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1 # 977
Metabolic preconditions of ventilation rate for broiler chickens
1 # 964
Pollution of natural environment with the fuels and liquid lubricants from agricultural tractors
1 # 965
Wear of tractor injection system and its effect on exhaust gases toxicity at selected field operations
10 # 1494
Cost and effectiveness of mechanization in field cultivation of vegetables
10 # 1483
Energetic and economical analysis of maize grain production technology
10 # 1472
Functions of the scientific committees of the Polish Academy of Sciences in research coordination and integration of the scientific community (exemplified by the Committee of Agricultural Engineering, PAS)
10 # 1502
Temperature of sublimation drying as a factor affecting qualitative properties of dried apples and energy consumption
10 # 1473
Theses and hypotheses - proving and argumentation
100 # 2090
Analysis of the effectiveness of the elements of the system using a heat pump to heat a foil tunnel
100 # 2089
Constructional and operational guidelines for systems using a heat pump to heat horticultural objects
100 # 2088
Economic and ecological aspects of the use of the integrated system for heating horticultural objects
100 # 2104
Energetic and economic analysis of thermal energy production in wood chip boiler-rooms
100 # 2076
Evaluation of the level of technical infrastructure development
100 # 2072
Straw – mass and energy potentials
100 # 2095
The idea and construction of a ground heat exchanger as an element of dwelling-house ventilation system
100 # 2110
Waste management in a sewage-treatment plant of the sbr type
102 # 2138
A method for determining the porosity coefficient of cellular materials
102 # 2126
Analysis of traction for ces of a driving tyre done for modified cultivation technologies
102 # 2153
Assessment of the distribution of the spray liquid in an apple tree orchard, done with the use of the water sensitive paper
102 # 2147
Comparative studies on the quality of farm machines
102 # 2142
Comparison of fuel consumption and working time for several alternative technologies of preparing soil for sowing
102 # 2117
Energy and agriculture (energy crisis - effectivity - agriculture)
102 # 2131
Evaluation of the possibilities of determining the elasticity coefficient for ball-shaped vegetables
102 # 2167
Field investigations of wear of chosen kinds of steel
102 # 2169
Investigation of the external friction coefficient and the angle of natural repose of cv. Bar and Radames lupine seeds
102 # 2139
Modelling of changes in the properties of the sublimationdried horseradish tissue structure
102 # 2134
Modelling of the parameters of flow in a sun collector-driven jet pump ventilation system
102 # 2125
Preliminary evaluation of changes in the traction properties of sod of different botanical composition
102 # 2123
The evaluation of simplified tillage in aspect of yields per acre, energy- and labor-consumption
102 # 2135
Uniformity of mixing biological plant protection agents in a sprayer tank
103 # 2175
Aid for calculation of feed doses using the TRiLPasz computer application
103 # 2204
Comparative studies on methods used to take agricultural machinery out of service
103 # 2207
Environmental risk related to agricultural sector activity (preliminary research on the example of poultry farm and feed production plant in Klimontów)
103 # 2226
Research verifying the opinion concerning possibility to heat water in pools for fish by means of heating air in a building
103 # 2212
Theoretical description of sprayed liquid distribution in conditions of frontal air stream operation
103 # 2213
Wind effect on uniformity of utility liquid distribution using field spraying machine
104 # 2228
Domain and national environment of agricultural engineering
104 # 2242
Effectiveness of heat pump working with ground heat exchangers
104 # 2241
Effectiveness of heat pump working with solar collectors in hybrid system
104 # 2245
Energy expenditure in the beer barrelling process in a brewery
104 # 2240
Geometrical dimensions and type of roofing vs. demand for heat in a greenhouse
104 # 2250
The concept for assessing biomass energy potential on the example of a selected borough in Opolskie Voivodeship
104 # 2251
The impact of celery heat treatment parameters on cutting force
105 # 2270
The use of an electronic measurement system for the assessment of selected physical properties of crops
107 # 2292
About the need to establish a Scientific Network in agroengineering environment
107 # 2291
Criteria applied to rate habilitation procedures carried out in the scope of a new system
107 # 2313
Efficiency of solar heat storage system in function of ambient temperature
107 # 2310
Technical and functional characteristics compared to the value of selected technical means of production in agriculture
107 # 2314
The impact of solar conditions on the effect of work of vacuum tube and flat plate solar collector
107 # 2332
Using of structural models to forecast rural consumers’ demand for natural gas
107 # 2302
Using of the “CHMI” technique to determine resistance to bruising for Melrose variety apples
108 # 2338
Assessment of insecticidal nematoda concentration in working liquid, performed using computer image analysis
108 # 2363
Automation of computing parameters in a system using equipment operation periodicity
108 # 2358
Evaluation of energy expenditure for selected technologies used to establish pennsylvanian mallow (Sida Hermaphrodita) plantations
108 # 2342
Two-fan spraying machine for orchard protection – laboratory and field tests
108 # 2337
Uniformity of insecticidal nematoda deposition under slotted sprayer
109 # 2406
Automation in computing of parameters for a system using device operation periodicity
109 # 2388
Ergonomic assessment of thermal comfort in milking room at a milk cow farm
109 # 2402
Selection of heat pumps supported by artificial neural networks for single-family houses for complete and incomplete data sets
109 # 2405
The concept for building a bioreactor for biomass composting – test stand
109 # 2391
The impact of potato plantation irrigation on selected physical attributes of tubers which are significant in crop separation and sorting process
109 # 2379
Using neural networks to count insecticidal nematoda
109 # 2378
Using the labview application to determine the survivability of insecticidal nematoda - biological plant pesticide
110 # 2430
Analysis of ecological effects when using water warmed up in vacuum collectors for the purposes of watering vegetables grown in a greenhouse
110 # 2441
Bioenergy - will fields and forests replace coal and oil?
