimental and theoretical method of determination of loads for cutting units
150 # 3578
Identification of extrusion process parameters based on its response to the step function
150 # 3557
Implementation of precise farming technique on the example of a multi-surface agricultural farm
150 # 3562
Model solutions of distribution logistics with regard to organic products
151 # 3601
Analysis of the electric power distribution systems on the rural areas of central Poland
151 # 3597
Comparison of greenhouse gas emissions during summer from fattening pigs, kept either on fully slatted floor or on deep litter
151 # 3579
Determination of the environmental impact of a new biomass logistics chain
151 # 3580
Internet market of spare parts for agricultural machines
151 # 3603
Updating databases of the internet decision support system for cereals protection
152 # 3615
Ergonomic assessment of loading the musculoskeletal system of workers in the geotextile production process
152 # 3621
Expert systems as a tool for decision support in integrated pest management
152 # 3625
High-Frequency Trading of agricultural commodities as a source of additional income in agriculture
152 # 3628
Impact of the variable level of potassium fertilization on fragility of a rachis of the selected spelt varieties
152 # 3605
Providing milk agricultural farms with the production means
152 # 3608
Results of operational and functional research of the slot dispensing assembly
152 # 3610
The influence of nozzle configuration in orchard sprayers on the vertical distribution of spray
152 # 3606
Theory of the ploughing mechanism of the sugar beet combine harvester
153 # 3636
A modern method of obtaining organic seeds of onion and radish
153 # 3637
A preliminary assessment of using the operating head with oval nozzles for impingement fluidization of vegetables
153 # 3646
Analysis of seasonality of demand for maintenance services of agricultural tractors
153 # 3642
Economic analysis of non-litter cattle barns
153 # 3644
Impact of the speed of cultivation units and cultivation and sowing units on the working resistance in the aspect of long-term use of different systems of soil cultivation
153 # 3638
Innovations in the structure of plant material pelletizers
153 # 3633
The influence of moisture content of barley on the flaking process
154 # 3658
The use of morphological analysis in the wheat quality feature extraction
155 # 3664
Computer image analysis and artificial neuron networks in the qualitative assessment of agricultural products
155 # 3676
Energy properties of pellet as a renewable energy source of the future
155 # 3677
Impact of plant biomass moisture on efficiency, unit energy consumption and quality of pellet
155 # 3665
The use of neural image analysis in the identification of information encoded in a graphical form
156 # 3680
Analysis of the power flux in the tractor wheel-farming ground system
156 # 3679
Assessment of the change in the rolling resistance of a wheel in varied field conditions
156 # 3691
Comparison of pollutant emission indicators during virginia mallow pellets and wood pellets combustion – a case study
156 # 3688
The impact of wheel spacing on allowable force applied to the axis of the agricultural vehicle
16 # 759
An attempt to technological evaluation of a device for separating meat from animal bones with the use of computer image analysis
16 # 764
Effect of moisture content on selected mechanical properties of amaranth seeds
16 # 768
Effect of storage duration on physical properties of rye grain
16 # 770
Evaluating the possibilities of granular bed application to flowing-mixing of fluids
16 # 781
Investigation of energy dissipation in meat with an experimental ultrasonic device
16 # 754
Methods to determine basic rheological properties of thixotropic fluids
16 # 755
Rheological properties of bee honey in cristalized form
16 # 771
Size of wheat grains and rheological properties of dough
16 # 761
Testing the composition of loose two-ingredient mixture by using computer image analysis
18 # 1538
Agro-technical consequences of the positioning of objects by satellite and of field microcartography by computer
18 # 1531
Analysis of the research film with the use of multimedia card mirovideo dc 30
18 # 1519
Application of a visual system for efficiency assessment of the process of dehulling of grain
18 # 1526
Application of computer image analysis for the parametrisation of the potato tuber tissue structure
18 # 1537
Application of computer image analysis in measurements of agricultural wheels deformation parameters
18 # 1528
Computer image analysis in in-situ experiments
18 # 1529
Control of parameters of the thermal disinfection of substrate in the greenhouse
18 # 1521
Effect of skidding tractor wheels on the forest soil
18 # 1524
Evaluation of the state of winter wheat crop-stand by using of computer image analysis
18 # 1525
Film as the research instrument in evaluation of durability of buckwheat seed
18 # 1533
Film methods for operational and technical tests of machinery in nursery
18 # 1517
Influence of planting mechanism on distribution uniformity and yield of potatoes
18 # 1536
Measurement of geometrical parameters of spruce seedlings needles by using video-computer technique
18 # 1532
Measuring the cutting tooth geometry of power saw chains and assessing the wear of saw chains using the method of image analysis
18 # 1516
Principles of planning of logging technologies with application of computer techniques
18 # 1513
The cutting resistance as a measure of potato tubers resistance to mechanic damages - research stand description
18 # 1518
The measurement of effective contact surface of friction materials
18 # 1530
The use of computer-aided image analysis in the integrated forest inventory
18 # 1512
The use of geostatical methods for processing penetrometer data
18 # 1522
The use of TV transmission as a method of monitoring farm machines' components
19 # 988
Analysis of the risk in agricultural production process
19 # 991
Comparison of elasticity of a single cereal grain and grains compressed in bulk
19 # 1007
Computer aided dedsion making at microclimate control in potato stores
19 # 1004
Evaluating the operation quality of single-row and six-row sugar beet harvesters
19 # 1017
Evaluation of the roads for agricultural transport on an example of selected commune
19 # 986
Functions of the Central Commission in development of scientific staff
19 # 997
Losses if chemical additives during application to green forage atpicking up with a roller-baler
19 # 994
Possibilities of calibrating an electro-kinetic splash metering device
19 # 987
Some problems of precision farming
19 # 1020
Usefulness of selectad forest tree species in integrated utilizat of the mountain pastures
2 # 545
An application of the Analytic Hierarchy Process to landfill sitting decisions
2 # 537
Application of non-conventional energy sources in village infrastructure
2 # 536
Experience of the EPA and BAAP projects in building manure pits on the farms
2 # 540
Impact of water reservoirs on infrastructure of protected areas in Czorsztyn commune
2 # 544
The significance of tourism values in planning of local strategy development in Orawa region
2 # 543
The state of infrastructure as a factor determining local development of tourist and recreation services in rural areas of Małopolska
