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Agricultural Engineerin, 2015, Issue 3 (155)
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155 # 3663
Monitoring of typical field work in different soil conditions using remote sensing – a literature review and some concepts for the future
155 # 3664
Computer image analysis and artificial neuron networks in the qualitative assessment of agricultural products
155 # 3665
The use of neural image analysis in the identification of information encoded in a graphical form
155 # 3666
Methodological approaches to justification of kinematic parameters of volumetric sprayers
155 # 3667
Heat storing effectiveness with the use of a recuperator in the liquid type battery
155 # 3668
A functional and task fault-oriented diagnostic system for wheeled tractors
155 # 3669
Modernization of a control system of diesel oil and methanol mixture injection in the Diesel engine
155 # 3670
Effect of the peppermint (Mentha piperita L.) compaction process on the content of essential oils
155 # 3671
Increase of seed cleaning efficiency by better use of air stream properties
155 # 3672
Stability of semi-mounted sod seeder motion
155 # 3673
A new technology of pressing and packing moist fodder grains
155 # 3674
Cultivation technology and grass and legume plants yield in various conditions of soil moisture
155 # 3675
Assessment of the repair infrastructure efficiency with regard to maintenance of farm machines
155 # 3676
Energy properties of pellet as a renewable energy source of the future
155 # 3677
Impact of plant biomass moisture on efficiency, unit energy consumption and quality of pellet
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