110 # 2422
Comparison of winter wheat production costs in selected farms in the European Union
110 # 2447
Energy evaluation of conventional and ecological buckwheat growing technologies
110 # 2425
Energy-related and ecological evaluation of heat acquisition process during combustion of leaves picked in urban areas
110 # 2435
Land and labour productivity in selected European Union countries
110 # 2419
Mixing efficiency for biological plant pesticides in spraying machine tank
110 # 2436
Scientific and technological progress and its social and ecological effects
110 # 2412
Sod use intensity and its traction properties
110 # 2423
Sugar beet production profitability on the example of selected farms of Pomorskie Voivodship
110 # 2411
Testing of lubricity for diesel fuel with rapeseed oil esters added using the HFRR apparatus
110 # 2431
Using water heated up in solar collectors for watering tomatoes grown in covered facilities
110 # 2428
Wear intensity for steel working in plain dust, determined in field conditions
111 # 2476
Analysis of washing programs in the CIP system in a brewery
111 # 2467
Thawing of strawberries using the vacuum-steam method
114 # 2524
An attempt to evaluate dynamics of water release from soil using photoacoustic spectroscopy
114 # 2483
Science closer to practice – the need for reorientation of research in agricultural engineering
114 # 2512
The analysis of energy efficiency of topinambour growing for fuel – preliminary research results
114 # 2516
The impact of change in parameters of atomised stream setting on liquid fall under selected fan atomizer
114 # 2521
The impact of greenhouse height on heat consumption
115 # 2544
Assessment of the technology involving biogas production from municipal wastes on the example of “Hajdów” sewage treatment plant
115 # 2529
Economic and energy aspects of soy production in Polish agriculture conditions
115 # 2542
Efficiency of compressor heat pump (air-water) after modernisation of guiding system for lower heat source
115 # 2536
Herd parameters in microclimate design process in buildings for cattle
115 # 2563
Servicing in the process of farm machinery and equipment reconditioning and maintenance
115 # 2534
The impact of selected factors on friction coefficient values for shredded miscanthus giganteus sprouts
116 # 2372
Separation efficiency for mixture of rape and cleavers seeds in a separator with looped belt
117 # 2576
Assessment of selected physical properties of black locust wood obtained in row midfield plantings as energy carrier
117 # 2601
Economic viability level for farms in Poland
117 # 2589
Reaction of existing heating systems in a greenhouse to changing outside conditions
117 # 2573
Spray quality assessment for different wear degrees and various operating parameters of fan atomizers
117 # 2581
Technical and economic analysis for developing farms in the aspect of plant production simplification
117 # 2603
The impact of tractor engine injection system wear on exhaust gas temperature in field conditions
118 # 2613
External friction coefficient for selected feed granulates
118 # 2635
Limitation of heat consumption in greenhouses
118 # 2630
Sludge compost use for topinambour growing
119 # 2669
Assessment of economic and energy efficiency for the production of winter wheat and winter rape used to manufacture biofuels
119 # 2651
Assessment of tyre tread protrusion wear in the aspect of farm tractors traction capacity
119 # 2686
Biomass production energy efficiency for one-year old willow
119 # 2673
Costs and energy consumption of sugar beet production processes
119 # 2668
Economic profitability of using heat pump as the heat source for residential building in the country
119 # 2650
Evaluation of energy parameters for cooperation in the drive wheel – forest road arrangement
119 # 2678
The concept of calf body temperature monitoring
119 # 2687
The impact of external climatic conditions on work efficiency of vacuum tube solar collector
119 # 2666
Usability analysis for selected ionic liquids for the maintenance of teats in artificial bionic udder
120 # 2707
Analysis of traction properties for drive tyres in simplified soil cultivation technologies
120 # 2690
Domain and place of agricultural engineering in the structure of science
120 # 2710
Energy and technological analysis for a greenhouse
120 # 2700
Quality assessment for plant biomass-based briquettes produced using worm type compacting unit
120 # 2726
Spectrophotometric calibration in a reflection probe model for dynamic soil humidity measurement
120 # 2717
The impact of wind direction on falling of atomised utility liquid stream during spraying flat field crops
121 # 2734
Assessment of susceptibility to impact darkening for potato tubers irradiated with microwaves
121 # 2757
Ecological and operating aspects in the process of machinery and equipment use, and renovation. The concept of a model system for regeneration of parts and renovation of replaceable units in farm machines in the aspect of environment protection (part II)
121 # 2744
Potato tuber electric potential
121 # 2755
Using classification trees in the analysis of italian broccoli sensory characteristics after heat treatment
122 # 2782
Analysis of sifting of carrot seeds through sieves of the vibrating screen
122 # 2786
Distribution of fall of liquid sprayed by selected double-stream sprayers in conditions of operation of the main air stream
122 # 2788
Impact of selected varieties of sugar corn on the share of waste fractions in the production of seeds for consumption purposes
122 # 2775
Pressure of soil on the rake face of the plough share and loss of material from that face
122 # 2783
Some mechanical properties of stalks and ears of spelt
122 # 2759
The future of agricultural engineering in view of designed changes in science and higher education
123 # 2828
Analysis of traction properties of sod in variable soil conditions
123 # 2830
Economic analysis of the cultivation of topinambour to be used for fuel
123 # 2807
Effectiveness of technological progress in animal transport
123 # 2829
Energy efficiency of various technologies of cultivation of topinambour to be used for fuel
123 # 2821
Impact of selected parameters on the efficiency of the pin sowing unit in the case of dosing of rape, rye, wheat and horse bean seeds
123 # 2824
Methodical aspects of determination of scientific and technical progress in macro- and microeconomic tests
123 # 2812
Methodical aspects of the analysis of energy issues of the heat pump co-operating with vertical heat exchangers
123 # 2817
Technical infrastructure of farms vs. efficiency of milk production in mountainous areas
123 # 2818
Work productivity in ecological farms specializing in milk production
124 # 2841
The extension of the life of combined cultivator teeth
124 # 2844
The influence of selected factors on the number of contacts between seeds
125 # 2860
A comparison of Cg versus HLSL shaders efficiency
125 # 2875
Dilemmas of agricultural engineering as a science and fields of study