21 # 471
Application of logistic regression to investigate the indices of technical advancement
21 # 509
Application possibilities of the global positioning system in agriculture
21 # 487
Choice of technical means to maize cultivation for silage
21 # 503
Course of damaging seeds at mechanical harvest
21 # 482
Disturbances in milk flow out and the health state of mammary gland in cows
21 # 495
Effect of granular soil structure on the wear of construction materials
21 # 489
Evaluation of the costs of machine part quality
21 # 511
Fuel consumption by tractor-machine sets depending on the level of precison pair wear in fuel supply system
21 # 513
Influence of french bean plant characteristics on selected indices of pod harvesting quality
21 # 478
Method of evaluating seed distribution quality after drilling the cereals
21 # 485
Milk performance of the dairy herd and technical equipment of the farm
21 # 488
Multitude-theory model of feed distribution process in the piggeries
21 # 486
Parameters of machine milking as affected by the quantity of air sucked in around the teat
21 # 465
Process engineering attempt to renovation of the technical object – according to the ISO 9001/2000 standard
21 # 481
Propagation of agricultural tractors' noise in the environment of their operation
21 # 499
The Pearsons and Hellinger’s statistics in the X2 test of independence and the X2 test of fit goodness
28 # 1604
Computational aspects of dimensioning of under pressurized wastewater disposal pipe net
28 # 1585
natural and technical infrastructure of the Zielonka Forest
28 # 1581
New plants technologies influence on agriculture environment protection
28 # 1586
Risk and barriers in infrastructure range of countries regions
28 # 1598
Small sewage treatment plants as an element of rural environment protection
28 # 1595
The economic analysis of the „Lemna"- type sewage treatment plant in Minnow district Świętokrzyskie province
28 # 1589
The profile of the development of agro tourist infrastructure in Małopolska province
28 # 1597
Water utilization in herring bone parlor, Grodkowice agricultural experimental station
3 # 1712
Actual state and development trends in technique and technology of green crops harvesting and conservation
31 # 1687
Application of virtual instruments to visualization of measurement data
31 # 1685
Computer aid of psychical fatigue opinion
31 # 1669
Computer simulation of the grain motion in combine harvester as a tool for improvement of grain yield mapping in precision agriculture
31 # 1667
Farm model in UML notation
31 # 1688
Geographic information systems in decision support for agriculture
31 # 1680
Integration of graphic supporting programmes projecting with databases as well as possibilities of theirs utilization in agricultural sector
31 # 1659
Introducing open education elements cheap Internet technology
31 # 1694
Investment in potato irrigation - a contribution to the decision support system
31 # 1689
Measuring of soil electrical conductivity for mapping of spatial variability of soil properties within a field
31 # 1661
Numeric analysis of tractor vibrations through sensivity analysis
31 # 1663
Object-oriented modelling in creating computer aided system of analysis of drying and storing processes of grain cereals
31 # 1673
Optimization of the selection of the engageable mechanical ratio in a continuous variable powersplit tractor transmission
31 # 1693
Proecological two-layer soil tillage combining the qualities ofploughing and no-tillage
31 # 1658
The Caterpillar DATA View hardware and software applied to research ofmachines and tractors
31 # 1672
Use of JSP (Java Server Pages) technology in create of distributed application for protection of plants
31 # 1683
Use of visional system of view analysis in research process of radicular vegetables cut
33 # 664
An Influence of a diesel engine's cold start in Iow ambient temperaturę on exhaust smoke
33 # 656
Determination of mechanical properties of bedding of cereal grain using uniaxial compression test
33 # 691
Determination of some technological properties of the microwave treated barley and wheat grain
33 # 661
Ergonomie aspects of pasta produetion
33 # 692
Errors in calculation of selected parameters of air treated as a drying agent using humidity meter with a psychometric sensor
33 # 609
Humanization of the machine operating process in the agricultural working environment
33 # 688
Identification of assesment criteria of removing and storing manure in the aspect of environment protection requirements
33 # 684
Influence of results averaging on statistical inference in linear regression
33 # 616
Knowledge representation about state of objects in information infrastructure of maintenance system
33 # 621
Polowe badania wpływu występu na zależność nacisk - zagłębienie płytki bewametru
33 # 615
Process Based Machinery Maintenance
33 # 634
Soils, yields and fertilization demands variation within the field
35 # 911
A comparison of the results of modeling the mixing process of homogenous granular components using a stochastic model and the back propagation method in neural networks
35 # 899
A logistic system for transport management of currants
35 # 879
A method for multi-featured anaiysis of the standard of technical means in agriculture from the spatial
35 # 878
A method for spatial anaiysis of ihe standard of technical means in agriculture
35 # 882
An attempt to restrict computer crimes reiated to the Information flow in a produetion logistic system of a food company
35 # 901
An evaluation of possible occupational health hazards associated with a computer workplace
35 # 880
Computer aided ergonomie anaiysis of workplaces at screen monitors
35 # 876
Diagnostics of flai fan atomizers at their operational Location
35 # 904
Evaluation of the sugar extraction process by means of control charts
35 # 877
Information - based electronic system for diagnosing and testing of a combine
35 # 914
Internet decision support in integrated pest management in Poland
35 # 890
Internet system for decision support In hop replanting
35 # 883
It-based electronic control system for agricultural tractors Massey Ferguson series 8200
35 # 908
Modelllng of a flat solar coliectors cover
35 # 884
Postreiational databases cache intersystems
35 # 905
Precision farming - soil's electrical conductivity mapping
35 # 888
Some of characteristics of stickness and resilience in a potato tuber on the basis of a tension relaxation test
36 # 1078
Agrotourism in tasks of common agricultural politics in EU
36 # 1046
Agrotourist standards in the country of the based on Germany and Austria
36 # 1050
Analysis of concentration and location of selected environmental hazards in South-East Poland
36 # 1044
Analysis of the environment natural condition and select elements of in frastructure sanitation in mountainous of a healt resort populace the rabbles in Poland
36 # 1061
Assessment of the funcioning of mini treatment plant installed a village school at Rajbrot
36 # 1045
Ecological investments in choosen communes of Podarpacie province
36 # 1067
Experimential analysis of stresses in the subgrade on the country-area
36 # 1058
Ground filters as an element of morę thorough sewage treatment
36 # 1065
Initial assessment of new technologies in flood embankment modernisation
36 # 1048
