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oatsobject databasesobject modellingobject recognitionobject-oriented modellingobject-oriented projectingobjective functionobligatory inspectionOborniki communeoccupational health hazardoccupational positionoccupational riskoccupational risk identificationof milk clawOFDoiloil cakeoil filmoilseed rape seed stratificationOLEDBon-board computeron-line measurementone-sided micro sectionsoniononion seedsonionsopen learningOpen Source softwareopening the soiloperating costsoperating parametersoperating potentialoperating speedoperating speed of seederoperationoperation durabilityoperation of food processing machineryoperation outputoperation qualityoperation systemoperation.operational and economic indicesoperational costsoperational useoperational-economic factorsoperator–vehicle–environment systemoperator's cabinoperator’s cabopokaOpoleoptimisationoptimizationoptimization methodsoptimization modeloptimization of decision casesoptimizing methodsoptimum hand and leg reachoptimum operation timeorchardorchard productionorchard rotavatororchard sprayerorchardsordinary cold storeorganic agricultureorganic fertilizationorganic fertilizersorganic matter balanceorganic substance balanceorganie substanceorganisationorganizationorganization of the productionorganizational achievementorganizational structure of forestriesorganolepticorganoleptic assessmentorganoleptic propertiesorganoleptic quality indicatorsorgatioleptic assessmentosmoprotectansosmotic dehydrationosmotic substanceostrich meatostrich meat productsoutdoor machines researchouter area and sphericity coefficientoutfit and use of technical meansoutflow coefficientoutflow rateoutlayoutlay energyoutlay of workoutlaysoutlays of energyoutputoutside coatoutside walloverall heal loss coefficientoverall heat-transfer coefficientoxycarbonitride of titaniumoxygenoxygen flux densityoxygen stress
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