125 # 2876
Ecological and social consequences of scientific and technological progress in agriculture
125 # 2855
Evaluation of traction efficiency of selected tyres on forest grounds
125 # 2878
Impact of the knife sharpening angle on the course of cutting selected root vegetables
125 # 2856
The evaluation of traction properties of selected tyres on sodded roads
125 # 2877
The simulation of the heat flow in a stone regenerator with a randomised substrate bed
126 # 2925
Analysis of the impact of drying methods on essential oils contents in dried parsley leaves
126 # 2911
Current research problems in agricultural engineering in the light of the 17th Congress of Agricultural Engineering in Quebec
126 # 2896
Impact analysis for individual factors in the process of system and equipment washing
126 # 2912
Methodical aspects for determining the impact of horticultural facility covering on heat demand during the heating season
126 # 2907
Selected properties of pellets made of grass obtained from home lawn
126 # 2933
The method applied to determine the required temperature value in a pigsty taking into account the activity of animals
126 # 2928
Verification of mineral ingredients content in feed mixes
127 # 2892
Wear degree and structure for technical fixed assets in different types of farms
129 # 2963
Analysis of changes in the grain mass volume for the selected crop species, occurring under load
129 # 2935
Evaluating the impact of using various sod types on their traction and strength characteristics
129 # 2972
Evaluation of the strategy for maintaining agricultural technical means depending on a farm size, based on the example of Małopolskie
129 # 2971
Excess sludge acquisition in a standard sewage treatment plant control system
129 # 2934
The assessment of the process involving driving force transmission by the 7.50-16 tyre for various soil cultivation technologies
129 # 2968
The impact of spraying parameters and positioning of a selected double stream atomiser on distribution of sprayed liquid drop
129 # 2951
Wear of selected farm tractor types
130 # 2975
Analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of scientific work
130 # 3002
Analysis of the loss of functional properties of the knives of active hoe
130 # 2987
Analysis of the variability of solar energy conversion for a flat solar collector
130 # 3001
Characteristic of drying process of potato pulp in the spouted bed
130 # 2998
Evaluation of the wear of modern construction materials used to produce soil treatment tools
130 # 3013
Heat of combustion of wheat grains from a gramineae subgroup
130 # 3009
Relation of diffusion coefficient of water in carrot dices to the temperature of drying air
130 # 3000
The evaluation of the technical condition of the field toolbar of the spraying machine with the use of the method of survey of selected sprayers
130 # 2999
The influence of power transmission poles located on the field on operational indicators of machine units
130 # 2981
The influence of the rotational speed of the screw shaft on the parameters of the oil extraction process from camelina sativa seed
131 # 3090
Application of fuzzy sets in microclimate control in agricultural buildings
131 # 3080
Assessment of energy efficiency of heat pump ground exchanger in two different configurations
131 # 3076
Assessments of briquetting efficiency and briquettes quality produced out of selected plant raw materials
131 # 3085
Influence of heat treatment on the quality of courgette
131 # 3068
Influences of multiple static loads on the level of condensation and rheologic properties of the mass of oil plant seeds
131 # 3086
Production balancing in the selected production farms of the highland areas of the żywiecki powiat
131 # 3072
Selected aspects of cooperation between a heat pump and ground heat exchangers
132 # 3108
Analysis of volume changes of selected cereal ground grain in result of loading
132 # 3095
The impact of winter wheat production costs and taxes on the price of bioethanol
132 # 3100
Utilisation of low-temperature heat in agriculture using heat pumps - current state and prospects
133 # 3035
Assessment of costs and energy consumption in the production of maize for the grain maize and silage
133 # 3020
Assessment of traction efficiency of a tyre used on various agricultural surfaces
133 # 3052
Biobed for bioremediation of liquid remnants after spray application treatments – Biobed stand for bioremediation of liquid remnants after spray application treatments
133 # 3037
Determination of water diffusion coefficient in wood biomass depending on water and temperature content
133 # 3025
Efficiency of borrage seeds cleaning (Borago officinalis L.)
133 # 3032
Influence of stubble intercrop growing on spring barley production profitability
133 # 3044
Influence of the milking cows herd size and technical infrastructure on the production efficiency on ecological farms
134 # 3119
Analysis of horticultural farm transformation including some technical aspects
134 # 3121
Analysis of the mustard seeds cleaning process part 1. Physcial properties of seeds
134 # 3139
Analysis of traction properties of Fendt 820 tractor in the selected technologies of soil cultivation
134 # 3147
Comparative analysis of fall distribution of liquid sprayed with the use of double-stream sprayers
134 # 3120
Selected aspects of energy use in agriculture
136 # 3175
A farmer\'s education in comparison to an index of educational and technical development and an efficiency index of development
136 # 3153
Assessment of traction and endurance parameters of meadow and pasture sod
136 # 3152
Assessment of traction properties of a tractor equipped with different types of tyres
136 # 3185
Comparative analysis of measuring methods of milk flow in a column of an autonomous milking machine
136 # 3184
Comparison of a coverage degree of facilities sprayed with the selected air induction sprayer – one and two–stream sprayers
136 # 3171
Energy value of different potato varieties
136 # 3187
Heat of combustion of grains caryopses of lowered quality properties
136 # 3158
Heat surplus storage in polyethylene tunnel type greenhouses – the rock-bed accumulator concept
136 # 3161
Influence of air pressure in a vibrator on selected technological parameters of a chute dispenser during supply of beetroot seeds
136 # 3151
Traction assessment of universal farm tractor tyres
136 # 3179
Tramline effect on yield of crops
137 # 3205
Analysis of the stability issue of the worm agitator
137 # 3223
Characteristic of the observed processes and types of exploitation wear of agricultural machinery
137 # 3202
Degree of wear of technical production means in agricultural farms of the southern Poland
137 # 3191
Evaluation of cultivation systems in relation to fuel consumption, plants cropping and soil properties
137 # 3201
Heat storage in rock-bed accumulator - preliminary results
137 # 3218
Lodging resistance of the selected varieties of spelt Triticum Aestivum ssp. Spelta l.