Investments into municipal economy as the main factor of risk and local development
36 # 1052
Spatial distribution of technical infrastructure in the Świętokrzyskie voivodship
36 # 1053
Statistical evaluation of the changes of the rural areas inner structure in Małopolska province in voivodpoint of technical infrastructure in 1995-2000
41 # 555
Economic and ecological aspects of applying renewable and conventional fuels
41 # 572
Local council’s capabilities in executing and financing infrastructural investments
41 # 550
Regional aspects of agrotourism development in the Małopolska province
41 # 565
Spatial differentiation of natural an social & economic conditions utilized to meet the needs of tourism in the Myszków district
41 # 573
The community funds of environment protection as a source of financing ecological village terrain areas infrastructure
41 # 553
The main problems of agrotourism development on rural areas in the Kielce region
41 # 549
Water reservoir in Nielisz as an example of pro-ecological investment
45 Tom I # 1091
Determination of soil-water erosion in mountain basin with agricultural land use
45 Tom I # 1106
Ecological, legal and planning problems of afforestation in the rural areas
45 Tom I # 1101
Environmental protection activity in Sułkowice commune
45 Tom I # 1119
Indicators of infrastructural organization and multifunctional development of rural mountain areas. Metodical approach
45 Tom I # 1099
Preferences in multifunctional rural development
45 Tom I # 1105
Problems of dispersed spatial information systems in Poland from the viewpoint of spatial planning
45 Tom I # 1118
The ecological production in the agriculture in the Kieleccczyzna region
45 Tom I # 1117
The proecological investment's processes risk management in country regions
45 Tom I # 1115
The technical infrastructure as element of development remedially-touristic function in Sudethian region
45 Tom II # 1148
Application of fuzzy clustering to comparative analysis of a failure frequency of rural distribution networks
45 Tom II # 1146
Application of the SWOT analysis to evaluate the water-supply management in a commune
45 Tom II # 1152
Calculating of load in the rural low voltage power networks
45 Tom II # 1141
Energetistic outlays in initial operations of transformation of meat
45 Tom II # 1132
Energy expenditures on dried apple production in a chosen factory
45 Tom II # 1158
Evaluation of the roads for agricultural transport on the example of urban and urban-rural commune
45 Tom II # 1156
Models of infrastructure development in the contex of economic structure of rural areas
45 Tom II # 1134
Multifunctional rural development in market offer
45 Tom II # 1125
Regime hydrogeological variability water-head Przeźmo in district Nagłowice
45 Tom II # 1143
Selected issues connected with using GIS in waterworks
45 Tom II # 1140
The impact of Domaniów reservoir on technical infrastructure development
45 Tom II # 1151
Wooden buildings in Bolesław commune
51 # 1639
A genekalized linear model as a tool of testing technical progress
51 # 1641
An application of the metchod of acousting emission in differentiaton of stones from potato bulbs
51 # 1638
Applying concentrtion analisys to deteumine agrecultural mechines series of types
51 # 1640
Discrimination analisys as an evaluation tool for the influence selected factors upon the technical progress efficiency in agriculture
51 # 1617
Environment-friendly progress
51 # 1624
Influence of seed shape upon the contact area value
51 # 1621
Metchods of evaluating operations of modernised family farms
51 # 1634
Nitric fertilization influence upon resistance properties of rye grain of amilo variety
51 # 1636
Pressure resistance of barley grain dried by microvawe systems at lowered pressure
51 # 1648
Temperaturee changes of horticultural substrate placed in multi-cell trays, heater with a resistance heating wire
51 # 1631
The influence of storage-time of freeze-dried champignons on the compression work
51 # 1633
The influence of storage-time of liofilized garlic on the compression work and cutting work
51 # 1643
The influence of the knife sharpening angle and speed upon potato tuber cutting resistance
51 # 1645
The metchod of recording and transyerse distribution estimating of seeds losser at rape dessication
52 # 802
Agricultural production extensification through agricultural environmental program (forecast for the south of Poland)
52 # 790
Electromagnetic fields in the countryside
52 # 814
Evaluation of output quality of disc and share cultivators
52 # 803
Logistic costs in selected farms
52 # 792
Luminescent evaluation of the environmental threats condition
52 # 794
Mechanisation efficiency in selected systems of agricultural production
52 # 810
Mineral fertilization efficiency in precision agriculture
52 # 788
Possibilities of feeding diesel engines rape oil in the agricultural vehicles
52 # 786
Selected quality evaluation parameters for granulated fodder following an example of poultry fodder
53 # 583
Analysis of lying area surfaces for dairy cows using technical systems with film monitoring
53 # 575
Calculation of stress course at soil with the using of program product Pro/Mechanica
53 # 593
Computer image analysis in drying shrinkage determination
53 # 598
Field information system related to use of the GIS
53 # 601
Forest stands structure and terrain geomorphology analysis in of geographic information systems environment
53 # 576
Influence of variety, fraction size, and fertilizer form applied to potato bulb-cutting resistance
53 # 582
Partial application of computer based image analysis in modeling seed shapes
53 # 585
The influence of tractor wheel passes on morphometrical properties of soil under grassland
56 # 521
Development of sustainable agriculture in Denmark
56 # 523
Ecological aspects of precision farming
60 # 1575
Automatic identification of the end of near-ambient drying of rapeseed in a deep-stationary-bed
60 # 1563
Biodegradable biopolymers: materials for packaging
60 # 1544
Emulsifier influence on rheological properties of model food emulsions
60 # 1580
Fundamental analysis of the impact of food processing plants on the environment
60 # 1548
Mechanization of cutting the carp fish bones
60 # 1566
Modern techniques of surface layer treatment applied to machine elemnts for food indusrtr
60 # 1543
The organic pollination influence on the dynamics of kinematics wapour motional-reversal oscillations
61 # 1168
Analysis of distributions of basic physical features of buckwheat seedand "świrzepa" radish hulls in aspect of modelling of distributive processes
61 # 1170
Health and toxicological danger regarding microorganisms found in farm buildings
62 # 703
Identification of rock-bed thermal parameters random distribution as a result of probabilistic character of the storage charging process
62 # 695
Manufacture of heterogeneous surfaces by electro spark deposition and laser beam
62 # 706
Optimization of decision processes using chosen methods of artificial intelligence
63 # 1346
A device to investigate soil firmness, precompaction stress and for sampling soil of undisturbed structure
63 # 1323
Development scenario of Polish economic policy in the context of Lisbon Strategy
63 # 1359
Identification of transverse distribution of seed losses during combine harvesting of rape
