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104 # 2255
Assessment technique and statistic modelling of the degree of potato damage caused by Colorado beetle
105 # 2282
Using the canvassing of the image to assessing losses in the nursery of the potato
107 # 2334
Artificial lighting for communications route in a fattening house during wet cleaning of inside lining made of aluminium foil
108 # 2351
Methodological aspects for computing of illumination inside production greenhouse
108 # 2352
The impact of light sources layout modification on plant light exposure intensity in a greenhouse
109 # 2389
Ergonomic assessment of sound and light intensity at milkers’ work station
136 # 3188
The application of SSL LED technology in programmable plant lighting systems
137 # 3208
Influence of LED light on growth of Garden Cress Lepidium Sativum
33 # 665
Efficacy of laser biostimulation of faba bean according to seed lot moisture
45 Tom I # 1114
Efficiency of constructed wetlands in wastewater treatment from small slaughterhouses
45 Tom I # 1092
The changes in the efficiency of pollution removal in soil-plant wastewater treatment in 1995-2002
56 # 529
Farm sewage treatment procedure designed by IBMER for rural regions of scattered farm localization
74 # 1258
Computer assistance in selection of lighting at work stations
86 # 333
Methodology of selecting equipment for providing additional light for greenhouse plants
94 # 1890
Business intelligence systems
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