137 # 3215
Participation of photoelectric energy used to supply control – measurement apparatus of a plastic tunnel
137 # 3200
Principal components analysis in evaluation of relation between land use and greenhouse gases emission from agriculture
137 # 3209
Technical equipment of the selected ecological farms oriented to milk production
138 # 3236
Efficiency of energy inputs in agriculture of the selected countries in 2005 and 2007
138 # 3231
Energy as a function of the effectiveness of CIP
138 # 3251
Influence of time and the cleaning liquid flow velocity on the effectiveness of cleaning the plate heat exchanger
138 # 3250
Measurement of the cleaning liquid parameters during the process of cleaning the plate heat exchangers
138 # 3255
Mechanical properties of thermal treated corn grains
139 # 3257
Assessment of the impact of pressure inside tyres on their traction properties on the selected forest bed
139 # 3256
Energy assessment of cooperation of tractor tyres with agricultural beds of varied density degrees
139 # 3282
Evaluation of environmental burdens from the electricity production with the LCA approach
139 # 3285
Inputs of Diesel oil in agriculture of Małopolska voivodeship
139 # 3287
Investigation of heat exchange dynamics using film techniques
139 # 3292
Methodology of determination of losses and the amount of the produced heat in the process of biological waste composting
139 # 3301
Mission of agriculture sciences in development of polish agrifood sector
139 # 3297
Possibilities for application of aerial photographs of low altitude as photo interpretation data for assessment of grasslands
139 # 3279
Progress and effectiveness in relation to the size of farms and production orientation in agricultural farms of Małopolskie Region
139 # 3280
Verification of emission coefficients of ammonia and greenhouse gases from livestock production
140 # 3311
Optimization with the use of genetic algorithms of the location depth of horizontal ground heat exchangers
141 # 3330
A method of decreasing energy concumption of the cutting process of the selected food products
141 # 3325
Analysis of heat transfer during the freezing of vegetables by impingement fluidization
141 # 3329
Analysis of wear and tear of working elements of a bread dough divider
141 # 3336
Assessment of washing efficiency in the closed circulation of the selected area in plate heat exchangers
141 # 3337
Numerical analysis of fluid flow between the plates of the plate heat exchanger
141 # 3345
Roughness of friction pairs surface of a refrigeration compressor operating in disadvantageous conditions of exploitation
141 # 3323
The effect of the surface development of extrudate on the dynamics of water sorption in various storage conditions
141 # 3350
The surface layer properties of bowl cutter knives for grinding meat in the aspect of loss wear
143 # 3360
Analysis of auto-cistern utilization in the field of milk purchase on the example of a small dairy plant
143 # 3388
Changes in species composition of plants used for energy purposes in the fallow irrigated with sewage
143 # 3355
Mobile and energy efficient machine for biomass harvesting and compaction with the curling method
143 # 3386
Modelling of temperature field in the ground with the use of spreadsheet
143 # 3378
The use of waste heat from cooling milk for heating a rural residential building
145 # 3394
Analysis of labour inputs in various milking systems
145 # 3421
Data preprocessing effect on the quality of short-term forecast of electricity demand
145 # 3403
Fuel consumption in soil tillage depending on its simplification and previous crop in the crop rotation
145 # 3430
Heat of combustion of barley straw cultivated in conditions of a variable level of potassium fertilization
145 # 3427
Heat of combustion of straw and wastes from wheat spelt fertilized with varied doses of potassium
145 # 3423
Idea of accumulating heat waste from milk cooling
145 # 3425
Optimisation procedure of selection of the buffer bin cooperating with the heat pump
145 # 3412
Possibilities of use of the pellets made of wheat and barley straw on the heat energy market
145 # 3409
Structure guidelines for the system using a heat pump for heating a garden facility
145 # 3396
The use of ground heat exchanger in inventory facilities
145 # 3426
The use of thermovision in the study of thermal distribution within the plastic tunnels equipped with heat accumulators
145 # 3416
Total Productive Management System was applied for rationalization of heat economy in a brewery
146 # 3454
A prevailing research subject matter concerning a plant protection technology
146 # 3432
Assessment of impact of soil properties change and vertical wheel load on traction properties of the selected radial tyre
146 # 3460
Assessment of operaton of heat exchangers placed in various configurations feeding a heat pump
146 # 3436
Assessment of possibility of improving traction properties through change of tyre pumping pressure
146 # 3449
Economic and ecology analysis of using a heat pump for heating garden facilities
146 # 3447
Effects of early potatoes cultivation under cover
146 # 3461
Efficiency of the heat pump cooperating with a buffer bin with a variable volume
146 # 3437
Energy assessment of alternative technologies of preparing land for winter barley sowing
146 # 3469
Influence of the height of a field toolbar and utility liquid pressure on sedimentation drift
146 # 3463
Limiting emission of gas pollution from the fattening house through application of heat recovery installation
146 # 3450
Plant production and labour efficiency in the selected agricultural farms
146 # 3439
Relation between biometric properties and the selected electric parameters of potato tubers
146 # 3431
XX Years of the winter scientific school “Scientific, Technical and Organizational Progress in Agriculcture”
147 # 3483
Analysis of economic efficiency of alternative technology of corn cultivation for seeds with the use of glyphosate
147 # 3494
Analysis of geometry of grains of soil abrasive mass
147 # 3475
Analysis of traction properties of tyres on the forest subgrade of varied moisture
147 # 3477
Assessment of energy losses of a drive wheel equipped with grass type tyres
147 # 3472
Assessment of the operation quality of the corn cobs and seeds processing line
147 # 3499
Potential of biogas yield from sorghum bicolor (Sorghum bicolor) of ród J1052 cultivar
147 # 3496
Research on efficiency of passing seeds through a sieve in the vibrating calibrator
147 # 3484
Variability of the air flow velocity in the heat accumulator with a stone bed depending on the structure of the air distribution system
148 # 3528
Analysis of the components of colour of beef inside after thermal treatment conducted using various methods
148 # 3513
Anisotropy of mechanical properties of mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus (J.E. Lange) Imbach)
148 # 3520
Assessment of operation efficiency of the selected transport means in the farms of Southern Poland
148 # 3527
Influence of a whirlpool tilt angles on the placement of a substitute sediment cone
149 # 3549
Analysis of possibilities of recovering and storing heat from cooling installation of the tunnel freezer
149 # 3542
Evaluation of the efficiency of removing protein deposits from various surfaces by foam cleaning
149 # 3548
Heat and mass exchange model in the air inside a greenhouse
149 # 3547
Simulation tests of liquid flow in the pipeline elements
149 # 3552
Spray application quality as affected by spray volume, nozzles and phenological growth stage of apples
149 # 3543
Ultrasound application for removal of protein impurities from piping elements
149 # 3544
Usefulness of the selected apple cultivars for pressing in farm conditions
150 # 3574
Comparison of external friction coefficients for single seeds in the stabilised system