63 # 1343
Influence of mounted plough operation on the economy of tractor engine
63 # 1337
Method of vocational risk assessment in agricutural and silvicultural work environment
63 # 1321
Quantitative and spatial characteristic of sensitivity of Polish agricultural soils to destruction
63 # 1354
Resistance of soil to a simple wedge-shaped tool and a symmetric diagonal-wedge tool
63 # 1333
Technical information on agriculture of the Malopolska region
63 # 1347
Teconomical risk analysis of rape cultivation
64 # 744
Carrot root cross section displacements under axial compression
64 # 719
Changes of chemical composition of soil of a potato field induced by sprinkling and mineral fertilisation
64 # 723
Dependence of the technical conditions of the tpc system defined by diagnostic parameters and exhaust gas emimssion exampled by "Polonez" vehicle
64 # 714
Effect of NaCl on frost resistance of winter rye cv. Amilo
64 # 730
Effect of tractor tyre technical parameters and ground rigidity on the wheel ground contact area
64 # 717
Evaluation of crop plants' sensitivity to selected environmental stresses using the fluorescence method
64 # 722
Field studies on optical sensor for dynamic measurments of soil moisture
64 # 735
Influence of drip irrigation and nitrogen fertilizer on the yield of raspberry cultivated on sandy soil
64 # 720
Influence of soil surface load conditions and of the stress concentration coefficient on the range of admissible stress
64 # 736
Preliminary assessment of the degree of disintegration of fodder components, and steam pressure on kinetic resistance of granulated
64 # 745
Selected errors of rheological model parameters determination evaluated on the basis of stress relaxation test for potato tubers
64 # 743
Studies on selected mechanical properties of freeze-dried carrot
64 # 738
Technical and technological aspects of winter oilseed rape cultivation
64 # 715
The use of AutoCad in technological standards for cattle
64 # 751
Types of dunghills and their location in farms of Western Pomerania
64 # 741
Use of chlorophyll fluorescence for estimation of some adjuvants efficacy in a mixture with atrazine
64 # 733
Wheat kernel elasticity module
66 # 1284
An attempt of rape seeds losses reduction during desiccation operations
66 # 1309
Analysis of relationships betwen mass and basic dimensions buckwheat and wild radish segments
66 # 1295
Assaying porosity of seed beds using computer-aided analysis of image
66 # 1310
Chosen aspects of shared utilization of machines
66 # 1285
Considerations on ventilation of combine-harvester cabin
66 # 1278
Decision support system for machinery maintenance
66 # 1293
Digital image analysis in agricultural technology
66 # 1304
Effect of some factors on the amount and structure of electric power consumption in rural households
66 # 1291
Elements of precision agriculture in plant protection
66 # 1302
Implementing innovations in farm machinery refurbishment using knowledge engineering methods
66 # 1282
Method of corrected, average price in farm tractor appraisal
66 # 1299
Methodical aspects of determining bruise susceptibility of apples
66 # 1281
Pair comparison methodology employed for estimating the value of a farm tractor
66 # 1317
Reologic properties of varied structure apple flesh
66 # 1276
The question of optimization of row types machines to fertilization mineral
67 # 958
An example of the use of a neural network to model a mixing process of granular systems
67 # 932
Computer system assisting identification of random distribution of the thermal parameters of stone regenerator
67 # 929
Ecological and economic reasons for use of dispersed cereals swing
67 # 927
Effect of shading screens on light conditions in a film tunnel
67 # 934
Feasibility study of physical methods for treating potato bulb diseases resulting from storage
67 # 933
Network based method of object localization as a reduction factor in agricultural transport cost
67 # 939
Preliminary study on the hydrodynamisc of spouted bed of corn grain
67 # 953
The analysis of economic profitability the construction of a straw burning boiler house and the elimination of greenhouse gases emission by their use
67 # 949
Utilization of communal wastes in territory of selected commune
68 # 1407
An internet module for cost analysis at protection of winter wheat
68 # 1366
Analysis of diagnostic parameter of the combine harvester gear assembly with the use of artificial neural network
68 # 1369
Analysis of front loader dynamics during separated filling of the bucket with granular material
68 # 1364
Analysis of front loader dynamics in phase of the bucket turn into granular medium heap
68 # 1397
Analytical method dealing with underground water protection on rural areas as required by the Spatial Information System
68 # 1396
Application of informatics under conditions of globalization in agriculture
68 # 1368
Application of modelling techniques in ergonomic diagnostics methods of the operator – machine – material environment system
68 # 1379
Application of virtual computer instruments to calibration of biosensors based on the ISFET transistors
68 # 1361
Comparison of the GRNN models developed by using neural network moduli of the MATLAB and STATISTICA packets
68 # 1394
Computer aided assessment of noise level at the work-stands
68 # 1384
Computer aided decision making system at purchasing tractors and agricultural machines
68 # 1403
Computer analysis of the electric field distribution around the winding of bifilar dust electro-filter
68 # 1404
Computer test verifying the students’ knowledge
68 # 1378
Computer–aided realization of ergonomic and work safety and hygiene principles at designing the restaurants and cook–shops
68 # 1363
Electronic-information system for monitoring, steering and management in poultry production and breeding
68 # 1374
Evaluation of Potential Applications of ISFET Sensors in the Food Industry
68 # 1383
EXCEL calculation sheet in teaching of statistical quality control in production process
68 # 1388
Identification of rock-bed thermal parameters random distribution as a result of probabilistic character of the heat storage charging process
68 # 1373
Knowledge base to selection of welding equipment for agricultural machinery workshop
68 # 1399
Monitoring of weighing and packaging goods by means of control charts
68 # 1398
Role and possibilities of electronic learning application in students’ education and agricultural advisory on an example of the IMARK module
68 # 1375
Set of the equipment to mapping grain yield mountedon a combine harvester
68 # 1408
The effect of image resolution and compression on measurement error of cereal grain geometry and colour
68 # 1382
Virtual instrument to evaluation of atomized stream crosswise distribution in agricultural sprayers
69 # 840
Analyses of measuring the velocity of fluid rotating in whirling-settling vat
69 # 829
Analysis of temperature distribution depending on the thermal treatment phase of cured meat products and the size of a smoking-blanching chamber
69 # 825
Changes in colour parameters of anthocyanin solutions while heating
69 # 845
Changes of structure in plant tissue followed dewatering
69 # 823
Fluidal mixing in food industry
69 # 861
69 # 842
Mass motion in model gels and apples dehydrated by osmosis, frozen and stored
69 # 847
