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Agricultural Engineerin, 2015, Issue 2 (154)
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154 # 3648
Evaluation possibilities of chicken manure in Turkey
154 # 3649
Evaluation of the impact of digestate formed during biogas production on the content of heavy metals in soil
154 # 3650
The requirement for new biomass pelletizing test device
154 # 3651
Impact of UV-C radiation on the infestation degree of the stored potato tubers with Rhizoctonia Solani Kühn
154 # 3652
Evaluation of the impact of pre-sowing microwave stimulation of bean seeds on the germination process
154 # 3653
Analysis of electrical energy consumption in technological lines in Ciechanow Dairy Cooperative
154 # 3654
Purification and sorting of dry cornflower petals mixture in a horizontal air stream
154 # 3655
Evaluation of the selected microclimate parameters in a fully-slatted piggery
154 # 3656
Ecological problems of post-harvest seed processing
154 # 3657
Optimization of structural and technological parameters of a fermentor for feed heating
154 # 3658
The use of morphological analysis in the wheat quality feature extraction
154 # 3659
Effect of spray application parameters on the airborne drift
154 # 3660
Stabilization of suction pressure in the conceptual milking unit
154 # 3661
Technical and economical aspects of biogas production from agricultural sources including Polish conditions
154 # 3662
Lean Manufacturing tools implementation and its impact on the company’s operation improvement
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