150 # 3569
Experimental and theoretical method of determination of loads for cutting units
150 # 3554
Performance of selected cultivation machines in relation to fuel consumption
150 # 3573
Preconditions for modelling plant production technology in vegetable organic farms
151 # 3583
Analysis of student motivation and predisposition to use CES EduPack software for teaching materials science
151 # 3587
Analysis of the selected factors impact on the amount of stored heat and the mass change in the rock-bed storage placed in the laboratory tunnel
151 # 3597
Comparison of greenhouse gas emissions during summer from fattening pigs, kept either on fully slatted floor or on deep litter
151 # 3591
Control of heat collection and airing process during composting with compactrio controller
151 # 3588
Energy efficiency of hybrid rye cultivation in relation to the manner of soil cultivation
151 # 3585
Impact of laser beams treatment on the biomass yield and energy value of multiflora rose
151 # 3594
Impact of organic additives on biogas efficiency of sewage sludge
152 # 3623
Analysis of effectiveness of storing waste heat in the water accumulator
152 # 3626
Efficiency in the use of agricultural technique
152 # 3610
The influence of nozzle configuration in orchard sprayers on the vertical distribution of spray
153 # 3643
Briquetting waste material in a prototype pelletizing and briquetting arrangement
153 # 3640
Comparison of economic efficiency of maize cultivation for grain in farms, which use various field cultivation technologies
153 # 3635
Specific mechanical energy consumption of extrusion-cooking of wheat foamed packaging materials
154 # 3653
Analysis of electrical energy consumption in technological lines in Ciechanow Dairy Cooperative
154 # 3659
Effect of spray application parameters on the airborne drift
154 # 3661
Technical and economical aspects of biogas production from agricultural sources including Polish conditions
155 # 3667
Heat storing effectiveness with the use of a recuperator in the liquid type battery
156 # 3680
Analysis of the power flux in the tractor wheel-farming ground system
156 # 3681
Evaluation of changes in traction properties of a drive wheel on the sod utilized by various means
156 # 3682
Methodological notes concerning determination of the scientific and technical progress rate and its efficiency
156 # 3687
Modernization of the wastewater control system in the food industry
156 # 3693
Options of use of waste biomass from herbal production for energy purposes
16 # 760
An attempt to evaluate the heat penetration coefficient at convection freezing of foodstuffs in air
16 # 779
Effect of single grain position in working gap on energy consumption by roller crusher
16 # 782
Energetic characteristics of beef steak thermal processing
16 # 770
Evaluating the possibilities of granular bed application to flowing-mixing of fluids
16 # 757
Investigation of meat products heating and cooling processes
16 # 774
Study of thermal coductivity coefficient of bee honeys
18 # 1533
Film methods for operational and technical tests of machinery in nursery
18 # 1515
Frictional properties of tubers, stones and soil clods
18 # 1532
Measuring the cutting tooth geometry of power saw chains and assessing the wear of saw chains using the method of image analysis
18 # 1518
The measurement of effective contact surface of friction materials
19 # 1015
Computational ambient temperatures and their impact on heat balance of a livestock building
19 # 1014
Distribution of loads in model grain silos of smooth and corrugated steel sheet walls
19 # 999
Effectiveness of scientific-technical progress on selected farms localizedin in the southern Poland
19 # 1001
Evaluation of energetic equipment and labour efficiency on famity farms in the southem Poland
19 # 986
Functions of the Central Commission in development of scientific staff
19 # 1013
Microclimatic conditions in pig fattening house as affected by the kind of heat exchanger installed into deep litter
2 # 541
System of safety in agricultural production with regards to the importance of technical infrastructure
21 # 504
Comparison of annual consumption and costs of energy by the households in individual houses and in blocks of flats
21 # 511
Fuel consumption by tractor-machine sets depending on the level of precison pair wear in fuel supply system
21 # 473
Preliminary evaluation of the Horsch CO 6.25 drill for direct sowing
21 # 516
Quantities of heat balance surplus and deficiency in aspect of annual energy inputs on ventilation in a piggery building
21 # 502
Some remarks concerning compulsory test procedures for the field sprayers
28 # 1602
A joint system of combined waste utilization and sewage treatment of Mura Biel in Switzerland
28 # 1609
Buildings partitions while thermal modernization works at country livable buildings
28 # 1593
Conditions necessary to secure efficient functioning of land reclamation systems
28 # 1601
Investigation of multi stage, on-site wetland type wastewater treatment plant located in mountain farm at Muszynka
28 # 1585
natural and technical infrastructure of the Zielonka Forest
28 # 1598
Small sewage treatment plants as an element of rural environment protection
28 # 1595
The economic analysis of the „Lemna"- type sewage treatment plant in Minnow district Świętokrzyskie province
28 # 1600
The preliminary evocation of wastewater disposal in agriculture and tourist areas of the upper part of the Dunajec catchments
28 # 1594
The way of work evaluation of the sewage treatment system plant in Węgierska Górka after its modernization
28 # 1614
Thermal insulating power of partitions at country houses in community of Szczurowa
28 # 1610
Variability of water consumption in Goszczą village farms connected to Kocmyrzów-Luborzyca
28 # 1599
Water supply and effluent Disposal at brewery
28 # 1597
Water utilization in herring bone parlor, Grodkowice agricultural experimental station
3 # 1709
Physiological aspects of calculating heat used for water evaporation in the rooms for broiler chickens
31 # 1694
Investment in potato irrigation - a contribution to the decision support system
31 # 1657
Mapping of soil properties based on diesel oil consumption
31 # 1683
Use of visional system of view analysis in research process of radicular vegetables cut
33 # 657
Analisis of wear intensity of working elements in dependence in applied Technology
33 # 687
Creation of multizone tribological layers
33 # 639
Geometry of limitedly worn of some chosen plough shares working in dry and compact soil
33 # 609
Humanization of the machine operating process in the agricultural working environment
33 # 677
Inergy consumption and profitability in the use of the green manuers of potato fertiiization
33 # 646
Influence of speed of beaters on energy consumption in grinding of chosen cereal products
33 # 672
The pressure drop of air flow aspect in the model of ground heat exchanger
35 # 876
Diagnostics of flai fan atomizers at their operational Location
35 # 881
Radial neural networks as a tool for estimation of heterogenity of the air flow through a stone store
35 # 888
Some of characteristics of stickness and resilience in a potato tuber on the basis of a tension relaxation test
36 # 1061
Assessment of the funcioning of mini treatment plant installed a village school at Rajbrot
36 # 1043
Current state of technical infrastructure in counties of the Małopolska and Podkarpacie provinces regarding the unemploymnet level
36 # 1045
Ecological investments in choosen communes of Podarpacie province
36 # 1058
Ground filters as an element of morę thorough sewage treatment
36 # 1065
Initial assessment of new technologies in flood embankment modernisation
36 # 1062
Measurements of sewage flow rate in selected treatments plants of the Małopolska province
36 # 1072
