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100 # 2106
Analysis of the justness of using the computer system for managing a herd of cows, ALPRO, in the light of economic indices
103 # 2174
Computer methods applied to support milk cow herd management
115 # 2536
Herd parameters in microclimate design process in buildings for cattle
120 # 2723
The impact of cow herd size and technical equipment in selected dairy agricultural systems on raw milk hygienic quality
132 # 3104
Farming conditions versus the size and structure of herd on organic farms
133 # 3044
Influence of the milking cows herd size and technical infrastructure on the production efficiency on ecological farms
133 # 3039
Variability analysis and correlation of selected physical proerties of black alder seeds
134 # 3121
Analysis of the mustard seeds cleaning process part 1. Physcial properties of seeds
155 # 3670
Effect of the peppermint (Mentha piperita L.) compaction process on the content of essential oils
51 # 1653
Pigsty heat balancing by steaming water sprayed in the air
77 # 2
Computer systems for cow herd management
86 # 328
Implementation technology of real estate management and turnover system
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