Mechanical and acoustic properties of Dry cereal products
69 # 853
Microbiologic evaluation of wheat dried in a metal silo monitored by process controller
69 # 859
Power consumption of a screw agitatorused in an evaporating crystallizer
69 # 838
Releasing the proteins from yeast cells Saccharomyces cerevisiae
69 # 844
Research rate of travel influence on Cutting resistance food products
69 # 832
Testing the process of vibration selection of seeds
69 # 866
Tests on disinfection of paprika seeds
7 # 1722
Information Technologies in the field of machine quality and reliability
7 # 1721
Spatial information system on Polish agricultural resources
70 # 1200
Computer application measuring farm unit operating parameters
70 # 1205
Determination of seeds sizes measurement error by using computer image analysis
70 # 1215
Effect of variable magnetic field on storage losses of potato tubers
70 # 1188
Global positioning system and chances to introduce it in Polish agriculture
70 # 1189
Impact of selected extrusion process parameters on ekstrudate colors changes
70 # 1192
Improvement of dairy cows service using video-computer systems with film monitoring
70 # 1198
Influence of chosen habitable agent's on planting tendril willow Salix Viminalis in mountain conditions
70 # 1186
Measuring technique of temperature of fast-changeable processes
70 # 1226
Operation analysis for Agricola Italiana seeder carried out using film techniques
70 # 1193
Possibilities to use pigments during one-sided micro-section preparation for soil structure image analysis
70 # 1187
Predicting of combine harvester transmission unit mechanical state using the regression model
70 # 1225
Soil spatial variability regarding its physical properties
70 # 1219
The analysis of greenhouse facility production usability
70 # 1197
The computer visualization - The instrument which aids modeling agricultural process
70 # 1183
The evaluation of the horizontal soil resistance with an application of stochastic process theory
70 # 1199
The station for force scaling in three-point tool suspension system links
70 # 1204
Video-computer method used to extract three dimension contact area between tyre and elastic ground in laboratory
71 # 1443
Antiplasticizing effect of water in cereal products
71 # 1410
Application of near infrared spectroscopy to determine glucose solubility in water solution
71 # 1413
Assessment of the working stands of computer operators
71 # 1458
Changes of selected physical properties of pea and bean seeds after wetting under vacuum pressure
71 # 1429
Characteristics of instrumental methods for testing mechanical properties of selected fruits and vegetables
71 # 1460
Comparison of electric energy generation within 1995-2002 in selected provinces
71 # 1427
Determination of starch index in the apples by using of computer image analysis
71 # 1456
Distribution of surface pressure on grains crushed between flat plates
71 # 1421
Effect of concentration on rheological properties of instant grain coffee concentrates
71 # 1423
Effect of draing temperature and technique on selected quality factors of the rape seeds
71 # 1428
Effect of selected factors on seed elasticity index
71 # 1441
Effect of selected geometrical hole parameters on the flow intensity of oats grains
71 # 1457
Effect of single-and two-stage grain crushing process on the quality of bruesed grain
71 # 1440
Effect of the size and position of square hole on flow intensity of the rape seeds
71 # 1462
Effect of the temperature in moisture exchenging process with the use of natural sorbent within first two hours after harvesting of sheat grain
71 # 1463
Effect of thermal treatment in a combi-cooker on sensory properties of the parsley and parsnip
71 # 1418
Evaluation of seed size distribution on laboratory screens
71 # 1419
Possibility of utilization fresh fish raw materials to produce high-protein feeds by extrusion method
71 # 1466
Quality of grainy mixture as affected by the height of mixing paddles and deeling manner of the components
71 # 1455
Role of hydrocolloidal-fatty phase in shaping rheoligical properties of fine minced cured meat stuffings with reduced fat content
71 # 1438
Sorptive properties of selected food powder mixtures of protein-carbohydrrate composition
71 # 1424
Technological value of wheat grain dried by low-temperature method
74 # 1268
A scheme for identification of time-dependent Poisson’s ratio of viscoelastic plant materials with the Kelvin model
74 # 1251
Analysis of the compositions of a non-homogenious granual mixture pigeons feed prepared under industrial conditions using the taksonomy method
74 # 1267
Applicability of the expert system for decision support in the process of controlling pests of red beet during its vegetation
74 # 1270
Application of Bayesian model to evaluation of bean growthchanges (Phasoleum vulgaris)
74 # 1245
Application of the "Experiment planner" computer program to the process identification for discrimination of components in bulbs and stones mixture
74 # 1258
Computer assistance in selection of lighting at work stations
74 # 1246
Electronic system for pH measuring using ISFET type sensor
74 # 1255
Estimating the distribution of a granual molecule mixed using the Funnel-flow system
74 # 1269
Identification of time-dependent Poisson’s ratio of plant viscoelastic materials based on uniaxial creep experiment
74 # 1256
Implementation of distance teaching
74 # 1274
Informational system in farm determined by computer science demands
74 # 1248
Measurement of the leaf surface for the selected plants using video-computer method
74 # 1247
Method for statistical processing of raw yield data in modeling and visualization of yield maps
74 # 1264
Simulation of the motion of the fertilizer particles on disc spreader
74 # 1230
Stability of the working speed of the tractor unit considering friction torque of the differential gear
74 # 1273
The use of a neural network in modeling of a two-component granular systems’ mixing
74 # 1275
ZEASOFT – Decision support system for maize cultivation
77 # 16
A model for the determination of the wheel resistance force results from the tyre deformation in the soil
77 # 15
A model for the determination of the wheel resistance forces
77 # 26
Application potential of non-parametric statistical tests in aspect of rating of the differentiation of separated particles
77 # 19
Effects of morphological diversification on the mechanical proprieties of brussels sprouts
77 # 12
Labour consumption and costs of forest work for selected type of forest site
77 # 36
Rehydration and compressive strength of vacuum microwave dehydrated red beet flesh in the low preassure conditions
77 # 34
Some strength properties of rape seeds
77 # 40
Spray distribution in the trees during spraying apple orchard
77 # 25
Statistical models of the separation process of the particles conditioned of change of the angle of inclination of the sieve
77 # 32
System solution for modernization recycling of technical objects
78 # 84
Analysis of acoustic emission generated by flat crispy bread
78 # 62
Comparing the quality of carrot seeds sowing by means of SO11 Alex seeder in laboratory and field conditions
78 # 82
Granulated fodder resistance evaluation methods comparison
78 # 76
Investigation of cows’ stands for coated with wooden pavement
78 # 50