Problems of water supply and sewage disposal management on rural areas on the example of the Żarnowiec district in the Silesia province
36 # 1042
Securing with storage reservoirs waterintakes from small watercourses for rural water supply systems
36 # 1063
Selected ecological aspects of rural household water use
36 # 1055
Sewage sludges-stabilization and agricultural-use
36 # 1060
The share of infiltration waters in domestic sewege outflow from rural se- werage systems
41 # 564
Aerial photos application for antropogenous landscape imaginations in Grybów
41 # 555
Economic and ecological aspects of applying renewable and conventional fuels
45 Tom I # 1086
Analysis of electricity consumption by the municipal infrastructure facilities in the Koniusza gmina
45 Tom I # 1116
Attempt at an assessment of assistant policy for rural infrastructure development in the eve of integration with the European Union
45 Tom I # 1114
Efficiency of constructed wetlands in wastewater treatment from small slaughterhouses
45 Tom I # 1089
Elimination of biogenic compounds from sewage in the plant-ground bed of the VSB type
45 Tom I # 1110
Functioning and utilization of small hydrobotanical wastewater treatment unit
45 Tom I # 1093
The evaluation of two BATEX household wastewater treatment plants with filter drain
45 Tom I # 1113
Thermal parameters analysis of internal partitions as to the share in the building body
45 Tom I # 1097
Water use efficiency in drip irrigation of chosen fruit-growing crops
45 Tom II # 1124
A problem of incidental waters in rural sewerage systems of the Małopolska province
45 Tom II # 1130
An assessment of closed water circuit efficiency in car washer using HDR-777 device
45 Tom II # 1121
Concept, domain and role of the agricultural engineering in the structure of science
45 Tom II # 1141
Energetistic outlays in initial operations of transformation of meat
45 Tom II # 1137
Reciprocal connections of features of plots' and farms' land configuration as an element of ground system estimation (the Łapsze Wyżne village as an example)
45 Tom II # 1149
Roof materials of rural buildings in Łącko commune
45 Tom II # 1123
Temperature influence on the treatment effect in the "Biocompact" household treatment plant system in Tworkowa village
45 Tom II # 1140
The impact of Domaniów reservoir on technical infrastructure development
45 Tom II # 1142
The influence of the preliminary sprinkling bed on the mountain house-hold wastewater treatment plant efficiency
45 Tom II # 1128
Volume of domestic sewage and water consumption in rural households
51 # 1618
10th anniversaryof the winter science school - scientific and technical progress in agriculture
51 # 1650
An energetic analisys of storage of head excess ouring heating of a foil tunnel
51 # 1652
Claculative temperatures in the classical method of balancing heat in frm building
51 # 1640
Discrimination analisys as an evaluation tool for the influence selected factors upon the technical progress efficiency in agriculture
51 # 1617
Environment-friendly progress
51 # 1649
Impact of some factors on head compsumtionin a foil tunnel
51 # 1651
Influence of horticultural hotbed solutions on the improyement of thermal solutions
51 # 1653
Pigsty heat balancing by steaming water sprayed in the air
52 # 793
Consumption and cost of electricity and heal related to fruit drying in "Leśniczanka" dryer depending of energy carrier
52 # 812
Evaluating the technology of tree pulling out with a forwarder Timberjack 1010
52 # 794
Mechanisation efficiency in selected systems of agricultural production
52 # 810
Mineral fertilization efficiency in precision agriculture
52 # 791
Modelling changes in demand for electric power for heating purposes
52 # 804
Scientific and technical progress and the grain harvest efficiency
52 # 811
The analysis and evaluation of the energy consumption and the costs of various technologies of preparing soil for sowing
53 # 574
Selected application of Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystals for illustrating heat and optical phenomena
53 # 596
Technology and techniques of cross-cutting in timber yards
53 # 577
The influence of a soil type on certain parameters of Irg and Baszt potato varieties
56 # 524
Energetic and ecological aspects of utilizing secondary heat the air from livestock building ventilation system
60 # 1576
Analysis pf thermo-physical properities of garden beet
60 # 1578
Application of bromocereosol purple for efficiency assessment of thermal treatment of rapeseeds
60 # 1552
Experimental identification of refrigeration-system performance in the process of impingement
60 # 1564
Heat of combustions and calorific values of the deciduous and coniferous trees’ bark
60 # 1579
Influence of the solution initial concentration on the overall heat-transfer coefficient in an evaporator with a rising fluid film
60 # 1542
Operational problem with refrigerating and air-conditioning heat exchangers
60 # 1539
Vessel technolical lines fule consumption effectivenes evalution
61 # 1169
Effects of seed dose and drill speed on the uniformity of wheat drilling
61 # 1179
Estimate energy cut of buckwheat stalks of Hruszowska variety
61 # 1166
Heat balance of an apple storage facility
61 # 1175
Influence of selected factors upon the efficiencyof polycarbonate solar collector
61 # 1165
Research of heat consumption variability in hothouses with energy-saving covers
61 # 1178
The influence of local atmospheric conditions on the efficiency of liquid plate sollar collectors
62 # 704
An intranet database system enhancing research management within agricultural engineering
62 # 712
Controlling liquid level in tank using the fussy controller
62 # 703
Identification of rock-bed thermal parameters random distribution as a result of probabilistic character of the storage charging process
62 # 702
Software of slide bearing construction process aid
63 # 1335
Assessment of economics and energy requirement of various technologies of soil preparation for winter rape planting
63 # 1320
Consequences of scientific progress in agriculture
63 # 1334
Economical assessment and energy requirement of various technologies of winter rape production
63 # 1343
Influence of mounted plough operation on the economy of tractor engine
63 # 1349
Methodical aspect of ploughshares wear assessment
63 # 1358
Performance of an on-site cogeneration plant for a farm taking into account varying demand for electric power and heat
63 # 1356
Thermal efficiency of membrane and non-membrane hop-drier air-heaters
63 # 1325
Traction parameters of tyres working on forest roads
64 # 752
Analysis of fuel oil, biofuel and lpg combustion in a heating furnace at various mixture of fuel and air
64 # 749
Analysis of wear conditions and a method of repairing "bearing bush – journal" kinematic pair of the crankshaft of a S 400 engine
64 # 739
Reproduction of the functionality of resting connection of rolling bearings
64 # 745
Selected errors of rheological model parameters determination evaluated on the basis of stress relaxation test for potato tubers
64 # 738
Technical and technological aspects of winter oilseed rape cultivation
66 # 1319
Cost level and mechanization efficiency in selected Polish and German farms
66 # 1303
Dependences between geometrical features of cereal grains
66 # 1304
Effect of some factors on the amount and structure of electric power consumption in rural households
66 # 1312
Efficiency of heat pump with spiral compressor
66 # 1289
Energetic evaluation of mulch-sown sugar beet
66 # 1311
Evaluation of selected physical properties of potato bulbs
66 # 1315
Mechanization of loading vs. expenditure on agricultural transport Part II statistical analysis
66 # 1279
The model of an associated energy source in food processing industry
67 # 935
Analysis of milkman work time while milking goats
67 # 936
Comparison of various variants of determining – efficiency of scientific and technical progress
67 # 932
Computer system assisting identification of random distribution of the thermal parameters of stone regenerator
67 # 929
Ecological and economic reasons for use of dispersed cereals swing
67 # 928
Effect of chosen factors on heat consumption during electric heating of garden substrate
67 # 927
Effect of shading screens on light conditions in a film tunnel
67 # 934
Feasibility study of physical methods for treating potato bulb diseases resulting from storage
67 # 923
Influence of solar radiation on heat consumption in film tunnel
67 # 915
Scientific staff education models
67 # 953
The analysis of economic profitability the construction of a straw burning boiler house and the elimination of greenhouse gases emission by their use
68 # 1402
Analysis of the effect of hydraulic cylinder rotational couplings unalignment on its mechanical efficiency
68 # 1376
Application of computer image processing to determine the physical properties to potato tubers
68 # 1388
Identification of rock-bed thermal parameters random distribution as a result of probabilistic character of the heat storage charging process
69 # 826
Analysis of conditions of butter-churn surface degradation
69 # 825
Changes in colour parameters of anthocyanin solutions while heating
69 # 841
Correcting the results of model testing on edible liquids obtained by tube rheometer
69 # 862
Efficiency of mass penetration for self-sucking mixers
69 # 868
Influence of the thermal treatment on the propagation velocity of ultrasonic waves in meat stuffing
69 # 854
The conduction of selected fruit products
69 # 849
Thermo-physical properties of frozen food
70 # 1217
Analysis of rotary ripper main constructional and operating parameter impact on unit fuel consumption
70 # 1182
Audiovisual measures in research methods in empiric science
70 # 1202
Influence of the type of maturing uprn selected properties of potato tubers
70 # 1213
Solar energy thermal conversion in flat liquid collectors
70 # 1219
The analysis of greenhouse facility production usability
70 # 1212
Theoretical grounds solar energy thermal conversion from point of view of usable heat in liquid collectors
74 # 1240
Analysis of work of prototype impingement device for refrigeration treatment of food with aid of computer
74 # 1255
Estimating the distribution of a granual molecule mixed using the Funnel-flow system
77 # 16
A model for the determination of the wheel resistance force results from the tyre deformation in the soil
77 # 1
Environment integration is the condition of agricultural engineering development
77 # 9
Evaluation of traction properties of tyres on different forests’ roads
77 # 8
Evaluation of traction propriety of tyres in simplified technologies of tillage
77 # 40
Spray distribution in the trees during spraying apple orchard
78 # 80
Energy consumption of the seed crushing of various plant species with a disk crusher
78 # 86
Pull force change assessment of an agricultural tractor with radial and diagonal traction tyres
78 # 59
Research Methodology of Tractor Aggregate Functioning Process in aspect of improving its work effectiveness
78 # 68
Research on the coefficient of external friction of corn grain in humidity function
79 # 120
Analysis of technical and technological parameters of winter rape production
79 # 132
Comparison of combustion of oil, biofuel and lpg in a heat furnace - at different pressure of fuel
79 # 122
Influence of change setting field beam in longitudinal plane of sprayer on profile of schedule of spray
79 # 123
Results of research on coefficient of restitution of some cultivated plant seeds
8 # 1026
Analysis of the parameters of seed coat separation from the mixture originated at rape seed hulling
8 # 1036
Metabolic and climatic factors affecting heat balance in piggery buildings
8 # 1028
Method to determine the efficiency of hulling legume plant seeds with abrasive hullers at the stage of their designing
8 # 1033
Modelling of the kinetics of pumpkin dehydration
80 # 133
35th Anniversary of Agricultural Technology Faculty Lublin
80 # 137
A problem of fitting a common curve for two replications on example of sprouting process of corn seeds stimulated with magnetic field
80 # 134
Contribution of the Lublin Centre in the development of agricultural engineering academic staff
80 # 148
Energy structure of energy consumption for winter wheat production on the example of a selected farm
80 # 161
Experiment of increasing effectiveness of phosphorus removal in a model of wastewater treatment plant
80 # 175
Impact of fibre content on the process of granulation of feed materials
80 # 167
Impact of insulation properties on the process of seed expansion in hot air stream
80 # 169
Impact of working parameters of flat-fan atomizers on droplet trace spectrum
80 # 138
Mechanical proprieties of round vegetables
80 # 153
Modification of matrix method of kinematics as regards determination of speed
80 # 160
Spraying technique as a tool to reduce the contamination of environment by pesticides
80 # 152
Technical and technological conditions of agricultural products refrigeration by using impingement method
81 # 215
Analysis of possible utilization of virginia mallow for energy purposes
81 # 220
Comparative assessment of fuel consumption by tractor engine fed with rapeseed biofuel and diesel fuel
81 # 183
Effectiveness of solar radiation conversion in a solar collector in function of heating medium flow speed
81 # 198
Experimental verification of agricultural aircraft productivity assessment
81 # 204
Selected mechanical parameters of rapeseeds
82 # 234
Changes of the hydratation properties and lipid oxidation of meat products stored in modified atmosphere
82 # 285
Corrosive-cum-mechanical wear. Proces calculation model
82 # 265
Influence of heat treatment on chosen physical properties of garbanzo beans
82 # 268
Influence of time of grinding of a ring matrix on loads in working system of the granulator in fodder granulation process
82 # 256
Influence of ultrasound treatment on the proces of moisturisation of dried carrot
82 # 237
Normal wear of convection-cum-vapour furnaces
82 # 272
Wear of chosen material combinations in food fats (in the combination: three rolls – cone)
83 # 44
An analysis of buckweat seed separation process using trieur bar-type working surfaces
85 # 46
The technical progress parallel to the efficiency of the substitution of the human work by the objectivized work in the agriculture
86 # 314
Analysis of calorific effect of ground heat exchanger in the heat pump installation
86 # 313
Analysis of certain problems connected with selection of the heat pump for a heated horticultural building
86 # 342
Characteristics of farmsteads as users of electric energy
86 # 308
Economic aspects of production mechanization in selected fruit-growing farmsteads
86 # 315
Effect of selected factors on heat exchange intensity in the heated foil tunnel
86 # 2371
Efficiency of the liquid collector as a function of angle of incidence of solar radiation
86 # 334
Factors of multifunctional development of rural areas on the example of świętokrzyskie province
86 # 288
Formal and legal criteria in education of scientific staff
86 # 289
Going back to the university
86 # 319
Heat loss in a liquid collector as a function of ambient temperature
86 # 294
Market value versus reconstruction value of farm building structures
86 # 332
Methodical aspects of selecting a heat pump source for heating a foil tunnel
86 # 287
Position of agricultural engineering in the structure of Polish science
86 # 293
Scientific and organizational achievement of domestic agricultural engineering centers in the years 2000–2005
86 # 291
Staff and research activity of the agricultural engineering center in Krakow in the period of 1999–2005