Mechanical properties of crunchy/crispy cakes
78 # 70
Modelling of multi-component poultry shares using a harmonic function
78 # 68
Research on the coefficient of external friction of corn grain in humidity function
78 # 67
The mass density of cereals grain in moisture function
79 # 111
Compression strength changes for parsley dried using different methods
79 # 89
Compressive strength grain for selected corn hybrids
79 # 104
Cost analysis of milk gain in different milking systems
79 # 107
Effect of grain moisture content and temperature on energy consumption at crushing
79 # 106
Energy consumption of wheat grain during static shearing process
79 # 131
Errors in the calculation of dried mass in the drying plants - using the moisture meters
79 # 95
Generalisation of sorption isoterms and isobars for the types of wood used as biofuel
79 # 125
Impact of working depth of the non-ploughing tillage system on service load
79 # 122
Influence of change setting field beam in longitudinal plane of sprayer on profile of schedule of spray
79 # 114
Isochroma pattern picturs of two layer model of carrot root’s cross section depending on core’s shape
79 # 112
Mechanical properties changes of dried parsley occurring during storage
79 # 105
Occupational risk in the work of a farmer for select hazards
79 # 109
Optimising the decision concerning the purchase of farm machines on the example of farm tractors
79 # 124
Sludge characteristics and its agricultural utilization
79 # 113
Surface pressure for carrot roots under radial compression
79 # 126
The opinion of results of changes the power supply in optoelectronic system of psychrometry
79 # 101
Using byproducts and organic wastes from sugar beet processing as raw materials for biological citric acid production
8 # 1027
Analysis of the methods evaluating particle size distribution in ground cereal materials
8 # 1026
Analysis of the parameters of seed coat separation from the mixture originated at rape seed hulling
8 # 1030
Model studies on the effects of rye grain moisture content, duration of storage and silo "slenderness" on horizontal and vertical pressures
8 # 1037
Representation of operation and maintenance knowledge in an advisory system on an example of food processing industry equipment
80 # 137
A problem of fitting a common curve for two replications on example of sprouting process of corn seeds stimulated with magnetic field
80 # 136
Assessment of energy expenses and gas emission in the production of rapeseed oil esters
80 # 171
Assessment of work quality of a conveyer system of the seed drill S011 Alex while sowing parsley seeds
80 # 139
Heterogeneity of mechanical properties of onion
80 # 179
Impact of oats seed density and air flow speed on hydraulic resistance
80 # 156
Information technologies in the farm management advisory systems
80 # 164
Measuring positions for the studies of sugar beet reactive force on some types of mechanical loads
80 # 177
Selected aspects of application of ndir combustion gas analyser to measure combustion gas emission from self-ignition engine
80 # 150
Selection of technical parameters of not self-propelled rake swath turner
80 # 145
The evaluation of the Boussinesqu-fröhlich solution to determination of soil stress in laboratory conditions
80 # 151
The influence of multiple passes on morphometrical properties of soil under grassland
80 # 162
Usefulness of machines for sharing in agriculture
80 # 173
Utilization of computer image analysis method in the assessment of the state of leaf on the example of norway maple (Acer platanoide.)
81 # 211
A statistical analysis of the wayside measurement point localisation influence on the concetration of selected heavy metals ions in soil
81 # 197
Analysis of the influence of rape oil ester content in fuel blend on nitric oxides emission levels
81 # 219
Application of alternative prediction methods for long-term forecasting of local energy consumption in rural areas
81 # 185
Application of weibull distribution for assessment of pea seed strength
81 # 189
Assessment of the usability of laboratory basket press for studies on juice pressing process from plant raw materials
81 # 202
Capital intensity of preservation of fodder from pastures in the beskid niski area
81 # 209
Computer design of technical equipment in buildings for cattle
81 # 193
Ergonomic aspects of milk dessert production
81 # 195
Impact of cylinder liner wear on engine work parameters and fumes temperature
81 # 217
Impact of heat treatment on changes of mechanical properties of carrot
81 # 218
Impact of heat treatment on cutting force and compression force of potatoes
81 # 200
Mathematical model of manure pellet movement after leasing the scattering disk
81 # 225
Method of determination of required temperature in the pigsty part I: Method of determination the adequate temperature
81 # 227
Modelling of grain maize production technology in the aspect of economic effectiveness
81 # 191
Modelling of the oxygen decomposition process of silage
81 # 196
Recycling as a landmark of technological and economic progress in agricultural engineering
81 # 187
The influence of microwave radiation on the preservation constancy of potato tubers
82 # 250
A computer analysis of pictures in assessment of starch disintegration during apple ripening
82 # 255
Application of an analysis of main components in a research of the influence of moistening of yellow lupin seeds of radames variety on their size
82 # 249
Changes of chosen physical properties of parsley in result of frying
82 # 246
Corelation between chosen parameters of air and maize grain dried with low-temperature method
82 # 247
Corelations between chosen parameters of air and barley grain, dried in a thick, motionless layer using low-temperature method
82 # 241
Dependance of the equilibrium moisture of seeds on temperature
82 # 280
Energy consumption of the process of mixing loose materials with paddle agitator
82 # 265
Influence of heat treatment on chosen physical properties of garbanzo beans
82 # 282
Influence of the method of drying and process temperature on hygroscopic properties of dried apples
82 # 275
Influence of the shape of load element on picture of isochroms in two-layer model of carrot root cross-section
82 # 248
Influence of water activity on sensory assessment of texture and general quality of crackers
82 # 273
Method of determination of longitudinal elasticity module wheat grain with different moistness
82 # 228
Temperature changes in bean seeds heated with infrared radiation
82 # 261
Texture parametrs of non-glutene sponge cake with addition of chosen raising agents
82 # 244
Use of fuzzy controllers in optimization of operation of a line for extrusion of plant products
82 # 243
Use of physical properties of fish raw materials in the development of processing equipment
84 # 45
Decision Support System for farm enterprises
86 # 320
Analysis of the surface arrangement of wheat seeds after glancing off the dispersing plate
86 # 317
Assessment of influence of air flow rate and density of rye grain packing on hydraulic resistance
86 # 300
Determining multicriterion objective function when selecting mineral fertilizer distributors
86 # 321
Determining quantity of means of transport required to carry out transport tasks in agricultural-food industry
86 # 329