86 # 292
Status and development of scientific staff in agricultural engineering centers in Poland in the years 2000 to 2005
86 # 306
Technological progress versus a structure of work time, costs and efficiency of outlays in vegetable transport
86 # 339
The economic profitability analisis of the raps biofuels production on the example of the Jawrol instalation
86 # 322
The use of total productive management (tpm) system to increase performance of beer bottling line at the brewery
86 # 286
Why agriculture should be considered a leading subject - tasks for science
87 # 410
Advantages of models for heat production and losses from animal body, used to design ventilation systems in pigsties
87 # 380
Application of Peltier module in agricultural engineering
87 # 361
Assessment of wheat grain strength characteristics based on cutting test
87 # 359
Economic and power efficiency of soybean production technology in Polish conditions
87 # 391
Egzergy of thermal streams in recuperator exchangers. Part 1. Theory
87 # 392
Egzergy of thermal streams in recuperator exchangers. Part II. Tests
87 # 384
Engineering equipment and work efficiency in selected farms
87 # 407
Linguistic model of processes taking place in a greenhouse
87 # 387
Methodical aspects for determining scientific and technical progress in agriculture
87 # 390
Neural models for wearing of working elements in soil
87 # 356
The effect of using rape-seed oil as fuel on life of injection system in the ZS engines
87 # 375
The investigations on watt-hour efficiency of pressure homogenizer’s power transmission system
87 # 373
The method of tractor drive wheel rolling resistance coefficient estimation
87 # 352
Utilisation of bio-fuel technology by-products for power production purposes
87 # 366
Workload of people in farms
88 # 416
Assessment of survivalness of plant protective biological agents: nematodes - Steinernema feltiae sprayed by means of hydraulic nozzle
88 # 442
Chainsaw harvest of power willow
88 # 431
Impact of variety characteristics on sphericity ratios of potato bulbs grown in medium-compact soil
88 # 430
Influence of varietal characteristics on the bulb friction coefficient, which is of importance in the sorting of the potato harvest
88 # 447
XML as interface of outside communicating of information system simulating working of stone regenerator
89 # 1471
Modelowanie zintegrowanych systemów ogrzewania na obszarach wiejskich
90 # 1797
Object modeling in the process of creating an informatics system supporting the researching designing of stone heat regenerators
91 # 1744
Analysis of energy parameters of tractor Ursus 1134
91 # 1759
Costs of the different fertilization techniques in cultivation winter wheat
91 # 1750
Dilution of the mycorrhiza mycelium produced by Mykoflor company
91 # 1754
Interaction between selected spraying parameters on the variability coefficient of liquid transverse distribution
91 # 1756
Means of mechanization in polish agriculture on the background of selected European Union countries
91 # 1741
Mortality of nematodes in hydraulic cyrculation of sprayer
91 # 1758
Production and ecological evaluation at different methods of fertilizers application in winter wheat cultivation
91 # 1751
Technology of fertilization by leaves and protection of container cultivated decorative bushes with mycorrhiza
91 # 1746
Thermodynamic conditions of potato treatment in covered containers
93 # 1859
Analisys of mechanical-abrasive-corrosive wear in sugar factories
93 # 1836
Setting out the degree of sublimation dehydration during sublimation-vacuum-steam meat defrosting process
93 # 1830
The influence of humidity on selected mechanical properties of wheat grain
94 # 1891
Analysis of heat pump lower temperature vertical heat exchanger
94 # 1894
Conceptualization for application of compost prism as low temperature heat source in vegetable production
94 # 1881
Facilitation of plant production vs. scientific-technical progress and its effectiveness in selected agricultural farms
94 # 1879
Power use and ecological analysis for use of heat pump applied to heat a foil tunnel
94 # 1888
Power use and economic evaluation of dendromass heating
94 # 1867
Use of image recognition algorithm in scientific research based on „Ziemniak-99” software
95 # 1923
Analysis of conditions and ways to store agricultural equipment to prevent corrosion wear
95 # 1915
Effectivity evaluation of beer bottling line upon introduction of total productive management (tpm) system
95 # 1920
Power consumption during production of plum butter
95 # 1913
Production trend vs. technical effectiveness of agricultural farm modernization
95 # 1898
Scientific committees of PAN in development of agricultural engineering scientific research personnel
96 # 1958
Analysis of the process involving granular mass screening through an inclined shutter sieve
96 # 1969
Efficiency of using a modernised haulm separation conveyor in potato cropping machines
96 # 1971
Heat demand and potential to satisfy it by means of biomass combustion in Podkarpackie voivodeship
96 # 1941
Impact of temperature in auxiliary rooms on thermal balance in buildings for cattle
96 # 1966
The example of using compost heap as a low-temperature source of heat
96 # 1946
The impact of potato plantation irrigation on tuber properties, which are important for cropping and aftercrop processing
96 # 1938
The relative sensitivity function and its application in agricultural engineering
96 # 1961
The use of logistic regression in determining the variable o of scientific and technological progress indicators
96 # 1968
Theoretical and actual liquid distribution for selected atomiser setting parameters
96 # 1937
Thermal effects in spraying machine in the aspect of application of biological plant pesticides
97 # 1993
Comparison of technological progress and management efficiency indexes for farms in different borough types
97 # 1985
Energy analysis for lower heat sources of heating pump while heating a plastic tunnel
97 # 1980
Evaluation of the efficiency of key cold cured meat production processes in food quality and health safety system (HACCP)
97 # 1973
Polish Society of Agricultural Engineering (PTIR) in the fifth term over the years 2003-2007 – statutory assignments and their execution
97 # 1972
Publishing problems of the agricultural engineering
97 # 1998
Relations between tuber density growth and selected potato properties during storage
97 # 1987
Setup for analysing operation of heat pumps used to heat plastic tunnels
97 # 1977
Straw briquettes / pellets in power industry
97 # 1996
The effect of soil humidity on heat accumulation in a plastic tunnel
97 # 2009
The heat exchange between water in pools for the controlled breeding of warmth-like fish and surroundings
97 # 2002
The impact of blade length in grain cutter knives on sugar maize grain cutting energy consumption
97 # 1986
The influence of liquid volume in the accumulation tank on heat pump energy effects in a bivalent system
97 # 1979
The use of biomass for production of electric energy and heat in the Czech Republic
98 # 1932
The microwave-vacuum drying model for fruit and vegetables
99 # 2020
Concentration of biological plant protection agents in wheelbarrow sprayers
99 # 2054
Dependence between duration of working shift and forest machines efficiency
99 # 2069
Production organisation at dispatch-handling timber yard, which additionally manufactures simple wood products
99 # 2044
The impact of dryling methods and parameters on changes in dried fruit and vegetables colour
99 # 2025
Time structure and efficiency of timber acquisition and skidding in pine-stands using the Buffalo Dual Harwarde
99 # 2062
Work safety tests of sliding assosiations of type steel – aluminium lubricated with diesel oil with added RME
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