Effect of feed preservation technology for feeds from grasslands for nutrient losses
86 # 325
Ergonomic evaluation of work conditions on the beer bottling line
86 # 344
Feed mixtures segregation during single-point vessel filled up
86 # 288
Formal and legal criteria in education of scientific staff
86 # 299
Impact of kinematic characteristics of grip movement on positions, speeds and accelerations of agrorobot cells
86 # 311
Impact of the region and farmstead size on machinery outfit
86 # 340
Influence of the temperature on the quality of the grain in the process of drying with using natural sorbents
86 # 292
Status and development of scientific staff in agricultural engineering centers in Poland in the years 2000 to 2005
86 # 301
The role of horticultural engineering in development of Polish hortculture production
86 # 302
Waste management at the fruit product manufacturing plant
87 # 360
Analysis of potential to use raw rape-seed oil in Diesel engine
87 # 365
Applying a decision-making model in agricultural machinery operation
87 # 386
Assessment of the effect of using special insert on mixing process of granular systems by the funnel-flow system
87 # 406
Determining the purity of consumer seed with the help of computer analysis of the image
87 # 379
Dynamic bayesian networks as knowledge representation system
87 # 382
Humidity effect on Kobra variety wheat grain crack resistance
87 # 355
Industrial measuring lines for vibroacoustic signals when milling wood materials
87 # 389
Information Portal of Polish Association of Agricultural Engineering (PTIR)
87 # 353
Kinematic viscosity of bio-fuel and glycerine phase
87 # 407
Linguistic model of processes taking place in a greenhouse
87 # 362
Measurement of moisture content in basket willow sprouts and chips
87 # 401
Method applied to compare stress relaxation curves for various plant materials
87 # 364
Methodic aspects of seed shape assessment
87 # 347
Modelling of operation process for engineering facilities using dynamic Bayesian networks
87 # 363
Models of vegetable granular structures
87 # 390
Neural models for wearing of working elements in soil
87 # 368
Optimization of the process involving distinguishing rock and potato tuber mix elements by the acoustic emission method
87 # 377
Optimization of the process involving preparation of multi-component feed for pigeons in an upright mixer with worm agitator
87 # 374
Rheological characteristics of grain material with diversified humidity
87 # 378
Storage potential and its utilization in farms characterised by multidirectional production profile
87 # 376
Testing technical condition of fan atomizers used in field conditions
87 # 398
The effect of gymnospermous and angiospermous barley sowing concentration on crop and losses during harvesting
87 # 375
The investigations on watt-hour efficiency of pressure homogenizer’s power transmission system
87 # 373
The method of tractor drive wheel rolling resistance coefficient estimation
87 # 348
The use of the thermovision in field reliability tests of agricultural machines
88 # 423
Attempt to use Bernal–Mason's method to determine a number of contact points in plant beds of granular materials
88 # 439
Criteria for selecting farm produce users in farmsteads with multiprofile production
88 # 454
Damages to naked and covered barley during harvester cropping
88 # 433
Effect of multiple static loading on a degree of concentration and rheological properties of grain mass
88 # 436
Effect of owner's age on power installed in the farmsteads
88 # 453
Effect of type of mowing on biodiversity and value in use of pasture
88 # 435
Farmstead owner's age versus reconstruction value of the machine park
88 # 437
Function relations between farmers age and life of tractors used in the farmstead
88 # 449
Influence of microwave radiation on static resistance of potato bulbs
88 # 446
Influence of moisture on deformation hysteresis of wheat grain (variation Kobra)
88 # 452
Information System Applied in the process of Management in sugar-beet production
88 # 421
Method of determining resistance of cutting power willow shoots
88 # 459
Optimization of logistics costs as an aiding tool for well-balanced development of farm companies
88 # 457
Position for computer analysis of quality of agricultural and food products
88 # 429
Quality of raw product evaluated based on the degree of rape seed damage
88 # 444
Scanner for analyzing lateral distribution of stream of flat jet sprayers
88 # 445
Software aiding the design of shafts and axis
88 # 432
Technical means of work in farmsteads with different level of adaptation to farm and environmental requirements
88 # 415
The development of forms of collectiv using machines in agriculture of west germany
90 # 1806
A decision support system in maize silage production
90 # 1765
A problem of stimulation of students activity in distance learning process
90 # 1788
Aiding the process of mixing heterogenous grain composite with insert of the Double Cone type
90 # 1779
An estimation of the quality of multicomponent, non-homogenous granular blend
90 # 1783
An individualization of distance learning process on the ground of students’ activities analysis
90 # 1794
Artificial neural networks for modelling ammonia emission from field applied slurry manure
90 # 1787
Computer image analysis in the grain configuration mixing estimation (Funnel-flow system)
90 # 1778
Computer support for identyfication of pests and diseases in winter oilseed rape
90 # 1798
Describing the velocity of the moving vermin with the using computer analysis of the image
90 # 1777
Geostatistic function adaptation for analyzing spatial point patterns of the two-component granular blend
90 # 1775
Informaton system used in agricultural advisory service in the conntry
90 # 1807
IT tools in plant production
90 # 1764
Simulation model for prediction of the selected parameters of the towed wheels
90 # 1784
The supporting-educational system of constructing the forced-in joint
91 # 1753
Influence of herbicides rotation on number of resistant weeds in monoculture of maize crop
91 # 1754
Interaction between selected spraying parameters on the variability coefficient of liquid transverse distribution
91 # 1756
Means of mechanization in polish agriculture on the background of selected European Union countries
93 # 1853
A comparative assessment of baking value of wheat flour and german wheat flour
93 # 1817
A comparison of air temperature and humidity distributionin fermentation-ripening chambers
93 # 1824
A geometric similarity in construction of fish as a basis for controlling the processing depending on fish size in slicing machines
93 # 1825
A Method of measurement of number of contact points between seeds
93 # 1829
A sensory assessment of crisp bread texture with varied water activity
93 # 1818
An application of selected methods of image analysis during the observation of starch decomposition in apples
93 # 1809
Crystalline structure characteristics of some polish honeys
93 # 1843
Influence of speed fracture and method of deformation of selected cakes on the quality of emitted sound
93 # 1828
Testing the influence of rate of drying medium on correlation between selected parameters of air and barley grain dried using low-temperature method
93 # 1856
Tests of elastooptic models of carrot root cross-section with different strength properties of bark and core layer
93 # 1827
The influence of drying and storage method on selected qualitative discriminants of rape seeds
93 # 1830
The influence of humidity on selected mechanical properties of wheat grain
93 # 1844
The influence of lowered pressure on strength properties of corn seedsafter hydrothermal treatment
93 # 1814
The influence of osmotic substance type on adsorption of steam by the lyophilizated strawberry
93 # 1845
The influence of raw product and method of conducting the process on the physical properties of the obtained dried material
93 # 1826
The influence of used drying and storage method on composition of fatty acids in rape seeds
93 # 1842
The influence of wheat grain moisture on deformation during compression
93 # 1858
The influenceof presowing magnetic biostimulation on cutting and compression forces of grains of new wheat-rye varieties
93 # 1848
The mineral elements in processed food of marine origin
93 # 1841
The use of the Weibull's statistics in the analysis of wheat grain deformation during compression
93 # 1833
Water vapour adsorption by multi-layer biscuits
94 # 1875
Application of market statistical analysis method in evaluation of technical means of production based on agricultural tractor example
94 # 1890
Business intelligence systems
94 # 1884
Distribution of component concentration in funnel-flow mixing within RSI system
94 # 1874
Effect of drum mixer slenderness on the degree of loose material mixing
94 # 1873
Evaluation of soil spatial moisture pattern based on electric conductivity maps
94 # 1871
Identification of can bus data transfer protocol in agricultural vehicles
94 # 1878
Logistics for providing supplies to agricultural farms having diversified production profiles
94 # 1865
Methods to lower noise level in agricultural tractor cabin – selection of insulating material structures
94 # 1877
Mixing and segregation during the unification process of fodder
94 # 1887
Ocena energetyczno-ekonomiczna ogrzewania dendromasą
94 # 1879
Power use and ecological analysis for use of heat pump applied to heat a foil tunnel
94 # 1896
The granular material mixing energy in the mixer with vertical worm agitator
94 # 1867
Use of image recognition algorithm in scientific research based on „Ziemniak-99” software
95 # 1917
Agricultural equipment dealerships in maintenance and repair system of agricultural engineering
95 # 1907
analysis of the geometry of Miscanthus giganteus stalk
95 # 1919
Influence of the green fodders harvesting on the quality of producing silages
95 # 1906
Measurement of selected operating parameters of cultivation unit
95 # 1927
Noise at work stations of the cattle butchery
95 # 1901
Possible reduction of noise level in cabin of agricultural tractor
95 # 1903
Present status and development trends for technical infrastructure in the borough of Biecz
95 # 1929
Winter wheat precise nitrogen fertilization based on SPAD measurements
96 # 1962
Agricultural technique and GMO (agricultural engineering - bioengineering - transgenic plants)
96 # 1958
Analysis of the process involving granular mass screening through an inclined shutter sieve
96 # 1963
Assessment of soil moisture content spatial variability on the basis of electric conductivity maps. Part II
96 # 1949
Determination of mixing duration for multicomponent granular system during mixing with recirculation of components
96 # 1969
Efficiency of using a modernised haulm separation conveyor in potato cropping machines
96 # 1956
Information system supporting students’ knowledge verification, which uses the SQL SERVER 2005 objects
96 # 1936
Investigation of the effect of the shear process on the soil compaction by constant normal stresses and increasing normal stresses
96 # 1957
Logistic system for a borough
96 # 1940
Method used to measure contact area between seeds
96 # 1954
Methods used to reproduce the map with operation area of computer systems for transport management
96 # 1950
Package management as the basic element of logistic infrastructure of agricultural farms
96 # 1960
The effect of magnetic stimulation of seeds on growth and cropping of seed pea grown at varying soil moisture content
96 # 1952
The effect of oats grain porosity on air flow resistance
96 # 1965
The impact of material and energy expenditure on the ecological effect of management in agriculture
96 # 1955
The impact of seed dimensions on mixing process carried out in a flow mixer, using additional supportive elements
96 # 1948
The method of measurement of soil pressure exerted on surfaces of the elements working in the soil
96 # 1968
Theoretical and actual liquid distribution for selected atomiser setting parameters
96 # 1970
Using impedance spectrometry to measure corn grain moisture content
97 # 1993
Comparison of technological progress and management efficiency indexes for farms in different borough types
97 # 1982
Fertilization technology for container cultivated decorative bushes
97 # 1990
opryskiwacze polowe, rozpylacze płaskostrumieniowe, rozkład poprzeczny
97 # 1983
Place and role of logistic infrastructure in farm functioning
97 # 1973
Polish Society of Agricultural Engineering (PTIR) in the fifth term over the years 2003-2007 – statutory assignments and their execution
97 # 1972
Publishing problems of the agricultural engineering
97 # 2001
Selected agricultural engineering aspects affecting pea mass growth
97 # 1978
Selected problems related to combustion of worn out vegetable oil in Diesel engine
97 # 2009
The heat exchange between water in pools for the controlled breeding of warmth-like fish and surroundings
97 # 1984
The level of equipment and use of information infrastructure on farms with different types of agricultural production
97 # 1997
Values of force binding potatoes with ear rachis of gymnospermous and angiospermous barley
99 # 2023
Analysis of dairy cows keeping system including use of material on lying stalls
99 # 2024
Analysis of farm production development on an ex ample of advisory service in selected province at East Poland
99 # 2019
Analysis of maize grain harvesting and conservation inputs
99 # 2047
Analysis of productivity during mechanical timber acquisition on the example of Valmet 901.3 harvester and Valmet 840.2 forwarder
99 # 2056
Changes in topsoil properties due to Wheel pressure forces generated by tractor units
99 # 2054
Dependence between duration of working shift and forest machines efficiency
99 # 2035
Economic analysis concerning construction and operation of agricultural biogas works in Poland
99 # 2065
Investigations on high-duty machinery for logging carried out by Section of Forest Mechanization Warsaw Agricultural University
99 # 2045
Operation efficiency of a set of self-propelled machines for timber acquisition on the example of Gidle Forest District Office
99 # 2029
Swing plough body working draft and quality of work
99 # 2010
The impact of selected morphological features of Scotch Pine cones on the progress of hulling process
99 # 2034
Time density characteristic as a Simple load cycle for research agricultural tractors
99 # 2025
Time structure and efficiency of timber acquisition and skidding in pine-stands using the Buffalo Dual Harwarde
99 # 2032
Using of approximate sets to analyse satisfaction of vehicle service customer
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